Top 2 Money Crimes – Fed Reserve Ponzi Scheme

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Dave Cleveland

Sun, Nov 20, 2011

Subject: JFK Killed for Printing thee United States Notes

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac may need as much as $215 billion in additional capital from the Treasury through 2013 to offset losses

America's Student Loan Debt Bondage

By end of 2011, student loan debt will top $1 trillion. It already exceeds credit card indebtedness. Moreover, in the past year alone, students borrowed over $100 billion, double the amount a decade ago adjusted for inflation.


Joe Paterno knew he’ll be sued for Sandusky’s molestation of boys

…and here’s the evidence. Sometime this summer, Paterno transferred his share of ownership in his half-million-dollar home to his wife, Sue, for $1, according to a New York Times report. Documents obtained by the Times show that on July 21, he sold his share in the house to “Suzanne P. Paterno, trustee” for $1 plus “love and affection.”

Democrats reject 'last-ditch' GOP supercommittee plan

With the clocks ticking down to deadline, it is becoming increasingly apparent on Capitol Hill that the supercommittee will not be able to reach its goal of cutting $1.2 trillion from the national debt….DEC 23 CONGRESS VOTE DEADLINE…


Could gold-backed bonds be the answer to the eurozone crisis?

The security of gold would allow Greece, Portugal, Spain and Ireland to leave the eurozone, devalue and start growing again



A HUGE European superstate is the only solution to the economic crisis engulfing the continent, the President of the European Commission declared today.


Does the European Union have an Expiry Date?

RT- What goes under the name of “New World Order”, “Globalization” or (my favourite) “World Government” describes the long-term objectives of a highly powerful Global Power Elite embedded inside every country, notably the US and Europe, that owns, operates and channels every country’s resources – oil, finance, economic strength, military prowess, natural resources – from inside to promote their supranational agenda…Is the EU an intermediate stage on the “Hard Road to World Government” suggested by Council on Foreign Relations member Richard Gardner in a seminal April 1974 article in “Foreign Affairs”? A stage in which legal, political, trade, financial, social, cultural, media, monetary, military and so many, many other complexities have been iron-out, re-designed and re-tooled to serve a “greater purpose”? Will we soon see the break-up of the Euro, not as an unfortunate “accident” but as a planned mega-process which (together with the hyper-inflated US Dollar) will be allowed to tailspin into a controlled collapse only to be replaced by a new global currency issued and managed by Global Power Elite private interests from a coming world central bank of some sort? Does the EU have an Expiry Date? The Vatican, always well informed, seems to think so as we see from their recent call for revamped global institutions; a sure sign that the old men who walk the Vatican Corridors are again reserving their place under the coming sun…


San Francisco Federal Reserve Employee Admits Fed is a Private Corporation…That Pays Dividends to Shareholders

Business Insider | According to The Daily, the Tampa police produced this vehicle to deal with some protesters.
The Complete And Annotated Guide To The European Bank Run (Or The Final Phase Of Goldman’s World Domination Plan) Zero Hedge | “Nervous investors around the globe are accelerating their exit from the debt of European governments and banks.”

Utah women encouraged to run for political office (Eve & Adam)

Slightly more than 17 percent of Utah lawmakers are female, compared to the national average of 23.6 percent. Neighboring Colorado leads the nation at 40 percent, according to the center.
"There's no question, politics is still a man's world," said former state Rep. Sheryl Allen, a Republican who in 2008 ran for lieutenant governor with Peter Corroon on the Democratic ticket. "Not enough women are running.

Sanpete County couple survives shotgun blasts to home

CHESTER, Sanpete County — A rural Sanpete County couple is grateful to be alive after a gunman sprayed their home with shotgun blasts that missed them by inches.
As Tolman, an officer at the Central Utah Correctional Facility in Gunnison, crawled across the floor, buckshot whizzed barely above his head. He made it to a bedroom where he grabbed a gun and prepared to defend himself.
In all, four blasts from a .12-gauge shotgun, each carrying 11 pellets, peppered the Tolmans' home.
…Though they don't know if it's related to the shooting, Val Tolman said a suspicious package arrived at their house via UPS on Nov. 7. The last name matched theirs but the address was not theirs. UPS, she said, called looking for the package, but a young man came and picked it up later that day.

The good Lord protected us in this," he said. "I guess we'll have to rely on him that nothing else happens." — John Tolman


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