Silver Christmas – Give Silver Eagles While You Can

Bix Weir
Wed, Dec 7, 2011
Subject: Christmas Silver Eagle Record Sales

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The US Mint has posted the first weekly report for Silver Eagle Sales in December and it looks like a very, very strong start with 806,000 coins sold in the first two days!
Here's the link:

I have had many emails from subscribers that have joined in the Holiday Silver Eagle Drive that I announced last week. Hundreds of people are taking up the cause and BUYING EAGLES AS GIFTS. Although Road to Roota Subscribers seem to be ACTING on this promotion I have yet to see other silver newsletter writers join in the cause so please forward this article on to them and request they spread the word:


The Holiday Silver Eagle Drive



Many people want to know how THEY can personally help the cause of taking down the banksters and THIS IS IT. Purchase Silver Eagles as gifts this holiday season and spread the joy while destroying the banking cabal!
Considering the US Mint report only cover the FIRST TWO DAYS of December there is a strong possibility that this year will BLOW OUT the previous record for December which goes back 25 years to the first year of issue in 1986. During that first full month of reporting the December sales hit a staggering 3,696,000 ounces. I'd like to set a goal for our drive of over 5,000,000 so get out there and promote it!
I'd also like to give a little tip-of-the-hat to Congressman Barney Frank who spearheaded and sponsored the introduction of the American Silver Eagle Program way back in 1986. Say what you want about Mr.Frank but without him the 279,942,500 American Silver Eagles sold since the introduction would have never been minted and distributed widely throughout the United States in preparation for the return to our Constitutional monetary system!
Thank you Barney and all the best in your retirement!
Go buy your Silver Eagles TODAY!
Bix Weir

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