Dinar RV Day – Top 8 Pieces of the Dinar Puzzle

Adam Montana

Thur, Jan 5, 2012

Subject: Dinar RV News


POPPY3 / PURPLEHELMET – Post By Czinser OOM Forum
1-5-2011 Poppy3 all…my intel…is still in play and not one source has changed their opinion…
I talked today with several sources…all are still telling us the exact same time table…
[Thursday] the rv would be released to the banks after they close, then they would have it live friday morning? If its all true great, if it isnt we wait.
1-5-2012 Purplehelmet300 there is a global alignment happening – must work precisly…Lots of details need to line up…The new time line is the same – I thought tues – wed – thurs – so we will see! 
Truely all the information has been pointing to today. Information from the world bank, imf, treasury and the meeting in iraq have all been very positive that the parliment is working together and have actually been smiling when , meetings end. 
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There is good news and bad news.

Bad news: The Dinar didn't RV in 2011, and as of today it has not RV'd in 2012.
Well, you probably knew that, so let's move on. 
Good news: 
Iraq made so much amazing forward progress last year I could 
spend hours listing the details. I could literally go on for pages 
and pages!
Here is a short list of some current FACTUAL news articles. (You 
don't get any of that "my brother knows a banker" stuff from me. 
Love it or leave it!)
1. The US troops are out of Iraq, home safe. (To our troops: THANK 
YOU for your service!)
2. We have an official draft of the HCL. Link: http://iqd.me/l/14b
(With any luck, it will be posted in the Gazette shortly!)
3. Another good article about the gas law: http://iqd.me/l/149
4. IMF and Iraq are in agreement on the Iraqi budget. Link: http://iqd.me/l/14a
5. We have news that Iraq is ready to boost their production by 
900 million barrels PER DAY. Link: http://iqd.me/l/145
6. Ministry of Foreign Affairs is discussing Chapter 7… TODAY. 
7. They know that they are facing inflation unless they figure 
some stuff out. Link: http://iqd.me/l/147
8. Another good article on Chapter7: http://iqd.me/l/148
What does all this tell us? It tells us Iraq is on the verge of taking 
that one last step forward. It tells us this as plain as day, in my 
With all this good news out there, I am going to offer a limited 
time discount to join my VIP group. In my VIP group, you are going 
to have access to ALL of the Post RV investments I've put together 
for after the RV, access to all of the professionals I have personally 
selected for their expertise in our investment, and much much more!
So, to ring in the new year with a great deal, I encourage you all to 
take advantage of a 20% coupon. This will apply to ANY VIP upgrade, 
even the Platinum Lifetime VIP! At this time, we are also able to throw 
in a free 1000 Dinar Note along with your Platinum Certificate.
Go Iraq, Go HCL, Go Chapter 7, GO RV!!!!!!
Adam Montana
On the morning of Tuesday 9th August 2011, a SWIFTnoticed transfer of World Global Settlement payouts from Brussels to the US was intentionally stopped by the Obama White House. This unlawful interference led to Pasadena-based attorney, Al Clifton Hodges, writing a letter of information and protest to Manuel Sager, the Swiss Ambassador to the US. Switzerland is a World Court Lien Holder nation. There is currently a $47 trillion Lien in operation against the US Treasury and the US Federal Reserve Board.




Clifton Hodges is counsel for Michael C. Cottrell. Cottrell is in charge of the $10 trillion-plus US Dollar Refunding Project and is a WGSF Basel list payee. The USDRP, like the (official) Iraqi Dinar Revaluation Project, is part of the World Global Settlements refinancing programme.



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