Dinar Trunching – CBI’s are Being Funded

RichLady at BSP

Wed, Jan 18, 2012

Subject: Bankers on High Alert for Dinar CBI's


_ From Richlady at BSP:



High Level Banking INTEL………ON ALERT

Told me late evening…….that MONEY had gone to all the CBI
to be BILLIONS OF $$$ to be Released on WED……
to do their 'Trunching for 21 Days'


This is GOOD NEWS!!


















 From Adam Montana…  
That's right, we actually have a movement!
It's not big, but it's the first time in THREE YEARS 
that this has happened!
Read all about it here: http://iqd.me/l/11812
I also commented on a lot of other things. Chat today 
was a good one!
A lot of people are saying this is it, we're almost there, 
and I'm having a hard time disagreeing. 
If we ARE there, this is one of your last chances to 
get in my VIP group where after the RV you will have 
access to ALL of the professionals I've interviewed and 
much more that will put MORE cash in your pocket!
There's even a discount code that's still working… but I'm 
going to pull the discount soon and the doors to the VIP 
room are CLOSED as soon as we get the major rate change.
Support this site, and position yourself for a better future.
Here's that discount: 
Link: http://iqd.me/l/order
Code: 20for2012
Once you are a VIP member, go to the following link and enter your 
phone number. When the RV is announced, you will get a text 
message alerting you to check your email. 
I will be sending all VIP members a constantly updated list of banks 
cashing us in, where to use your VIP Certificate to get the best rate, 
the latest on any tax laws or cash in issues, and much more. 
Here's that link: http://iqd.me/l/text
(Note: All members can enter their phone number, but only VIPs and 
Platinum VIP members will get the text.)
– Adam Montana
P.S. This email is going out via the Newsletter and ALSO 
the forum, and it goes to ALL members. 
When this whole thing finally happens, I don't want to waste 
anyone's time and I don't want anyone wasting mine…. 
If you don't want to hear about the Iraqi Dinar, just 
click the link below.






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discussion purposes only. To discuss, please go
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email! You'll be put in queue behind 50,000 other
subscribers and although I try to respond to
everyone… well, you know.



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intended to be advice of any sort. Always consult
a financial professional before making any investment

Adam Montana
d/b/a DinarNews.net
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Neenah WI 54956














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  1. Greg says:

    I can’t tell you how many times I have had heard that the dinar is revaluing. My bit of advice is first make sure you have connections and make sure those connections are people who know the industry. You can’t just have one person who knows but you must make sure that you have a couple people you can rely on. That way when one of those persons says something like the dinar is revaluing then you can ask your other friend about it and see if there is any legitimacy behind that. Then you have to see if it feels right for yourself.

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