Silver Soars – American Silver Eagle Behind the Scenes video

Drockton Bullion
Sun: Dec 25, 2011

American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins…
Cette vidéo présente la fabrication des pièces d'investissement en argent de type "American Eagle Silver Bullion" (vidéo en anglais, mais possibilité de sous-titrer en français (cliquer sur CC et choisir français parmi les langues proposées.
Les pièces d'argent de type American Silver Eagle sont très appréciées par les collectionneurs et les investisseurs aux Etats-Unis et dans le monde entier.


Bix Weir
Thu, Dec 29, 2011
Paper Price Not Valid on Physical Purchases 

Just a quick note. I've been getting emails from people around the world who are angry that they are not able to secure physical silver at these low manipulated prices. There are both problems with supply and exorbitant premiums in the retail sales market. We have been waiting for the separation between paper and physical silver and it seems we are there.
Paper Silver hit $26.08 this morning which is the low for the year and right where Bill Daley (Obama's Chief of Staff and JP Morgan "Hit Man") began the latest silver manipulation operation back in January. Daley announced in November that he is "transitioning out" of his position.
Basically, we have come full circle and reached the END of this round of silver manipulation.
Load up on physical silver at any price.




We're about to see our silver moonshot!





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