Better than Dinar – Saving America 1 House at a Time

Robert Hender ' R J '

Wed, Dec 21, 2011

Subject: Redeeming America 1 House at a Time

Liberty Seminar
Whiners and Complainers have been getting all the attention in the ' Main Press. '  Occupy America protests are organized all over America, but solutions are hardto find.  In Alabama solutions are being offered, now.
Are you ready for solutions?  Thomas Jefferson told us that we can't have freedom without holding land.  From America's early days the Vatican has laid claim to America. Land laws have been enacted to keep people as tenants.  It is up to you and me to exercise our God Given Rights.  Are we God's Children or are we subjects of the USA Corp?  
Tim Turner and Tim Pledger have set aside Dec 29-30, 2011 to share amazing Land Patent intel with 50 Americans. Take a look at to get more details. 
DeFacto President Obama won't hand you liberties.  As 14th amendment citizens all they get is privileges and lazy excuses.  If you will always do what you've always done  then you will always get what you have always gotten.
The banks will not solve your foreclosure issues.  The Federal Reserve won't end their theft and fraud.  It is time that we put our solutions in place so Foreclosures and IRS assaults will end in America.  There are things you and I can lawfully do to exercise our Dominion, as given to us from God. 
For two days Tim Turner and Tim Pledger have set  aside their time to teach us these powerful Land Patent  solutions so we can redeem our land, redeem America.
Tim Turner and Tim Pledger have reserved space at 285 East Broad Street in Ozark Alabama for you and me.  Seating is limited.  You can call 334-774-7673 to reserve your seat for this 2 Day Dominion Seminar.  The class is priced at $500.  You may make arrangements to stay at the Jameson Inn.  See


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