Top 7 Steps Back to a Republic – Tim Turner & Ken Cousens interviews

Robert Hender ' R J '

Sat, Dec 31, 2011

Subject: Top 7 Steps Back to Our Republic   Link to Tim Turner Radio Interview on Dec 28th   Link to Ken Cousens Radio Interview on Dec 30th

 Top 7 Steps Back to a Republic  
By March 30, 2010 over thirty people came together in all fifty states across the United States of America to Re-Inhabit the same Republic that Benjamin Franklin spoke about on July 4, 1776.  Founding Fathers and Mothers are needed again for America.
These days in America much of the talk is about 'the Democracy.'  It seems like Americans have forgotten or are neglecting the Republic, like the empty chair in the room that nobody sits in any more.  Americans have been lulled to sleep with Democrat or Republican promises that send people to the polls every few Novembers.  We have neglected our Republic Duties.
There are a sequence of events that Americans, who are at least 18yrs old, get to participate in that will bring life back to our Republic; 1 – Every One of us have the new opportunity to become signers on to the Declaration of Independence,  2 – Assemble with your friends, your neighbors, your family and/or your congreagation to examine issues and take action for the good of our country,  3 –  Organize your own Local Common Law Jury to examine local issues and to judge the unlaws,  4 – Elect officers in your local Assembly and in your Local Common Law Jury,  5 – Visit with other Assemblies in your state and form your own Free State.  6 – Elect a Republic Governor, 2 Republic Senators, 10 Republic members of the House and other Republic officers in your Free State,  7 – Come in to Union with the Republic for the united States. Around the world, officials recognize that the Republic is back in America.
 Lawyers are not invited in this Republic process for they are Agents of the Queen because of their BAR oath. 
Many Americans have never done this before.  If you have questions then you can take a look at what your fellow Americans are already doing at   At least 42 America Free States in Union have been organized.  Chances are, where you live are people who are assembling in this Republic.  During 2010 Tea Partiers didn't go far enough as they just sent new lawyers back to DC.  During 2011 the Occupy America Movement has whiners and complainers, but they have no solutions or the problems facing America. 
This is the first in a series of articles that will help point out our true history and will point out how America needs your involvement.  Do you have a Bible? You are welcome in 'the Republic.'  Were you in America's military?  You would be welcome in 'the Republic.'  Do you believe in Home Schooling?  You would then be welcome in 'the Republic.'  Do you stand on the Declaration of Independence?  You would be welcome in the Republic.  Peacefully, people all over America are coming together – with Real Bottoms Up understanding of where our power lies in America.  God is the True Sovereign in America and  we are His children.  We can no longer be spectators.  Voting in November  every few years is not enough to fulfill our Republic Duty.  
People with fancy degrees are not necessary.  If we condinue to do what we have been doing then we will continue to get what we have been getting. It looks like our country is going down the drain.  Now is our chance to come together in ways like we have not done since the 1700's, as fellow Americans.Take a look at  and make up your own mind.  During 2012 we could see the End of America or we could be a part of a whole new Beginning in America.  
   Be Free,   Robert Hender,   R J  


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