Iran Resentment Means War – Kidnapping, Rape, Torture & Murder by the West

Sat, Dec 10, 2011

Iranian War Is Imminent: The World Needs To Know

Shocking new evidence that war with Iran will occur, the federal reserve has no choice but to take over the oil fields in Iran and sell Oil in dollars rather than Euros. Thank you DailyPaul for originally posting this video.  Uploaded by musashizd on Nov 15, 2011

We Were Right, Obama Gave Iran The Drone!

Saturday, December 10, 2011 5:32,_Obama_Gave_Iran_The_Drone.html

Obama gave Iran the drone

A couple of  days ago was the first to point out that the circumstances surrounding the “crash” of the top secret RQ170 Sentinel drone simply didn’t add up. And we were right! The story continues to develop and it doesn’t look good!

To recap, first we were told that Iran might’ve shot it down  and then the story changed to “the drone crashed on Iranian soil ”

Unfortunately this is no the first time this happened, I also questioned the initial official reports of the Osama Bin Laden raid and slowly but surely as more info was leaked to the public all those questions proved to be valid and the current reports are pretty much diametrically opposed to the initial “official” reports of the first few weeks”

After realizing that the Iranians were about to parade a perfectly functional drone with nary a scratch on it, the official story changed to “the drone landed because it wants to live” I kid you not that is the official story! ( See video at bottom of post)


FOX; Obama refused to recover or destroy the drone

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Obama refused to alow the Pentagon to recover the drone and i





The flack we caught for running the story was typical of the the kind of BS spewed by Obama’s supporters but none the less I didn’t withdraw the story because the official version simply didn’t add up.

The immediate and obvious questions were these: 1) Why didn’t we try to recover the drone? 2) In lieu of a rescue effort why didn’t we bomb it into oblivion?


Fox News National Security Correspondent Jennifer Griffin reported that apparently the Pentagon  pleaded with Barrack Hussein Obama to give the order to do just that. The Pentagon initially wanted to send a special forces team to recover the drone.  Obama shot down that suggestion. Then the Pentagon offered up Plan B , blow it to kingdom come. FOX News reports that there was third option and Obama struck that down also. Obama refused both whose options as well and now Iran and China have a brand spanking new fully functional top secret US RQ 170 Sentinel Drone.

The Drone was not recovered or destroyed specifically per Obama’s orders




U.S admits: "Iran Has Missing U.S. Drone".flv

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U.S admits that Iranians really got their hands on the $6 million super stealth UAV made by Lockheed Martin. Interestingly they say that the UAV was designed so that it landed in Iran, as it lost the connection with the U.S base. What they say implies that they offered it as a gift to Iran!

امریکا به اینکه هواپیمای جاسوسی در اختیار ایران هست تصدیق میکنه.
نکته جالب در این خبر اینه که میگه هواپیما طوری طراحی شده که در صورت قطع ارتباط به پرواز ادامه بده و در نهایت روی زمین بشینه.

حالا این سوال پیش میاد که کاربرد هواپیمای جاسوسی چیه؟ غیر از این هست که قرار هست در خاک دشمن به جمع اوری اطلاعات مشغول باشه. چه طور امریکا هواپیمایی طراحی میکنه که اگر ارتباطش با کنترل گرش قطع شد اون رو سالم تحویل دشمنش میده! همچین چیزی غیر ممکن هست. این تصاویر اولین تصاویر ویدئویی از این هواپیمای بدون سرنشین فوق سری امریکا هستن.





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