Top 3 Vatican Claims – Pope Owns All Land, Flesh and Souls

Robert Hender ' R J '

Fri, Dec 2, 2011

Subject: Pharaoh Obama Crimes

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1455  Papal Bull  Romanus Pontifex –  1st Testamentary Deed & Will & 1st Crown over Land
   ~ This is the First Trust ever!  Take a look on what it is written on!

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Pharaoh Obama Crimes  
If we look more closely at Barack Obama's heritage then we'll find connections to the Pharaohs of Egypt and to the Royal Families in the UK.  Men and Women in these royal families feel entitled to the political positions they occupy. 
Every Friday California Republic Governor Ken Cousens joins ' R J ' on the radio to discuss the true history of America.  Some Americans may not be prepared to examine our true history.  
In this 2 hour Radio Interview on Dec 1st with Ken Cousens you'll get a taste of the massive true history behind the current events that are pounding on us today.  
A new Emerging Monetary System is about to replace the old Federal Reserve system, that has worn out it's welcome.  The Royal Bloodline Families, behind the Federal System will be held accountable for their crimes against humanity.  Expanding and Contracting the fiat money supply has been a part of the games they have been playing with our economy.  
Off book trading has been creating $Trillions in cashflow for the Rothschild and Bush syndicates, while it has left us with a broken financial system.  Rape and Pillage has been the name of the game for these global financiers.  If people are considered cattle, then maybe President Obama and TPTB believe they have a right to treat us this way.
We had better figure out who we truly are.  
Is Money our God?  Do we worship Obama?  Check out and take a look at the true intentions behind the country ' the Vatican. '  People have been placed as the collateral for national debts, in several countries.  We have been bound and bonded, for the Federal Reserve cabal that has been ruling the world.  
There is a reason the Pope has a 3 tipped crown.  That crown represents the Popes existing dominion over 1 – all land on the earth  2 – all flesh on earth and  3 – all souls upon the earth.  
For us to have any claim on liberty we must Hold the Law and Hold the Land. Will we continue as slaves, as inventory of the Vatican or will we do what it takes to take possession of our selves, of our country?  It's up to us.  
Take a look at  to see how you may participate in literally taking our country back.  Yes, there are steps we can take to put back in place Land Patents, for ourselves and our posterity.  This weekend you may participate in a ' Power to the People, ' Seminar and learn how you can help to put back in place Land Patents for yourselves.  Go and take a look at  for the seminar that takes place on Sunday Dec 4th and Monday Dec 5th.  
Without our knowledge, we were removed from the land.  Imagine Peter Pan, who was trying to attatch his shadow to his feet.  Imagine this shadow taking life while the real man has remained dead.  Well, this is how they have done their dirty deeds to us.  It's called the ' Strawman, ' the UCC corporate fiction that represents you and me.  
It's time that we either Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way of the Men and Women who will choose freedom.  
Hundreds of years ago people brought their coins to the Temples, to the Priests, of the Temple.  These Priests did Presume Authority and now they have taken liberties with our lives and with our country, that is not theirs to take, unless we allow them. 
It's up to us to Bless America.  We pray and ask God to Bless America, but are our lives blessing our country?  It's about time that our lives are a blessing to our country and to our families.
Be Free,   Robert Hender,   R J


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2 Responses to “Top 3 Vatican Claims – Pope Owns All Land, Flesh and Souls”

  1. leyoleiner says:

    i wish to say i am VERY IMPRESSED with what i saw in your sites. VERY. As a jew, observant of Torah in most peoples’ eyes, i have had the pleasures of finding in your site MANY DETAILS about the powers of Esav/Edom/Amalek and how they manifest towards Yaacov. i wish i had met you earlier too. Now, i promote your site on my facebook page, leon yoseph leiner, and in other pages there that should look at your work. Thank you, and HaShem Bless you and yours. Sincerely, Leon Yoseph. 😀

    • RJ says:

      There is no way that I could do this work alone. I examine and comment on the research that a few friends send me. We are all volunteers.

      I say no to a lot of material.

      I am on the radio, Monday thru Friday speaking about things that matter for America.

      I would love to make a living with my Radio Program and with this website. On the radio, I have been working for over 22yrs. Most of the paid TV and radio anchors say what they are told to speak about.

      America needs new Founding Fathers. Our future is in our hands. Money can not be the reason we are engaged, in any effort.

      I appreciate that you appreciate the articles at Right now my volunteer webmaster and I am doing our best to scrounge up some funds to keep and my Radio Program going…

      Our country needs our prayers and our efforts…

      R J

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