Top 3 Patriot Deaths 2011 – Tim Turner Defending Liberty

Robert Hender ' R J '

Fri, Jan 6, 2012

Subject: Tim Turner Defending Peaceful Assembly

 Defending Peaceful Assembly 
     Our Rights are under attack in America.  Politicians and Burocrats have 
forgotten that in America people have a Right, even a Duty, to Peacefully
Assemble.  When Janet Napolitano's office leaks a memo that claims
that Domestic Terrorists in America are Veterans who love the Bible and 
are gun owners they are completely wrong.  Republic President Tim Turner 
has filed a lawsuit to defend ourselves from this assault upon our liberties.
     Judge John E Ott has been assigned to hear the case in U S District
Court in Alabama.  Case number 2:11-cv-04315-JEO claims that more than
440 rights have been violated by Barack Obama, by Congress in DC, by
Obama's Attorney General, by the USA's 50 Governors, by County
Commissioners in 3,131 Counties, by Sheriffs in 3,131 Counties and by 
others who are mentioned in the suit.  
     Over $650 Million in damages are demanded in the lawsuit, which is 
a private civil suit at this point.  This action could become a Class Action 
Suit, but is a private matter thus far between Republic President Tim Turner 
and the Sovereign People of the Republic for the United States of America. 
     Nonfeasance, Malfeasance, Misfeasance and Libel are serious charges
in this lawsuit by Tim Tuner.  It appears that a smear campaign has been 
under way by The Dothan Eagle Newspaper in Alabama against Tim Turner 
and other Americans who have been peacefully assembling and who teach
principles from the Holy Bible.  
     In America is the U S Constitution still the law of the land?  Do the 
Rights in the Bill of Rights still apply in America?  Were the signers of the 
Declaration of Independdence serious when they declared that our rights 
come from God?  
     The Escobedo Rule is violated every time an arrest is made, even 
without probable cause.  Americans have the right to be left alone.  
Many Americans know what it feels like to be harassed, without cause. 
Free Speech must be a protected right in America, sacrosanct and 
inviolable.  Our rights to hold our Bibles and teach from them is protected 
by God and demonstrated in writing in the Declaration of Independence. 
     Bob Paudert is a chief of Police in West Memphis, Arkansas and he 
is leading a personal, nationanwide false campaign against people who 
Paudert calls ' Sovereign People. '  Jerry Kane and his son were shot 
and killed as a result to this malicious activity by Bob Paudert.  Billy 
Foust in Arizona was shot and killed in consequence to this malicious 
attitude by unlawful actions by police in America against free men 
and women.  
     When will this assault against our liberties stop?  Do we have a 
right to punch a bully in the nose after we are punched in the nose?  
Lawfully and Peacefully Republic President Tim Turner is defending 
himself and every American from these assaults upon our liberties.  has more intelligence on the 
Republic which was Re-Inhabited in America.  


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