Dinar Thanksgiving – It’s All Lining Up says Adam Montana

Adam Montana

Tue, Nov 22, 2011

Subject: Dinar RV by Thanksgiving


Adam IS SO CAUTIOUS ABOUT ANY POTENTIAL RV DATE!  Never has he given this kindof hope/nor intimated that RV was close within days.  I've known him 3 yrs and in my opinion, he is the MOST CREDIBLE source of dinar news.  The info below is worthy of sending to you all!
Maybe we are just about ready to go to the bank?   I edited his chat — to give you the essential text re the rv.  Click on link below to read entire chat on DinarVets:
Tuesday (week of 11/25/11)


9:17 AM [Adam Montana] first – I made it clear about a month ago that I didn't see this thing going past Thanksgiving
9:17 AM [Adam Montana] I figured this week would be a big news week, and in my opinion it was
9:18 AM [Adam Montana] we have seen news coming out of Iraq in a FLURRY
9:23 AM [Adam Montana] another major announcement that was released this week'
9:23 AM [Adam Montana] in addition to all of the above that I just listed
9:23 AM [Adam Montana] is that they are going to start dedicating one day a week to voting on draft laws
9:23 AM [Adam Montana] that day is Thursday
9:24 AM [Adam Montana] so we could see the HCL draft law voted and approved on Thursday
9:24 AM [Adam Montana] but I don't think they will announce the RV on a US Bank holiday
9:24 AM [Adam Montana] and I don't think they will announce it right before their weekend
9:24 AM [Adam Montana] it would be chaos, people would be looting their neighbors homes for those 25k notes, and it would not be a safe situation
9:25 AM [Adam Montana] so I am thinking that if they vote the HCL into effect this Thursday
9:25 AM [Adam Montana] or Erbil
9:25 AM [Adam Montana] then the soonest they would announce it will be Sunday, the start of their work week'
9:25 AM [Adam Montana] which would be fine
9:25 AM [Adam Montana] because then we have a full day to prepare and plan before our banks open on Monday
9:26 AM [Adam Montana] so, I know that wasn't much of a "nutshell" – it's too complicated to concisely express my opinion of "where we are"
9:26 AM [Adam Montana] but I do hope that helps and gives some insight
9:26 AM [Adam Montana] will it be this Thursday? I don't know
9:27 AM [Adam Montana] I hope so! I don't see why it should be delayed








When the Power of Love overcomes Love of Power… We enjoy Peace… a World in Peace.  America the Beautiful with wings of power and protection she will fly into the future and the whole world will look up to her for faith, hope and charity.  Let God Bless AMERICA



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  1. Joe says:

    Monday is RV ,there good at mind control,all ways on heat ,always a bank holiday, weekend ,Monday, chapter 7 ,or milwaki or some Arab saying something , ?
    It seams from reading the judge report , the RV is linked to the old USA$ not the new order of banking ? because it is the old plan ? It’s hard to understand. Thevnew plan of curenceys worth based on individual country assets and gold backed? All products ,assets, manufactureing , business needs to be revalued ,wages, cost of living ? As currencey can not be valued on USA $ as it’s fiat money being taxed , profit , based ? If new currency is different system then it values be different?
    Like the judge said why bank in the USA as better bank in place like Australia as safe haven as value and the corruption is not here as much ? We will in time when immigration gets more than white people here , eg : african,Indian, Arabian countries flood our culture destroying our built up assets of worth ? We be taken over by another culture like african Muslims like obama ?,the gurus are CIA , and training in mind controlling the masses of people ?chuck in the medium ,sorcerers, fortune tellers ,allian,voodoo, ,catholic church occult worship and you got. Confusion ?.

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