Dinar Confessions – IRS Knows the RV is Arriving

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Wed, Dec 21, 2011

Subject: New Dinar Rules by IRS in 2012


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12-21-2011 Guru TonyTNT I was a tax auditor for the state of CA before. We looked up the new tax form. On Dec 31st they want to know how much Dinar you have in your possession. Why? This is for 2011. You have to list how much foreign currency you have in 2011. This has NEVER been on a tax form before...if it RVs before Dec. 31st, if you have it in your possesion and they are going to tax it, so if you are giving it away – do it now or people will be taxed twice on the 15% flat tax…I saw the form is out today… there is a 10K fine for EVERY MONTH THAT YOU DO NOT CORRECTLY TELL THEM HOW MUCH FOREIGN CURRENCY YOU HAVE, 10 thousand dollars!!!!! EVERY MONTH...and 40% interest you will pay for not reporting it!! They have thought of everything. PAY YOUR TAXESASAP.

Click Here To See The IRS Tax 8938 Information…I just put it on the Dinar Guru Blog….via Dinar Guru member Skywalker 
12-24-2011  Guru DinarWishes   We know that the UN voted and passed to reactivate sanctions on Iraq yesterday if everything they needed to do was not complete. Well, no sanctions were placed back on them…it is looking like things are running its course and all things are moving in our favor for a great Chistmas!!! Things are at a point of no return and can't be stopped by anything other than a total electrical outage world wide.  Let me explain the Algorithm.. It's a timed sequence of events… We are not exactly sure how long it will take to have it all come out but it will all come out at the same time. Nothing new at the banks as of yet and wont be till the algorithm is complete…I will say this "It Can't be stopped"!!!

12-24-2011  Guru Jonnywg   The algorithms are released and all 155 currencies will be released at the same time. The process is irreversible and it will run its course.




12-24-2011  Guru BWM   there's not much to say… we are waiting to see the rates released.

12-24-2011  Guru Jonnywg   Well like you, I expected more last night. We verified the codes were entered and released and we just have to wait until the logarithm runs its course. UST was sent home for Christmas. What we expect and the timing programed may be 2 dufferent things, no one knows but it is released.  I have nothing more to add as the job is done. We will watch the bank screens today.


Fresh and WangDang will be having another call Tonight for Christmas Eve! We hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas and we will try and focus on more Q&A Tonight since the last couple calls we've had a lot of callers we couldn't get to because of the volume! The call will be recorded for those that cannot make it live – so don't worry if you have Holiday plans with Friends and Family!
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Hope we see everyone on the call Tonight and we will keep PeopleInvested.com and Chat open 24/7 as usual! The MP3 will be posted after the call in the forums and chat and the details forwarded to DinarRecaps as usual!
Happy Holidays,
Fresh and WangDang 


Now this is pretty BOLD, even for Rumtel!!! That makes me think he has amazing intel to make this claim. Here's hopin!……


Dec 24 10:06 AM [CAP1] [ngodstrust] CAP1 – I want to BET all NAY SAYERS 1000 Dinar that we will see the RV posted tomorrow at 5pm or before

[CAP1] I commend you, all of you, on your ability to hang in there these last few months. I know it's been hard, financially, emotionally, mentally, and physically. These chairs are tough to sit in 14 – 16 hrs a day(lol). I woke up last night about once every hour and I prayed for the RV and for all of us to be wise in handling our blessing. It's no longer if this will take place, but at what hour we shall see it. So rest easy in that. Be comforted that the ride is over.

papajack: HMMMM Dinar sites closed, banks closed, everybody closed, sounds like the perfect storm for an RV to me. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!!!!!!!.


Asells: 1:32 PM [draavmorris2] so, what's the word. Just waiting for it to show. I have to share with you a bank story that happened to me. If anything. It lets you know that they are "ready" for you like big time.

1:33 PM [draavmorris2] i called my bank, they are on extended hours today. Although they stated that they would not be open monday (yeah right), anyway, i called them, and talked with a gentleman. An i explained my situation, and that i was just trying to get everything in order.

1:35 PM [draavmorris2] so, i told him that i had iraq dinar, and wanted to know if i could make an appointment to be cashed out. He asked me if i wanted to come in "today", i said if i could that would be great! He asked me what bills i had, because there were only certain ones

1:36 PM [draavmorris2] i told him i had 25k, 10k and 5k. He said i was hoping you would say that. I asked him what the rate was, he said i will be right back. He said, hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, the rate isn't showing at this moment in time, he said otherwise he would do it. He asked if i wanted to make an appointment, i said yes. So i have a tentative appointment for tuesday @11am.

1:38 PM  [draavmorris2] so, they know it is coming and/or here, for he didn't even blink an eye! And again, he stated that all i can do is give you our rate for now. I said, well, i need to know the ust and the cbi rate, too. But we will see what we can do!
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[DebTarHeelGirl] oculaw 99% of seasoned in the know intel studiers and gathers are all saying its in process now due to documented evidence – THIS RV is about to manifest – its on a roll now in processing that can't be stopped – you will see this shortly… just look over your shoulder and you can hear it coming…. we are there folks we are there…



[PaPaJack1952] Family we have crossed the finish line it is over we are Just waiting for them to Release it
[PaPaJack1952] my guess is we may have a nice Christmas present for us under our tree for us this is JMO

[Islander] Wewechoo a Merry Christmas Wewechoo a Merry Christmas Wewechoo a Merry Christmas ana Happy New Year!
[daysjd1] According to Henry on hammers call ….we will have a good christmas

[jamesdheadrick] Have all the ust and other 3 letter people gone home yet papajack1952
[PaPaJack1952] jamesdheadrick yes

[xyz] PaPaJack1952 what's UST ETA?
[PaPaJack1952] xyz not sure

[jamesdheadrick] Papajack1952 I hope they have 1 person still there lol
[PaPaJack1952] jamesdheadrick they have two crews there to watch it go threw

[blessedandfavored] …….Last stages of waiting! Patience is a virtue!! Boy, don't we all know that!!



DEC.24,2011 11:55AM CST.





Bulldog75: (END) end of transmission.




[DinarWishes] Well, it is looking like things are running its course and all things are moving in our favor for a great Chistmas!!! Things are at a point of no return and can't be stopped by anything other than a total electrical outage world wide… Let me exsplain the Algorithm.. It's a timed sequence of events… We are not exactly sure how long it will take to have it all come out but it will all come out at the same time. Nothing new at the banks as of yet and wont be till the algorithm is complete… I will say this "It Can't be stopped"!!!

[DinarWishes] Let me exsplain it like this….. We know that the UN voted and passed to reactivate sanctions on Iraq yesterday if everything they needed to do was not complete. Well, no sanctions were placed back on them…. So, all is well and quit worrying about the timing…. even if it takes us to Sunday or Monday nobody could do anything about it anyway…. Enjoy your Holiday and Relax….

[jonnywg] i have no more info or explanations. will drop in to see whats happening but will spend the day with twin A .. lol on his birthday

[Crusader] FROM JONNY!!! Who has the best intel on the planet…he sees the banks screens…folks if you knew what I knew…you would be jumping up and down…it is programmed for release! The approvals have been given…it is a complex computer algorithm that sets this world wide financial rest into motion.

Jupiter] remember the turkeys that have the litle button on it – when it's done it pops up – the bank's little button has not popped yet so they can't serve the meal they do best … deal with money. so don't open the oven yet

An algorithm is a specific set of instructions for carrying out a procedure or solving a problem, usually with the requirement that the procedure terminate at some point. Specific algorithms sometimes also go by the name method, procedure, or technique. The word "algorithm" is a distortion of al-Khwārizmī, a Persian mathematician who wrote an influential treatise about algebraic methods. The process of applying an algorithm to an input to obtain an output is called a computation.



The below posts were in our 10am email

jonnywg Hi all Well like you I expected more last night. We verified the codes were entered and released and we just have to wait until the algorithm runs its course. UST was sent home for Christmas. What we expect and the timing programmed may be 2 different things. No one knows but it is released

I have nothing more to add as the job is done. We will watch the bank screens today


[Thankful] Jonnywg The algorithms are released and all 155 currencies will be released at the same time……….. the process is irreversible and it will run its course

[chairman] In mathematics and computer science, an algorithm i/ˈælɡərɪðəm/ is an effective method expressed as a finite list[1] of well-defined instructions[2] for calculating a function.[3] Algorithms are used for calculation, data processing, and automated reasoning. In simple words an algorithm is a step-by


12:05am cst BWM
[BWM] I guess considering the welcome and departure I had earlier you need to understand my position on all the information we share… this is not a position that I asked for or generally always comfortable with…

my geniune purpose has been to share what I thought was appropriate, as confirmed as possible and legitimate to be seen in a public chatroom…

I have continuously worked in "windows" without specific dates in order to minimize "hype"…I truly hope you understand the purpose of my sharing has been to positively help those that cannot or do not have the time to gather information useful to this investment…


[contaylor] i went in to wf today..i have a personal banker..who is starting to become my friend..

[contaylor] i told her about the dinar back in july…and showed her mine..so i go in there today and ask her to start looking to see if anything is going on..

[contaylor] she said a couple of months ago she called the main branch to see if they were selling dinar and they told her NO

[contaylor] because now she wants to buy some…

[contaylor] she knows something…she started acting all weird..and they all of sudden she starts quoting all kinds of information regarding the dinar..i told her she could purchase at a local bank where we live

[contaylor] her eyes lite up and she said i am going over there today to get some…she plays dumb..when i asked her to bring up the wf screen

[contaylor] she went into some online currency exchange..i told her ..i could have done that..look at well fargo screen..she clamed up..said i dont know how..we dont buy or sell the dinar…hmmm but she is gooing to buy some\
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(Dinar Recaps Note: Some of these have been posted here, some have not.  We thank PIF for bringing them together for everyone's convenience.)

[SouthernLawya] Tony said they would be back this afternoon (they r pacific) and will have great news ….we'd be jumping up and down and hopefully this will be over….BUT it would be enough news we'd be happy!!!

[SouthernLawya] maliki has signed the AGREEMENT………..look

(FREEWAY BILL): 11:00 est~~ This is not the time to be negative. We are working very hard almost 24:7 to get the information you want. Nobody can say No RV today!!!! That is a factless opinion! Nothing saying it won't go today has been put out by any credible source. Please just relax and pray that we see this today. God Bless…….All the time God is good…

papajack: This is it in a nutshell I'm hearing really good things and really bad things and I have no idea what is the truth. papajack: Ok well last night I was sent an article out of Iraq that basically said Maliki has declared himself the new dictator of Iraq for the next 6 years and doesn't care who doesn't like it papajack: Then this morning I read an article where he was payed a visit and basically threatened with a celestial dirt nap if he didn't get this done. papajack: The good news I'm hearing is all is done and we should see this any minute which I pray with all my heart is true. papajack: At any rate we should know today

[SouthernLawya] Dec. 21 (AKnews) – Kurdistan Block Coalition (KBC) and National coalition agreement says Iraq's PM Nuri Maliki will implement article 140 in a two-year time period. Maliki HAS SIGNED ON THE AGREEMENT which details implementation of ALL the details of the Article, said KBC member, Fatih Daraghayee…
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(NewLegacy emailed us the following)

The transcription of Tony was INCORRECT on today's call. THIS IS IMPORTANT – PLEASE NOTE. Tony did NOT say (as you quote) "DO NOT wait till January to do this form – PER TONY GO TO YOUR TAX ATTY NOW…". Here is what he said word-for-word:… "nobody said it had to be filed by December 31… that is NOT what anybody said. All we're trying to stress is that whoever is holding that [Dinar] on Dec 31 WILL have to file [the form] and if you wait until January to give [Dinar] away, you're going to be the one paying taxes on it, 'cause you had it on Dec 31. And that was all I was really trying to tell everybody. Go to your CPA or go to your Tax attorney and they'll explain it."



[Asells] 10:07Pm CST Jonny & bwm [jonnywg] please know that there are no baskets all the currencies will be released in one basket period they will come out all at once *****

[comeonrv] Are you hearing banks being open on the scheduled holiday Sat/Mon to cash in folks?

[jonnywg] yes

[BWM] again, there's not much to say… we are waiting to see the rates released and at this point we should just be enjoying each other's company..

[BWM] the one's who should have the least to say are busting a gut to do calls and such to tell you everyone is wrong but nothing about what they actually know… sounds like sour grapes to me…how do I know? Heck they keep calling asking what's going on..

[BWM] you know.. it seems that some of you cannot fathom that at some point you have gotten more info than you should… AND then some continue to push points that you refuse to accept no matter the explanation given… so for those that understand what we have tried to tell you thanks for your understanding…. til later I'll just wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS…


[wjbillr] bluedog wassup news man
[bluedog] wjbillr all good stuff pay no attention to political problems behind the curtain   
[bluedog] the RV is to big to be stopped

[wjbillr] bluedog I'm with you 100%

[bluedog] the more confusion the better
[bluedog] wjbillr we were all warned about something like this to confuse us ….we should be happy CBI talks as though nothing is going on Hmmmm

[wjbillr] bluedog loving that
[bluedog] wjbillr and when have we heard from Shabibi always his assistant
[bluedog] Saleh
[wjbillr] bluedog speak on bro

[bluedog] now they will make this seem like Iraq is falling apart because they are different ethnic fractions and they (Sunnis) will probably be gone as the Bathis are on the run


Blessed this was part of the end of todays CC (with Tony) –  it was said after the recording ended……….. thanks HH for the email…V

[pat888] Here's the last part of PTR call today that didn't get recorded Chief said what I have to say is pertinent.

I read an article this morning and it talked about art 140 being implemented and that 400 people were actually paid today and I didn't hear anybody mention or say anything about it and I saw that this morning, it was on Dinar Daddy Recaps somebody had posted that article on there and I found that very interesting with the withdraw of 1Trillon Dinars yesterday and the injection of 400 million

I'm wondering if that was tied into them paying these people today which are primarly Kurds or Sunni


[Historian] I heard some interesting stuff over the last week.

[Historian] It has to do with the stuff I've been talking and posting about in the last month — my theory that we're changing from fiat currencies to asset-backed ones.

[Historian] Well, it's no secret amongst the global finance crowd (those who invest seriously on a global basis) — word is that 4 of the BRICS are going to switch over to using a new reserve currency (Brazil, Russia, India, China). Right now, they just negotiate their exchange with each other directly — they do not use the USD.

Historian] It is anticipated that other countries will be able to use that reserve as well. So how long are any fiat currencies going to last after that? They'd better RV to new rates that are asset-backed.


An Interview with Enoch8

I was privileged last week to conduct an interview with one of the good guys offering analysis on the IQD. I may not agree with everything he says, but I respect his views and his knowledge of the economics (wasn't about to try to debate him on that) and official documents and statements issued from Iraq.

I especially appreciate his focus on true intel, meaning verifiable information rather than rumours or hearsay.

Sam I Am: Thanks so much for your time. You have been in the dinar community for several years and have earned a reputation as one of the best analysts of the economic aspects of the IQD. Tell us about your background in economics.

Enoch8: No formal degree in economics, but aced Econ 101 with a 4.0 grade average.

Enoch8: I have been a licensed contractor, a small time builder and developer in Arizona for most of my career, and come from a family of contractors, so well versed in business.

Enoch8: I have been in leadership roles as Arizona Area Coordinator in Public Information, to a very large non profit organization, (over 2 million members), holding numerous offices, and have worked with Intelligence and Research Teams on very large political groups, as a political activist.


[rjg] AndieZ1 when u say live what does that mean exactly
[AndieZ1] rjg it means its on the screen – and from the other intel today – its being exchanged
[AndieZ1] rjg – live means exchangable

[partyrock] AndieZ1 .did johnny say what the KWD rate was on the print screen?
[AndieZ1] partyrock – no. I typed out exactly what he told me

[boomer1110] AndieZ1 – Can jonny see something different that reflects what's really at the CBI? Are there "insider screens" that might reflect what's really going on?
[AndieZ1] boomer1110 – not at the CBI – only what's going on with the banks here

[KYRV39] AndieZ1 CBI should update automatically right
[AndieZ1] KYRV39 – CBI will update whenever they want to …. I hope its soon hugs

[rjg] AndieZ1 yes thankyou, i get that. my question is wasn't the iqd suppose to go first so all the other currencies should follow, or maybe the iqd is done and not showing, what's your opinion
[AndieZ1] rjg – I haven't heard any hard and fast "rules" on what goes first or even if that's the way to comes down. I would imagine that all would be visible at the same time…. so this is very curious

[generals64] for your information pods…(I-Pods)?????I have been told the Rate and The date and who is responsible and at what time all was to happen….I was told there were Black Suits coming for me at my home(yesterday)…Stayed and cut fire wood wanted to know if I knew any of them…Now, hasn't happened yet…I did get a "flutter" when my Nephew drove in yesterday for Christmas….Driving a New Black TAHOE….I promise…I know 5 Secret Service Agents very….very well….And????? I have some other very reliable contacts…and????? yet we wait….these guys won't share much other than a cold Beer…(I usually buy)….Don't put your faith in any person…GOD is controlling this

[generals64] The rate I was told yesterday was on a bank screen and not a so-called back screen….My banker is not a work yet so , I wait like you do….But…the harassing calls (I know excitement) has had a lot with the banks working with us and telling things….I have NEVER alled a bank about this…I have gone and looked 
generals64 This one? [knobby] 12-23-2011 Guru ScottiG The ISX has closed…until Jan 3! The timing for this is exceptional. I know numerous individuals were stating over the last couple of weeks that Currency insiders were trading with the stock market in Iraq and that they knew the rates. COME ON MAN! NO! NO! NO! There is not a valid active currency in the market place yet. They are trading speculative paper with rates all over the place and that is all. They are positioning themselves for the release. That however explains in part the need to close the ISX down. They cannot afford for their systems crash and burn from the massive activity from these Future's order that are in place. The Currency traders are prepositioned and ready for this to happen at any moment…now this is truth!

ckh:…..I owe you for that….Thanks…I don't know how to cut and paste….Now, they (Iraq) still have a CROWN PRINCE and even Sadam's Thugs knew not to bother him or his entourage….It has something to do with their Religion and his Status within the country….Oh, if you guys remember DONNIER….(old Guru) he knows the guy….Donnie R was a great source…he got tired of getting beat up….
6:07 PM CST [AndieZ1] Just got off the phone with Jonny and he asked me to post this:
[jonnywg] I have verification from a print screen that he Kuwait rate is now live. Expect the rest of the rates to drop in. I will be back later for confirmation. Our finance expert is headed to the bank to watch the currency screens

Dealing with a Banker
– How to Get “Spread Fees” Waved From Exchange of Exotic Currencies into Dollars

It’s no secret that Banks charge fees for services rendered…
– Like any Business it is simply one of the ways Banks make money.

When it comes to foreign currencies, Bank Personnel will always tell you “We will not charge you a fee if you have an account with us” but that isn’t exactly the entire truth, because Banks actually have two (2) levels of fees they charge for services rendered.

These 2 fees are:
1) – Fees charged to the Public who do not have an account.
2) – Fees charged to their Customers who do have an account.

Customers do not have to pay the fees that the Public pay, whereas the Pubic have to pay both the Public fees and Customer fees.

Some of the fees Customers are accustom to not being charged are on services like obtaining a Bank-drafted Money Order or Cashier Check to pay someone via a method of securing funds for the recipient, free use of the Bank’s Notary to validate documents, cashing of a paycheck or government check, etc.

All of these ‘services’ have a fee to the general Public because they are not an account holder.

However, when it comes to something like exchanging currency from another Country into US Dollars, the Public is charged the Service Fee of around $15 as well as the Spread Fee on each unit of the currency exchanged.

When Bank Personnel tell you “We will not charge you a fee if you have an account with us” they are talking about that $15 service fee only.

What is a spread fee?

A spread fee is what a Bank will charge you to exchange another Country’s currency into the currency used in the Country to which you are located.

For these examples, we will use the US Dollar (USD) as the currency and USA as the Country in which you are located, and the Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD) as the foreign currency being exchanged for or into US Dollars at a US Bank.

The KWD is considered to be an “Exotic Currency” just as is the Iraqi Dinar (IQD), whereas currencies such as the Canadian Dollar (CAN) is not considered to be on the exotic list of currencies in the USA (and visa versa), the CAD is known as a “Popular Currency” and the spread fees reflect the difference on these two currency classifications greatly.

At the moment I wrote this, one CAN dollar (as listed at xe.com) was valued at $1.02015 USD, and the KWD was valued at $3.59712 USD.

Using the Wells Fargo Bank Web site currency chart at http://www.wellsfargo.com/ foreignexchange (Click on “ORDER FOREIGN CURRENCY then click on the TODAY’S RATES Tab to access the rates page and charts) we can see that they will ‘sell to you’ CAD and KWD (Click on the ALL CURRENCIES Tab to see the KWD), and it is easy to calculate what the spread fees are using this page and comparing the rates to the actual value of the currencies shown at: http://www.xe.com

Again, at the moment I wrote this, one CAN dollar (as listed at xe.com) was valued at $1.02015 USD, and the KWD was valued at $3.59712 USD, and on the Wells Fargo chart these two currencies are listed at what they will sell them to you at; 1- CAN at $1.0232 USD and 1- KWD at $4.0846 USD

1- CAN at $1.0232 USD minus $1.02015 USD (actual value) = $0.00305 USD (Spread Fee)
1- KWD at $4.0846 USD minus $3.59712 USD (actual value) = $0.48748 USD (Spread Fee)

See the difference?

Wells Fargo will charge you $0.003 US-Cents (under 1/3 of a US-Cent) to buy 1-Canadian Dollar from them
Wells Fargo will charge you $0.49 US-Cents to buy 1-Kuwait Dinar from them.

At smaller or State Only Banks, these Spread Fees are even greater; for example, when the First Convenience Banks in Texas were buying and selling the KWD currency the spread fee they were charging was about $0.60 US-Cents to both Buy and Sell the KWD through them, and the spread fee they were charging was about $0.06 US-Cents to both Buy and Sell the CAD through them.

This is part of the reason you want to deal with the Big-4 Banks instead of the smaller or State-only banks.

The Big-4 Banks are Bank of America (BOA), J.P. Morgan Chase (Chase), Wells Fargo (WF), and Citibank (Citi).

Upon revaluation of the IQD most expect the value will be close to the KWD, so let’s start doing some math with the Wells Fargo $0.48748 US-Cent Spread Fee and for example purposes let’s say that 1- IQD revalues at $3.60 USD…

If you have 100,000 IQD, to exchange that many IQD with a spread fee of $0.48748 US-Cents per 1-IQD you would be paying $48,748.00 to Wells Fargo to change your IQD into USD – That’s $487,480.00 in Spread Fees per 1-Million IQD!

100,000 X $3.60 = $360,000.00 (Nice Profit for You!)
100,000 X $0.48748 = $48,748.00 (Nasty Bank Fees!)

You receive $311,252.00 after paying the Bank’s Spread Fees…
– This is also the number you will be taxed on.

None of this is held as secret from the public, except when or if any one given Bank Manager decides to keep it a secret from you.

It is these ‘Spread Fees’ that you can get some Banks to forgive or cancel – But only if you ask them to forgive them.
NOTE: The United States Treasury (UST) also charges a spread fee on foreign currency exchanges done at all Banks, and Banks can NOT forgive or cancel that spread fee. The UST spread fees are between 1% and 1.4% – That equals between $0.036 cents and $0.0504 cents using the $3.60 IQD example above.

At $3.60 per 1-IQD, 100,000 IQD = $360,000.00 X $0.036 (1%) = $3,600.00 (UST Spread Fees)
At $3.60 per 1-IQD, 100,000 IQD = $360,000.00 X $0.0504 (1.4%) = $5,040.00 (UST Spread Fees)

Certainly a lot nicer than paying almost $50-Grand in Bank’s Spread Fees huh?

This is where we want to save – Taxes are inevitable, so do not look to reduce the taxes, look to reduce the spread fees that banks charge. This is where you will save money, and here’s how you do it…

When I spoke with my Banker friend about the IQD about 2-weeks ago, he was completely open and honest about everything, no reservations whatsoever.

He is a Bank Manager at one of the Big-4 Banks, and he has also invested in buying IQD.

He is a really nice guy that only wants to help people and be the best at serving his Customers that he can be – He even told me that the only word that’s ever come down from their Corporate Offices is to expect phone calls about the IQD, and to simply tell the truth to the callers and Customers in that their bank does not deal in the IQD right now.

Just the same as he said that he had no problem with me sharing this information with others, this Banker showed me every phase of the banking systems that his (one of the Big-4 banks) branches implement, from showing us the US Treasury Web site page they access to see the spread fees the UST charges Banks, the currency exchange spread fee screens his tellers have ((which showed about 65 to 70 currencies that the (one of the Big-4 banks) banks do buy and sell)), right down to the book the branches are given showing pictures and information about the currencies of the world, in which the 2011 edition showed the IQD for the first time.

The Banker also said that he has got quite a kick out of all the 3-screens and all 0.0000s talk and postings out there on the forums and blogs, when in fact he showed me first hand that (one of the Big-4 banks) buys and sells the 65 to 70 currencies they list and that he has never seen anything go to all zeros, there are no green, blue, red or purple lights, and the screens do not flicker at all.

All this talk going on out there with the rates showing as all zeros is all from the First National Bank, and its subsidiary branches of the First Convenience Bank that I have an account at here in Texas, where I have the same printouts showing at the zeros, which show the zeros simply because they no longer trade those currencies.

Quite simply put, my Banker friend said “All you need to do is look at xe.com and see that all the currencies are still listed and tradable, just the same as they are in Banks” – The truth is available to everyone; banks have the same information as what Forex sites do.

All bank systems simply update to the buy/sell rates and either list the currencies they trade or not, and at no time have any currencies shown these rumored zeros.

I requested that he show us the spread fees of the Kuwaiti Dinar, and he did, with the buy rate showing a 43-cent per 1-KWD spread fee at (one of the Big-4 banks), and he then brought up a Wells Fargo page that showed their spread fee and it was 3-cents more at almost 47-cents on the KWD.

Well, now you know that my Banker friend is a Manager at one of the other Big-3 Banks, and that Wells Fargo has higher fees than the Bank he Manages, and this is what is meant by “Shop around at the banks for the best rate before you cash-in.”

The Banker confirmed everything that Bear has told me has been bang on, and has proven to me that what he and OKIE have said about the zeros being horse pucks – Folks, I saw the truth with my own eyes while my Banker friend chuckled over it all.

As I sated above, the one thing that none of us can beat on any deal made with any Bank is the UST spread fees. He explained that as the Branch Manager he is in complete control of how his branch operates – Like every other Branch Manager, he is handed the keys to the bank with the statement “Here’s the business, now it’s up to you to make money with it.”

Every single Branch Manager is able to remove the spread fees up until the UST spread fees. The UST spread fees of a currency’s value is hard coded into their systems – The only way to possibly get rid of that fee would to do your exchange directly with the UST, of which of course none of us can or will be doing.

Every Bank Branch Manager can do this – You only need to ask.
(Do this AFTER the r/v Folks – Don’t call or bother than Banks until then)

And if they say “no” you simply tell them “Thanks very much I’ll take my business to a different Bank and Branch Manager that will, thank you.” – They will make the deal with you Folks, you just have to ask them, and with knowing all this ‘Public Information’ you are empowered to talk with any and every Branch Manager – There are no secrets to any of this and it is all just that simple.

I’ve talked with a couple people in our group who have already spoken with their Bank Branch Managers who have said that they will match any deal made at any other Bank and/or Branch.

So there you have it Folks, you can simply use the (one of the Big-4 banks) Branch you already have your account setup at… no traveling needed, no grouping together of people needed, this is all that simple and simply available to us all.

I also asked what sort of ‘perks’ were available, to which my Banker friend said these kinds of things differ from bank to bank, but through the Bank he works for, any Customer with a cash balance greater $250K receive certain ‘services’ at no cost; services like investment advice and avenues, and a ‘Concierge Service’ that the $250K and above Customers have access to via a telephone number to arrange and setup near everything and anything for the Customer… short of picking up your laundry.

Things like “I need a rental car delivered to my hotel” which a hotel will do for you as well, or if you have an event like what we are going to setup for the Dallas meeting, the Concierge Service will make the arrangements for you with the hotel, and organize all the catering and whatever you need to get the meeting done – Real simple stuff that would take you time to get done or do yourself… just like having a personal assistant of sorts.

The only thing any Banker will want to see happen with your IQD exchange is that you keep your money in their Bank Branch to excuse the spread fees and provide you with the ‘Special Customer’ services, of which is all simply based upon a hand-shake so the branch can use the balance to increase their borrowing and lending power to make money from to make up for discounting of the spread fees for you.

This is really all there is to it and how simple it all is Folks.

Empowered with the knowledge of how all this works, I went to speak with another Branch Manager at another Bank where I have an account, explained what I wanted to do with the IQD exchange when the time came and that my other Banker said he wouldn’t charge me the Bank’s spread fees, and that Bank Branch Manager said “Yes, I can match that deal.”

My Banker friend even said that any new Customers that open an account that he personally obtains, he spreads the credit for these new accounts with his Branch employees to help them reach their year end quote too, as he feels he has already maximized his new Customer quota for the year to secure his personal annual bonus.

When the time comes Folks, we can all very easily exchange IQD for USD at each of our respective local Banks and not have to pay the Bank spread fees.

Those out there paying for a monthly membership at some supposed guru Web site to gain access to be a part of a group to get rid of these spread fees at a certain bank are simply throwing their money away – Everyone can do this on their own and at zero cost and near any and every Bank to which an account is held.

That’s all… no remaining stresses or worries about how we’re each going to get the exchange done, we know the truth about all the bank screen showing zeros talk being a bunch of hogwash, and all we all need do now is relax and wait for the r/v to finally kick in.

One last point to talk about when considering doing your IQD exchange, is that some IQD Dealers out there are saying that they will cash-in the IQD for us for a fee, PLUS what the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) is going to show as their spread fees.

We do not yet know what the CBI is going to charge in the way of spread fees to change IQD into USD, but it is my conclusion that anyone cashing in their IQD through the Dealers will have a lot more to pay than the $150.00 per 1-million IQD than what meets the eye some Dealers are offering…

We all want to maximize our ROI (Return on Investment), and to do this I for one will be going to see my Banker post r/v.
(Also keep in mind what OKIE has always said… “BANKS BANKS BANKS — NUFF SAID”)

While we’re at it…
– Let’s all try to clear up another bunch of fallacies we’re all hearing out there…


There is a lot of chatter going on out there about this IRS form 8938.

It is new from the IRS and is to be used to disclose foreign assets to the IRS so they can tax you on them.

Folks, your IQD notes are not foreign assets, they are a foreign currency, but unless you have them in a foreign Country, they are quite simply a domestic asset and this form 8938 does not apply.

Now if you had opened a Bank account in Iraq and have your IQD sitting in that account, then yes your IQD is a foreign asset and you would have to file the form 8938 with the IRS.

Folks are also talking about placing their IQD into a Trust (of any kind) with hopes of reducing the amount of taxes we’re all subject to paying.

I spoke with my Odd Attorney friend (See link at bottom of post to learn more) about this, and I asked him about these ‘Trust’ accounts, to which he stated that any type of Trust can be unraveled by the IRS and that there is no way around paying the taxes the IRS says you are going to have to pay – There are no loopholes.

He also said that when someone tries to put money into a Trust or company entity like an LLC for the obvious purpose of trying to delay or reduce taxes, it only just gives reason for the IRS to put you under a microscope and treat you like you are trying to hide something.

Folks, just pay your taxes and move on…
– Do not worry about all this tax avoidance or reduction stuff, worry about protecting the assets you end up with and growing your portfolio after the fact.

Something else to consider, with the new tax year being only 7-days away, if we see the r/v happen before year end waiting to do your exchange until next year would provide extra time to be able to use the tax monies to invest and make money and/or interest back on before having to submit payment to the IRS.

THAT is how we want to go about reducing the tax hit we’re all faced with, and these Municipal Bonds my Odd Attorney friend talked about are a pretty nice way to do that it would seem.

Another point to address is that the IQD is money, it is what Banks work with, and you don’t need any sort of documents, receipts, or letters of authentication like some of these Dealers say you’ll get on their Web sites – Those things are simply a sales gimmick and as worthless as the paper they are printed on.

Do you actually think that some piece of paper with “these currency notes are real” printed on it would have a Banker say “Oh okay, they must be real notes because that mass-printed piece of paper says so…” when you go to exchange them for USD?

When I was able to buy IQD and VND at our First Convenience Bank here in Texas, the Bank gave me a receipt for the transaction, and that’s it.

These so called ‘certificates’ are trash folks – A paper-joke!
– Bankers are going to look at and check the notes, and ask what garbage can you want to throw those so called certificates in.

If you have any of these paper-jokes, don’t embarrass yourself by handing them to your Banker… toss them into a recycling bin.

The only ‘paper’ you will need is the receipts you obtained from buying the IQD currency to show your CPA your costs put forth on your investment, which is used to offset your taxes, and that’s it – The fee your CPA charges you to file your taxes is an expense and write-off too.

The entire process is really, really simple…
1) – The r/v happens, and you go to your bank.
2) – You exchange your exotic currencies for US dollars.
3) – You take your receipts to your Accountant and file your taxes.

That’s it… it is as simple as 1, 2, 3…
– So just Relax and enjoy working with and investing your windfall when the time comes.

At the very least, I hope this post helps some Folks have a more restful and stress-free holidays.

Stay flying under the radar (meaning don’t boast to anyone about having IQD), and I wish you and yours a wonderful and very Merry Christmas.

You can learn more about what my “Odd Attorney” friend has to say on this OOM Thread:
http://www.okieoilman.net/ t14459-a-must-read-attorney- gives-iqd-tax-investment- advice-free

Prosperous regards,


DISCLAIMER: Like any other post on any Forum, this post is for informational purposes only. It is not legal, tax or investment advice. The only advice I can provide is that everyone should do their own due diligence and seek advice from Professionals to do with tax, legal, accounting and/or investment matters.


Yes, we are still selling Dinar. Order taking will resume on Tuesday, 12/28/2011.  IQD inventory continues to trickle in.  We receive payment via Paypal, US Postal Money orders and counter deposits to Regions Bank .  However, should the RV occur we will stop taking orders and fulfill all the orders we have.  Our eBlast will continue to help all our friends understand what steps they need to take to cash in.   Until then we will continue to offer the following post 2003 Iraqi Dinar notes.  Order whatever you wish as there is no minimum order.  Below are listed the IQD Collectible Notes that we have available:
25K Collectible IQD Notes – Uncirculated:                    $36.25 each
25K Collectible IQD Notes – Uncirculated/Paypal:       $37.35 each

25K Collectible IQD Notes – Circulated:                        $33.90 each
25K Collectible IQD Notes – Circulated/Paypal:           $34.95 each

10K Collectible IQD Notes – Uncirculated:                    $15.05 each
10K Collectible IQD Notes – Uncirculated/Paypal:       $15.55 each

10K Collectible IQD Notes – Circulated:                        $13.65 each
10K Collectible IQD Notes – Circulated/Paypal:           $14.10 each

5K Collectible IQD Notes – Uncirculated:                       $  7.75 each
5K Collectible IQD Notes – Uncirculated/Paypal:          $  8.00 each

5K Collectible IQD Notes – Circulated:                           $  6.85 each
5K Collectible IQD Notes – Circulated/Paypal:              $  7.10 each

1K Collectible IQD Notes – Circulated:                           $  2.20 each
1K Collectible IQD Notes – Circulated/Paypal:              $  2.30 each

Please understand that prices and availability can change overnight depending upon my supplier and sales.  Please e-mail me for the latest price list.

FedEx 3 Day  Saver – Home delivery is available at $14.00 ($14.73 Paypal) with Signature Confirmation.
FedEx 3 Day  Saver – Pickup your package at FedEx office closest to your home – $10.00 ($10.61 Paypal) with Signature Confirmation.
FedEx Standard Overnight by 3 PMHome delivery is available at $26.00 ($26.78 Paypal) with Signature Confirmation.
FedEx Standard Overnight by 3 PMPickup your package at FedEx office closest to your home – $22.00 ($22.97 Paypal) with Signature Confirmation.
FedEx Ins. available for 75 cents / $100 of value. (The first $100 is free, but collectible notes are only allowed to be insured up to $500.)

Faster Instant methods of payment can be achieved for quick delivery via direct deposit with Paypal or Regions Bank.  Call me for an account number and you will be instructed on how to make a free counter deposit.  Cash only!  If a payment by check is tendered to the bank, those funds will be returned to you in 10 days and your order will be canceled.  If Paypal is used, payments must be sent to mamakobega@gmail.com.  If an eCheck is tendered, it will be honored, however shipping will not occur for 5 days because it is not an instant payment.  If you are paying with Paypal, please be sure to include your full name, address, phone number and order details in the Paypal message box.  Payment can also be sent to us by US mailUS Postal Money Orders only pleasemade out to Myriam Lindeman.  A payment for Collectible IQD notes received after the RV is considered a valid order only if the money order is dated before the RV.  You may acquire Collectible IQD Notes as long as your invoiced orders do not exceed $1,000.00 per person per day. 

We can be reached by phone at 770-978-0002.  However, if the volume of calls become too great for us to handle, just keep trying to get through.  Please understand that we are working under Eastern Standard Time.  We can be reached between 10 AM to 8 PM EST, M-F and sometimes on Saturday.  Our e-mail address is healthdefense@gmail.com

I am private individual who has obtained a fair amount of Iraqi Dinar from Ali of Dinar Trade and also from Ty of Dinar Banker.  I assist people in acquiring small quantities of the post 2003 collectible Iraqi Dinar.  I am providing a copy of the certificate of authenticity that they have given me for your reference which also shows non-criminal origin.  I also provide a receipt which transfers ownership of my dinar to your name.   Please consider gifting Dinar to the poor or to family as God leads.

Please understand that when you call, I cannot discuss Intel and issues brought forth on the different forums and conference calls.  The reason for this is that there are sooooo many people placing orders that I must reserve my time to being faithful to fulfilling those orders.  I hope you understand that I must not delay someone's delivery just to analyze Intel.  But if you are interested in hearing about what is going on in Iraq or if you would like to be informed when the Revalue occurs, click here to subscribe to my eBlast.  Be sure to click on "Subscribe" on the right hand side of the screen before you click off the site.

Thank you for contacting us!  Hope to hear from you soon.

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