Untold Legacy of the Native American Indian Slave Industry

Simona Piantieri & Max Corocci

Tue, Jan 17, 2012

Subject: Untold Legacy of Native Americans








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2 Responses to “Untold Legacy of the Native American Indian Slave Industry”

  1. David says:

    correct me if iam wrong, so you are saying that the oringinal people of the land Amexum(now America) is a red man, now the whole world knows that the first man was a black man, theres only about 2 million of these red people on reservations, but 50 million so called blacks with ancestors with land patents to this very day and to let you know theres a difference between being enslaved and a slave bought from some where else…africans bought to north america is a big fraud co called black people was here on the land 10 of thousands of years before a white or co called red man was a thought in a nutt sack of there fathers….i think you need to do a lot more research…1500s..lol you need to dig a little deeper….

    • RJ says:

      I’ve been doing radio for over 22yrs. Most Radio Networks won’t allow a host to cover much of this intel.

      A few of my most significant interviews are available at MorningLiberty.com, and they’re downloadable.

      A few of my most significant guests suggested that earth was populated by intelligent beings from over 100 separate corners of the universe.

      Many of us know what slavery feel like. Perhaps the history of Adam is told in the Old Testament and New Testament. I look forward to more records, explaining more of these details.

      Be Free My Friend… R J

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