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Gerald Celente
Sun, Jan 8, 2012


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dire Predictions for 2012



Gerald Celente : What’s happening under the Obama administration is unprecedented. With these rescue schemes, bailout plans, the takeover of major corporations, on and on and on. So yes, it has been going on a long time but is accelerating now at a level that makes our country, that used to be the empire of entrepreneurial opportunity, now just a country to save the too-big-to-fails. It’s ending up bankrupting the country. The government is now in hock $546,000 per household. You’re never going to be able to pay it off in obligations. We’re going to see food riots, tax protests, farmer rebellions, student revolts, squatter dig-ins, homeless uprising, tent cities, ghost malls, general strikes, boss napping, kidnappings, mob rule and terror…

(2012 Predictions)|Predictions 2012

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Click Here– (2012 Predictions)|Predictions 2012
[2012 Predictions]This site is a directory of internet links to 2012 prophecies and "2012

predictions" relating to the year 2012.
Maya – Other {2012 predictions} directories – Articles – New Age 2012 PREDICTIONS
December 21 2012, The official Website for 122112 Information Prediction based on Maya

calendar enters mainstream as " predictions 2012" movie hits theaters this … 2012: The

Mayans and Other Strange [2012 Predictions] of Our Time …
2012 phenomenon – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Scholars of various stripes have disputed

the idea that a catastrophe will happen in 2012 predicting, suggesting that predictions of

2012 impending doom are found in
Video for "2012 predictions"
Nostradamus 2012 (Predictions 2012), will mark
Mayan {2012 Prediction}.
Predictions for 2012, 2012 Apocalypse, End of Days, Mayan Calendar … 2012 End of Days

explores the 2012 apocalypse prophecy that foretells the End of the World. Other topics

contained in this site include Bible Prophecy,
(2012 Predictions) | 2012 Prophecies Comet We believe that a lot of the [2012 predictions]

were created to discredit revelations in the Bible. Moses wrote the first five books of the

Bible (also known
NASA launches Web resource for "2012 predictions" | Cutting Edge Nov 12, 2009 In an online

FAQ, the agency takes a scientific look at the hype surrounding (2012 Predictions) and the

end of the world. Read this blog post by Don
Nostradamus Predictions About 2012 This topic is making a buzz on internet right now is

december 2012 the date of the apocalypse? Are we already doomed and will a giant comet strike

planet nostradamus2012predictions
Nostradamus "2012 predictions"-world war 3,nibiru predicted – world … Nostradamus 2012-

prophecy.Predictions of world war 3,apocalypse,collision with nibiru,planet …




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