Dinar 3 Swiss Meetings – Are You Ready for RV?

Wednesday, November 30, 2011
Subject: 3 Zurich Dinar Meetings


Swiss Financial Stewardship
Part 1 of Biblical Financial Stewardships audio lesson was posted on www.swissfinancialstewardship.com site on 11/30/11.  Starting (wednesday) they had 3 meetings in Zurich with Swiss bankers to discuss the dinar.  If anyone knows what is happening with the dinar, it will be the banks here in Switzerland. The updates to these meetings will be posted friday or Saturday, Dec 2nd or Dec 3rd.  Thank you!
Swiss Financial Stewardship, GmbH


papajack: Banks didn't do their part and now IT people are locked in little rooms to fix the problem is what I've been hearing.papajack: 1biz4u Anytime as soon as UST is out of lockdown with the problem fixedpapajack: 4chinagirls Just about everybody is ticked the pressure is on to get it done the flight was supposed to arrive last Wed. The crew is out of duty time.papajack: I'm hearing Banks have big issues being sorted out now, could happen anytime after problem is fixed lots of upset passengers. HINT, HINT,papajack: Many passengers speak Chinese—————————— lgtennis] [bookings] ok guys just got a call. Said we should have seen the rate today, said when tryed to push the rv thru, there was another glitch in soft wear, they’re working on it as we speak. As soon as it’s fixed we have a rate. Said could be any min’s hour thats why ust was call back in early morning like 3>30 am to help get this problem fixed. Said we’re waiting could be any time.  [lgtennis] we will see anytime now anytimeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Well here we are ….. and where are we???? ~ FREEWAY BILL (VNJW post PTR Forum)

Well here we are ….. and where are we???? ~ FREEWAY BILL Well it is November 29th and if you would have told me that we would still be waiting back a few months ago, I would have told you that you were crazy! But here we are…. This reminds me of the first Bush election when the "hanging chads" made the whole circumstance ridiculous. We have had hanging everything during this event. Hanging erbil agreement, hanging HCL Laws, Hanging political controversy in Iraq, Never ending political posturing in US, Sex scandal with the former IMF head, deadlines not met, drop dead dates come and go, "we are there" said way too many times to count, bank screens doing everything but pay out, IMF, CBI, FBI, DOJ, USA, UST, IRS, AAA, and every other 3 letter agency represented, Dinar Brokers go out of business, new Dinar Brokers start up, information gatherers appear, information gatherers go away, Hillary, Biden, Obama, Shabibi, Maliki, Allowi, Talibani, Sadr, Saleh, all being seen in two or three countries at the same time…???  With all of that said, we are right where we wanted to be for so long….. waiting on this event and this time …… it is really, and I mean really close! Without putting anyone into a bashing mode, let me tell you that the following things are true for sure:::: A) Iraq needs this to happen more than you or I do B) China and a lot of other countries are losing money every day this does not happen C) The values of the currencies cannot stay at 0000.0000 for any more days as it is halting world tradeRead More

[TheRock] everyone got a few minutes… ???[helend] TheRock yep shoot rock![TheRock] I want to say a few things that might help ya[TheRock] everyday BL and others post arts[carpentersr] TheRock Shoot…[TheRock] that help educate you[TheRock] this art is so rich with so much investment[TheRock] for your future[TheRock] the RV will do you no good if you do not know what to invest in[TheRock] the RV will come,, we post here to show you that everyday[TheRock] it will come[TheRock] when ?? [TheRock] NO ONE knows[TheRock] so plz stop looking for it [TheRock] and learn about what to invest in when it does[TheRock] you are learning and seeing a country [TheRock] build itself[TheRock] up from 10 + years of war[TheRock] look at whats happened[TheRock] in such a short timeRead More

Ongoing Tony Q&A BSP Chat Nov 29 – VNJW post PTR Forum


NOTE: millionairemoma is typing for Tony on this part. 
millionairemoma: here is what it means about the contractors getting paid. The contractors were paid $3.75. The money is in the account and it is accessible. The problem is this the money canot be used for personal use. Cannot be used outside the country and it can only be used in portions to the contract it was assigned to. 

tntdinar: Now you know how the contractors were paid and not the citizen 
tntdinar: I have also learned that there are still U.S. dollars being used in the outlining areas and on the black market 
tntdinar: They U.S. dollars are still being used because people don't want to walk around with all of their money in a wheel barrow. 
tntdinar: There were some decisions made at the White House meeting that did effect the RV and possibly made it so you could see it this week. 
tntdinar: The rate is still more than you would expect and plan A is still in motion. 
tntdinar: If I were you I would be relaxing and going thru my plan of action for after the announcement.

tntdinar: Now Q and A.

TerriD: re: the IPO — do you sell your shares after the company goes public? is that how you make your money from them? 
tntdinar: Yes, unless you want to hold it until the prices increases.
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Jonnywg in 3S's chat posted by SweetQueen Tue late afternoon


 [..SweetQueen] JUST ANNOUNCED …………… UST still in lockdown ………. My friend is still working there under a lockdown NO COMMUNICATIONS ban and we will get the call when he is released……………. NOTE ALSO: bank screens show $00.0000 on 'buy' and 'sell'

The below posts were in our 6pm email


Bluwolf Chat 8:49 AM EST. 11/29/11 – Janna post GET Forum



[bluwolf] good morning[bluwolf] how are things this fine morning[bluwolf] just waiting for this elusive RV[outtathebox] bluwolf were you in the area of the earthquakes? I  hope you are okay[bluwolf] which should be out of the closet within the next hours[bluwolf] yes I live on the North side but everything is ok even though we had 5 of them everything withstand the shakes[jtudor] bluwolf What has been the delay?[bluwolf] 95% of our houses are made of concrete and are made to withstand hurricanes and earthquakes[bluwolf] jt your US banks[jtudor] bluwolf That is what I heard also.[bluwolf] they got the go ahead from our boss on Wed.[bluwolf] but chose not to comply[bluwolf] reason unknown 

Bluedog Post Tues. 11/29 from GET Forum


The Vice President will also participate in, and give remarks at, an event to commemorate the sacrifices and accomplishments of U.S. and Iraqi troops.http://thepage.time.com/2011/11/29/surprise-visit/ Is this the ceremony where the last flag comes down maybe we will see what kind of event it is tomorrow To rename the day to fulfill the withdrawal of U.S. troops http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?hl=en&ie=UTF8&prev=_t&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=auto&tl=en&u=http://www.alsabaah.com/ArticleShow.aspx%3FID%3D17622&usg=ALkJrhgaGzYuSrSWivO33exSK3cKM_yJ_w …………………………Bluedog…………..I have been saying that this day is of large meaning to the Iraq people so they will make it a Holiday. It also will be a time for us once this is done we should see RV to follow.  The International Monetary Fund objecting to some of the paragraphs of Iraq's budget for next year», referring to «form a committee comprising representatives of the Finance Committee and the Ministries of Finance and Planning to work on reducing operating expenses and investment in the budget because they confuse the Iraqi economy and re- presented during the next two days to the Cabinet for approval. http://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&layout=2&eotf=1&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.almustakbalpaper.net%2FArticleShow.aspx%3FID%3D13780 ……………………………….Bluedog……………………… IMF is right in the middle of this………..Trying to tell them to cut back on their spending on investments in their country. (rebuilding)……..they want them to speed up the process. Demanding a parliamentary expedite the defense budget a large part of the readiness of our armed forces will depend on the speed of adoption of this budget," returned that "the adoption of the budget for Bwazzartin in this circumstance will contribute to accelerate the completion of processing of military and logistical support to the armed forces, through the purchase of weapons and machinery and equipment to detect explosives and other." The intense debate between the political blocs on the readiness of Iraqi security forces, and whether the situation in Iraq requires U.S. forces to be part of it or at least for the purposes of training and support. http://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&layout=2&eotf=1&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.almustakbalpaper.net%2FArticleShow.aspx%3FID%3D13770



Bulldog75 in OOM going over security questions posted by Lexie

Bulldog75: LET'S TAP ON SECURITY QUESTIONS THIS MORNING BRIEFLY IF YOU NEED HELP ON THAT FROM 9:33 CST TO ABOUT 10AMCST; THEN HAVE TO GO; ANY QUESTIONS ON SECURITY ?#1.)cek15: Bulldog, when I get some security, I'll have some questions for you, lolBulldog75: CEK15; GLAD U ARE SECURE…YOU ARE THE ENVY.#2.)kathyms3: Bulldog GM Thanks for all you do. I have not been able to set up anything as yet waiting to cash in a little. What is the first thing I need to do?Bulldog75: SOUTHAROILGROUP: BASIC BURGLAR ALARM; ALL DOORS AND WINDOWS, MOTION DETECTOR AND A 9MM.#3.)Dallas: Bulldog I have military friends and want to give them some iqd. can i do that without them getting into trouble when it is reported to the irs?Bulldog75: DALLAS: POSSESSION IS 98% OF THE LAW. THEY SHOULD BE GOOD.#4.) johnsulano: Pulling in your driveway with a Bentley when your house is only worth 200K would raise eyebrows…LOLBulldog75: JOHN: WOULD NOT BUY ANY CAR ABOVE A 'LEXUS'. TOO REVEALING. TY.,,

Ariel144 posted in 3S's chat Tue morning Dr T update

[ariel144] 9:05 AM Cincy Pastor: DR. T: UPDATE: > Everyone: After I sent you my last Email on my opinion I received word from my > sources at Treasury that they airfreighted 150 billion dollars to the Regional > Reserve banks tonight to be distributed to the large banks to arrive at the > banks before 9:00 AM tomorrow. This may make it available to cash in Tuesday to > some people. Good news! Maybe we have moved off dead center after all the > delays. Bob 9:05 AM MRP yes exactly,,

Jonnywg in 3S's fourm saying UST still in lockdown posted by AndieZ1


[jonnywg] Please know that we had a security breach yesterday. Somehow OKIE received confidential bank screen prints from my files and released them to BEAR/ BULLDOG who printed them. My source was obviously upset. The screens this am are 00.000 on ‘buy’ and ‘sell’. Give me until 9 am cst to get a report for this am and no, I am not in trouble as we cleaned the files but I had marked them in a special way. [jonnywg] Okie received the file in good faith from someone that got the file . we are investigating now. it is legally posted there. he did nothing wrong.9:10 UPDATE[jonnywg] please note that we were just advised that the ust is still in lockdown this is good news, .. reports all day will be here,,

The IQD Team:Conference Call Tues 11-29 8PM EST Latest Iraq Dinar & RV News One Moment in Time

The IQD Team  Joey, Vic, Diana, Tim, Debbie, Yukon   CC  Tuesday Nov. 29, 2011     8PM EST Call in Number:   760-569-7676  Pin 219055# or Back Up 760-569-7676  Pin 709973# (listen only)    Tonights ThemeONE MOMENT IN TIME   Another Incredible News Night Ahead…….. All the up to the minute news related to Iraq, Dinar, RV and our investment   Call all of your fellow Dinarians to be on the call  8PM EST   Go Shabibi…….Get R Done! The IQD Team "As Always…The Latest Iraq, Dinar & RV News and More…Pre & Post RV…Followed by Live Q & A"  Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday 8PM EST


FRANK, C.C. 11-28-2011 – Just Da Truth post OOMF

Frank and Jesus start off with a skit monologuing as Maliki and Obama talking about the troops leaving early and Obama wants to see Maliki earlier than Dec. 12. Obama says meeting with Maliki and Kurds went well overall. There are still 6 issues to finish up on, but they are NOT roadblocks. Biden will come over and try to do his part in the next few days. We will see Maliki on or before Dec. 12 depending on what Biden brings back with in his report. 7 to 10 days later, after the fiscal year, the authors will release the budget.The new year for them started yesterday, Nov.27th; it is a new lunar year and is what Islamic calendar is based on. Keeping this in mind; using our Dec. as their January. Frank says now tie that into his theory. If he goes with this theory, he goes with what Frank said a while back, stating what Delta's contact told us what Shabibi said about after the holiday, end of EID and the beginning of the New Year. The EID holiday could spill into, according to PAPPA-J, their EID is like how we celebrate our Christmas after our Thanksgiving. Would this explain the meeting with Maliki and Obama before Dec. 12? If the meeting happens sooner, it works out better for us seeing some DESSERT VERY SooN. Obama is working hard to get soldiers out of Iraq "sooner" rather than end of our 2011 year. 


The below posts were in our 10am email


Tntdinar from PTR posted in the forum by JNVW ( good read)

tntdinar: I talked to the contractor in Iraq, he said all of the small contractors were paid their agreed upon rate (3.75) I additionally was told that the oil companies were paid there first payment of their contract at a (3.75)rate with an addemdum that says they will receive the additional amount to equal the rv rate. I also think that we will find out what happened today during the White House meetings. It will have an effect on the RV.************************************************** **************************************************tntdinar: I am 100% sure that we are past the point of no return. I don't know the minute it will happen, but I know it will. To much money has passed hands and to many people have been exposed. tntdinar: If they do impose a $2.00 (fee), it will not affect the amount you will receive. … I think they know when they get an out of country call. The in country rate can be different until the RV is announced. …I do believe that there is a drop dead date. It is before the end of the year. curleyque: when tony said "release the rv sooner or later" what is considered later tntdinar:Sooner is tommorrow and later is before Christmas. sing4u2: will the IMF fee be applicable to those of us who cash out with the dealers for the CBI rate? tntdinar: No, I think it will only apply the money that goes through the FEDS.MANGESHIMAN: Tony, what did you mean when you just said 'Too much money has passed hands and too many people have been exposed? tntdinar: You guys want to know everything huh.tntdinar: Country's and people that you will never know about have already been paid.Biteme: We have heard rates from $3.22 – $11.00. What is his best GUESS and USD or GBP? tntdinar: $4.40,,

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Bulldog75 in OOM chat with Q and A on Mon night late


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Freeway Bill in PTR chat and reposted by MarshwThanks for the email Bill[marshw] (FREEWAY BIL)L: As for this evening, we are in a similiar situation as we have been all weekend. We are closer to an RV than we were, but we still have to wait and see what came out of the meetings today in DC and the meetings in Iraq between Iraq and US…. (FREEWAY BILL): Meetings in DC went well today and we are waiting to see what the meetings between Biden and Iraq officials ended up with…



Monday Night BWM Chat as posted by VNJW at PTR Forum

Posted by Psquared BSP:Nov 28 8:32 PM [BWM] UST was in this AM and is supposed to stay until RV is complete… news this afternoon still is positive showing movement to completion… please don’t ask details as to why because frankly it doesn’t matter for us… banks still showing zeros you should have seen the image in chat that PIF posted earlier with the readout… everything is cued and ready.. as usual we practice patience to see our reward…[Biggyjc] I’ve heard a rumor about a seperate european agreement with the imf. Can you discuss or expand please?[BWM] ok… this will cover the $2.00 rumor… you will never see any money deducted from anything you do IMO… IF there were any agreements as a “broker” then I would guess that will be paid by countries post rv since there would be no way to “deduct” that amount from us cashing in… it’s a relatively transparent process for payments (if any) and you shouldn’t be worried about this… the rate will be good for us[fund] Does the Gov’t of Iraq have to be totally seated as per a verbal global media announcement by Maliki in order for this RV to be accomplished ?[BWM] don’t believe it… mainly because it’s done… announcements do not have to be made to fulfill RV but can be done Post RV[showmethemoney] next window we are looking at?[BWM] tonight thru banks opening in the morning.. then we start all over again tomorrow… if this doesn’t show by morning we will look at what causes could possibly be in our way but at the moment it SEEMS clear[RVNOW18] I pad dear BWM my receives due tonight 12.00 cst do you think they will survive or not[BWM]….just an opinion… wish I had a crystal ball to answer that.. I think you have a shot and I really hope it comes thru for you.,,
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from Eagle Has LandedUpdate on 0000000 photo – THIS IS THE REAL DEAL!Here is an update to the 000000 photo I sent to you yesterday.There are now THREE photos.The first photo (page one) shows the date as November 28, 2011 at a time-stamp 13:18:59The second photo (page two) shows among other currencies the Iraqi Dinar (IQD) and the Vietnamese Dong (VND). The second photo also shows telephone numbers for Technical Support and Company Contact; however it is suggested that they not be inundated with calls. I did contact them and this is THE REAL DEAL. The phone is answered "Foreign Currency Exchange".The third page (photo three) is the page I forwarded to you yesterday.

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Yes, we are still selling Dinar .  IQD inventory continues to trickle in.  We receive payment via Paypal, FedEx COD, US Postal Money orders and counter deposits to Regions Bank .  However, should the RV occur we will stop taking orders and fulfill all the orders we have.  Our eBlast will continue to help all our friends understand what steps they need to take to cash in.   Until then we will continue to offer the following post 2003 Iraqi Dinar notes.  Order whatever you wish as there is no minimum order.  Below are listed the IQD Collectible Notes that we have available:
25K Collectible IQD Notes – Uncirculated:                    $36.25 each
25K Collectible IQD Notes – Uncirculated/Paypal:       $37.35 each




25K Collectible IQD Notes – Circulated:                        $33.90 each
25K Collectible IQD Notes – Circulated/Paypal:           $34.95 each

10K Collectible IQD Notes – Uncirculated:                    $15.05 each
10K Collectible IQD Notes – Uncirculated/Paypal:       $15.55 each

10K Collectible IQD Notes – Circulated:                        $13.65 each
10K Collectible IQD Notes – Circulated/Paypal:           $14.10 each

5K Collectible IQD Notes – Uncirculated:                       $  7.75 each
5K Collectible IQD Notes – Uncirculated/Paypal:          $  8.00 each

5K Collectible IQD Notes – Circulated:                           $  6.85 each
5K Collectible IQD Notes – Circulated/Paypal:              $  7.10 each

Please understand that prices and availability can change overnight depending upon my supplier and sales.  Please e-mail me for the latest price list.

US Priority Mail w/ Signature Confirmation: Available at $7.25 ($7.78 Paypal) for orders under $125.
FedEx 3 Day  Saver – Home delivery is available at $14.00 ($14.73 Paypal) with Signature Confirmation.
FedEx 3 Day  Saver – Pickup your package at FedEx office closest to your home – $10.00 ($10.61 Paypal) with Signature Confirmation.
FedEx Standard Overnight by 3 PMHome delivery is available at $26.00 ($26.78 Paypal) with Signature Confirmation.
FedEx Standard Overnight by 3 PMPickup your package at FedEx office closest to your home – $22.00 ($22.97 Paypal) with Signature Confirmation.
FedEx Ins. available for 75 cents / $100 of value. (The first $100 is free, but collectible notes are only allowed to be insured up to $500.)
FedEx COD is now available for an additional $10 added to the FedEx shipping charge.  Postal Money Orders onlymade out to Myriam Lindeman.

Faster Instant methods of payment can be achieved for quick delivery via direct deposit with Paypal or Regions Bank.  Call me for an account number and you will be instructed on how to make a free counter deposit.  Cash only!  If a payment by check is tendered to the bank, those funds will be returned to you in 10 days and your order will be canceled.  If Paypal is used, payments must be sent to



No eChecks accepted, if an eCheck is sent, it will be refunded and the order canceled.  If you are paying with Paypal, please be sure to include your full name, address, phone number and order details in the Paypal message box.  Payment can also be sent by US mailUS Postal Money Orders only pleasemade out to Myriam Lindeman.  A payment for Collectible IQD notes received after the RV is considered a valid order only if the money order is dated before the RV.  You can acquire Collectible IQD Notes as long as your orders do not exceed $1,000.00 per person per day. 




We can be reached by phone at 770-978-0002.  However, if the volume of calls become too great for us to handle, just keep trying to get through.  Please understand that we are working under Eastern Standard Time.  We can be reached between 10 AM to 8 PM EST, M-F and sometimes on Saturday.  Our e-mail address is







I am private individual who has obtained a fair amount of Iraqi Dinar from Ali of Dinar Trade and also from Ty of Dinar Banker.  I assist people in acquiring small quantities of the post 2003 collectible Iraqi Dinar.  I am providing a copy of the certificate of authenticity that they have given me for your reference which also shows non-criminal origin.  I also provide a receipt which transfers ownership of my dinar to your name.   Please consider gifting Dinar to the poor or to family as God leads.

Please understand that when you call, I cannot discuss Intel and issues brought forth on the different forums and conference calls.  The reason for this is that there are sooooo many people placing orders that I must reserve my time to being faithful to fulfilling those orders.  I hope you understand that I must not delay someone's delivery just to analyze Intel.  But if you are interested in hearing about what is going on in Iraq or if you would like to be informed when the Revalue occurs, click



to subscribe to my eBlast.  Be sure to click on "Subscribe" on the right hand side of the screen before you click off the site.




Thank you for contacting us!  Hope to hear from you soon.

Ken Scrogan



Gifting Statement:



Outline for talk on Corporations Sole and Religious Trusts



SwissFinancialStewardship.com (Swiss Annuity – 10/14/2011)



Terms and Acronyms

The Future of Iraq Project (Unclassified) doc from US Dept of State :


























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