SB1897 Crimes – Domestic Terrorist Senators Violating Constitution

Sheriff Mack
Sun, Dec 4, 2011
Subject: Sheriff Richard Mack Warns SB1897 Patriot Act 2

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Sheriff Mack on Fox Business Network's Freedom Watch w/ Judge Andrew Napolitano 
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Justin Amash



Here's the roll call for S 1867, National Defense Authorization Act, which grants the President new statutory authority to indefinitely detain American citizens on American soil, without charge or trial, at his sole discretion. I voted no on the House version of this bill, H R 1540, on May 26, 2011 []. The Senate bill, S 1867, passed 93-7.

Note: 227 out of 233 Republicans voted to extend this war to your back yard and to detain you without a trial indefinitely. On the democrat side 95 of 185 voted for it.  This bill says at any time your love one's can just disappear and you never see or hear from them again. And they can be transported over seas to a detention camp and even be tortured. This really is Nazi Germany all over again. Hope people are smarter this time and take a stand. "Remember their population control dream."

URGENT REPORT: Treason in the US Senate




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The United States Senate has just passed the most draconian piece of legislation since the Patriot Act known as the Indefinite Detention Bill. Where has the mainstream media been on this? NO WHERE. The media has been completely silent on this bill.
In today's exclusive special report Danny Panzella breaks down the points that you need to be informed about while covering two equally important stories relating to the NYPD Mercenary Squad, aka. the Police Detail Unit and the Big Brother Bankster surveillance network.
Please watch this report and share it with all you know. This is how we bypass the media blackout of the loss of liberty in America.
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URGENT REPORT: Treason in the US Senate
Primary video link:

The Ron Paul Uprising by William Lewis
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