Top 5 Events Predicted for 2012 – Fukushima, New Madrid, WW3…

Seren Meier

Tue, Jan 17, 2012

Subject: The End and a New Beginning 2012

From this guys blog, from Denmark?
He says his predictions from last year were 90% correct.

Both versions he sees a group of people not a president for this year  !
So I thought of the Restore America movement.

Vision 1:

A good friend in the US asked me about the election and the new president. It turned out to be a difficult question, as I don´t see any. Not Mitt, not Ron. I see a group. With the Hilarious C in the center of it. But she´s not the Pressy. Nobody is. It may be a group of the armed forces, some scholars and a few politicians.

Then I looked for Obama. Not visible. I saw him take an oath, and then vanish. (He could very well take that oath before the election). Election canceled?? If so: due to riots for food and the war on Iran, and that will come.”

“This group will end by late 12 and be replaced by an individual.”


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