End of the World for Debt – Standing in Honor with Fred & Nina

Robert Hender ' R J '

Sat, Jan 21, 2012

Subject: UCC Tender of Payment Rules – Discharging Debt


   Somebody is working very hard to discredit Fred and Nina.  We know people who are having success EFTing debt.  We have spoken with people who are getting results with the EFT process and For Free Fred and Nina meet with people to help put out  IRS and Foreclosure fires.  More details are in the article below…  Affidavits…  EFT's… Title 42 Action… 1 on 1 mtngs

EFT 30min Conference Calls on Tue nights…  Q & A  with Fred and Nina:  (712) 432-0075  Code  352230 – 7:00 PST on Monday

National Seminar Tour:  For inquiries regarding your state  info@SetOffDebt.com   Can you gather 50 people, or more, who want to learn how to Discharge their Debt?

People are demanding the videos from www.RockCanyonStudios.com  recorded Jan 27th, 28th and 29th.   $150 a set by PayPal 

At www.RockCanyonStudios.com you can buy 3Day Seminar videos with Fred and Nina by PayPal  In Utah Kelby began taking money for these videos.  On Jan 27th Fred spoke about living as Free Men and Free Women and Nina taught the EFT secrets.  On Saturday January 28th Fred taught the details of drafting our own affidavits and Nina taught more deep aspects of EFT's.  On Sunday the 29th of January Fred and Nina answered questions and they began teaching aspects of Title 42 actions.   

Buy Fred and Nina's CD with docs and a small video.  Send $50 to  Fred Gutierrez 5840 W Craig #120-160  Las Vegas, NV 89130

     Discharge Your Mortgage 2012  
          A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing 
   A Video Set are now available for the 3days in Utah.    
   Fred and Nina Gutierrez used to take 1-day with people. 
In one day, Fred and Nina just scratch the surface with the 
intel they share.  In Utah the 27th of January was the beginning
of a new world.  You can use lawful UCC Tender of Payment
Rules to discharge mortgages, car loans, and other debt. 
    Robert Hender organized the Utah meeting at the Brunson
Brothers TV Studios in Provo, on the 27th, 28th and 29th
of January.  Officially these TV Studios have been known as
the Rock Canyon Studios. 
   Kelby Smith, Fred and Nina Gutierrez stayed 3 days in Utah 
to share the basics and to hold a Court Room Boot Camp.  On
Day 1 Fred taught how we can trust in God and live as Free
Men and Women in America.  Politicians claim that the Bill of
Rights and the Constitution are worthless pieces of paper, but
we must secure the Certified Copy of the Oaths of Office for
the judges and lawyers and hold them to their oaths.   
   How much training do you want?   It costs $25 for Fred and
Nina's 1-Day Seminar.  It costs another $195 for Day 2 and Day 3
for more details on EFT's and Title 42 Courtroom intel.    
    Day 2 had Fred sharing details of how you can prepare your
Affidavit, the basis of all your lawful exercise of rights.  Also on
Day 2 Nina went in to more depth on EFT training.  The banks
believe that we don't know how to initiate a Reverse Wire.  As
they use our signature and our old bank accounts for their own
benefit, we have every right to EFT our debts.   Fred and Nina
can't solve all of our problems.  It's time that we put a stop to 
Foreclosures, to IRS Harassment, to other crimes by banks 
and the police and evil judges.   
   If we won't put a stop to this nonsense, then who else will? 
Day 3 was spent getting in to Title 42 actions, holding fiction
actors responsible for their violations of our rights.  Why do
we continue to wait for somebody else to do this for us?   
   In every County across America, what if 2 of us or 5 of us
or 30 of us or 200 of us or 5,000 of us stood up and said
" Hell No, You Can't Do This To Us Any More, "  would it
make a difference?  We can do this peacefully, lawfully.   
   Radio Host ' R J ' was glad to help bring people together for
this Utah event.  As a volunteer he keeps the lights on and the  
roof over his head by donations.  If you like you can send a
donation to Robert Hender P O Box 192  Manti,  UT  84642  
R J's website is at www.MorningLiberty.com
   Professional Video Footage was recorded of the Utah event
on the 27th, 28th and 29th of January.  People are demanding a 
copy, but the edit work must be completed first.  Send an email 
to RJ if you would like a set.  We can email you back when the
Video Set is ready.  rj@morningliberty.com   or see www.RockCanyonStudios.com
   What was wonderful is that Fred and Nina set aside time on
Saturday and more time on Sunday to meet Face to Face with
people who were facing a personal crisis.  These meetings are
done randomly, as a part of a Ministry by Fred and Nina. 
Donations are always welcome, but not demanded. 
   Brunson Brothers TV Studios is located in Provo, Utah
near the BYU campus.  1043 East 2620 North  Provo.  If you
have questions about the Utah event that was held then feel
free to email R J  rj@morningliberty.com 
   Usually hundreds of people fill the room at most of the
Fred and Nina Seminars.  We look forward to seeing you
in America's Brighter Future…   Be Free… 



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  1. Yolanda Jimenez says:

    I am register for August 31,2012 for the Orlando seminar I live in a small town call Clewiston florida 33440 I am sure I can get 50 people for the seminar, most residents here has lost their houses to foreclosure, there is a company that owns most of land and houses they keep saling and resaling the same lots, charging 14% interest they don’t care about anybody, we need you guys to come here so we can learn about our rights also I have your advance dvd’s and I have a testimony on something that I used a few days after I received them, God Bless Fred and Nina, Yolanda Jimenez

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