Dinar Days Are Here – Gerald Celente Wants Ron Paul Video

Gerald Celente
Wed, Nov 30, 2011


Just sending this on, hope its true.
MORE Dinar Intel

“IMF President Christine LaGarde, along with European INTERPOL, has frozen the $50 BILLION of MF Global derivatives tied to J. P. Morgan and has informed President Barack Obama, as well as U. S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, that European INTERPOL will soon indict Jamie Dimon of J. P. Morgan for currency fraud, counterfeiting and money laundering


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[Heyu288] "The Global Banking System RESTRUCTURED today..CENTRAL BANKS. NOW..a country can determine the value of their currency against that of others as well as against Commodities such as OIL, GOLD, Real Estate,etc. This has been in the works, say negotiations, for weeks, & has held up everything and caused BANK screens to be ZERO vs ZERO, since nobody could establish a basis point. That should be able to happen now. DINAR can be evaluated now, by the World markets, based on the asset value of their resources." from a private source
-: WOW….

Gerald Celente Endorses Ron Paul For President 11-29-11

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22:45 http://RonPaul2012.com/



Source: www.informationclearinghouse.info/article29858.htm


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