Top 2 Phases of World War 3 – WW3 Instigator Arrests Coming

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Ben Fulford
Wed, Feb 1, 2012
Subject: Arrests Coming for WW3 Instigators  

Sean David Morton takes 30min with Ben Fulford

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Research this…more to consider….

by Sam Mugzzi on Wednesday, 1 February 2012 at 16:57

  1. The dynamics of World Wars (W.W.) remains the same for 13500 years and is indicated in offensive provocations by the leaderships of White Race (W.R.) against the Asiatic Yellow Races (Y.R.) – DRANG NACH OSTEN (note: Pressure – Provocative Push – to the East) – who by counterattacking are pushed continuously to the West against the territories dominance of the W.R.
  2. Purpose of the above W.W. was and is the annihilation – genocide of the W.R. and of the Black Race, and the survival – total dominance of only the Yellow Race Y.R.
  3. The W.R. leaderships of the Western Nations are pushed to the above mentioned provocations from Priesthoods and Western Masonic Lodges, regardless of differences between Religion or Lodge system. Those Priesthoods are commanded by Chinese Priesthoods through White-yellow Mongolian Priesthoods of Tibet, Bavarians, Hungarians, Turks, Finlandians, Saxon-Mongolians, Hebrew-Mongolians, part of Italians LAZIO, Tatars, Hazars, Khazars, Basques, Bulgarians, and White Priesthoods of racial traitors masons (artificial Hebrews).
  4. All the Religions – Lodges’ systems, despite of their “differences”, from 9600 BC till today are commanded by Visible – Invisible Space Powers (V.I.S.P.) Sin Yahweh, with origin the Asterisms Bootes – Draco – Snake, acting – role-playing the “bad demons of Devil” – “Good angels of God”. Through Genetic Engineering they created the Y.R.
  5. The above Piratical Criminal V.I.S.P., with local base a neighbor stellar body (Moon), entered our solar system about 11.500 B.C., and attacked against the pre-existing corresponding planetary V.I.S.P. Andromedians, who were friendly to the White Andromedian Pelasgian Terra Race. Decodification of Ancient Hellenic Texts reveals a coalition of the above invaders with the V.I.S.P. Cronians-Saturnians against the coalition of V.I.S.P. Uranides – Zeus. In the specialized press of USA are referred as the “Dragonian Empire”.
  6. In order to avoid the total destruction of the external surface of Planet Earth due to the space war, the defensive V.I.S.P. Uranides – Zeus retreated tactically into the internal cavity of the planet (read: “Hollow Earth” theory) from North and South Pole openings, and to the four external planets of our Solar System.
  7. With purpose the causation of the blame “Devil – Demons” to the V.I.S.P. Uranides – Zeus of the inner Earth, the V.I.S.P. Sin-Yahweh Bootides-Cronians installed themselves to underground cavities of the Earth’s external surface, and corrupted the planet, originally as allegedly Hellenic “Dodecatheon”, and later as “Demons” of the known idolatry and satanic religions, all of Bootes invention.
  8. Decodification of ancient Hebrew texts and latest instructions of the Hebrewsaxons Lodges to their top members, reveals that in 2011-12, the philosinic-philohebrew V.I.S.P. Bootes – Snake – Draco – Cronians will receive a War Assault of arithmetical and technological superior Andromedian V.I.S.P. friendly to the coalition of V.I.S.P. Uranides – Zeus and to the Pelasgian W.R. with purpose the restoration of the Planet to Justice Conditions prior to 11.500 B.C.
  9. With purpose to position the forthcoming philoPelasgian V.I.S.P. Andromedians in 2011-12 before the accomplished fact of a total annihilated W.R. and thus before a vain assault WITHOUT A POLITICAL OBJECTIVE, the philosinic – philohebrew V.I.S.P. already caused TWO WORLD WARS in the 20th Century (1914, 1940), they’ve attempted a cancelled 3rd World War in 1975, and are attempting again an ignition of the 3rd World War 1999-2012, as a FINAL “TIME-EXPIRED” W.W. of annihilation of all terra races except the Yellow Race.
  10. 1st World War 1914 was caused with the assassination of the successor F.Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary by the Hebrew-Bosnian Gabriel Princip, member of the Israeli community of Bosnia. The hebrewsaxons “Historians” falsely recorded that the above was Serbian-Bosnian under the command of the Serbian colonel Dragutin, chief of the Serbian Secret Intelligence Service. The lie was revealed because the Serbian prime minister Pasic, as an executive of the above agency, had written a warning to the austrian-hungarian palace for the planned assassination. The message was hidden from Ferndinand by Hungarians (huns-mongols), officers of the Empire. Bavarians (mongols) and Saxons of Germanic Saxony blackmailed the Pelasgian (white) Berlin (Franks – Fryges) and Keiser to participate in the 1st W.W.

    conclusion: Hebrews-Saxons-Bavarians-Huns (all white-yellow=Mongolians) are the war criminals of 1st World War 1914 – 1918. (NEMESIS punishment: death – annihilation)

  11. 2nd World War began when the 3rd Reich provoked-started border violations in the borders with Poland. Leader of the 3rd Reich: Hitler-Hisler, bastard son of Jewish Banker Rothschild of Frankfurt. Substitute of Hitler: Jewish-german Mueller. Teachers of Hitler: Karl Haushofer, Lincoln von Trebic, Hannussen, etc, (read book: Nazism Secret Society) all Bavarian-Hebrews (Mongols) having served as “Lama” teachers in Tibet. (Lincoln von Trebic was also initiated to the supreme dragonian hyperlodge HONG of Sin-Sina-China). Hitler’s rise was supported financially by the German-Jew bankers Loeb, Baum, Rothschild etc._ The Nazi “anti-lodges”: “Thule”, “Ahnenerbe”, “Golden Morgenrotte” etc had as their mother-lodge the israelosaxonic theosophical lodge “Golden Dawn”, still active back then, whence the name of the modern organization of the retarded neo-Nazis of Greece derives. Golden dawn and the commanding Masonic “O.T.O.” (ORDO TEMPLIS ORIENTIS) have their headquarters in London.

    Conclusion: Jews, Saxons, Mongols are the war criminals during the 2nd W.W. 1940-45.
    (NEMESIS punishment: death – annihilation)

  12. The eternal distorters of every truth, the Hebrews, reversed reality and whilst they were the CRIMINALS ASSASSINS OF W.W.2 , they presented themselves falsely as victims of the NON-EXISTENT, unproven “holocaust”. The Historians Forisson and Roger Garaudy (leader of the French left in his book “myths of the Israeli external policy”) revealed that: A) there were never gas chambers. B) The blast furnaces started to function in 1945, the last year of the war and they burnt 60.000 and not 6.000.000 jews “Ashkenazi”, already dead by natural causes, like diseases and lack of food-pharmaceuticals-fuels in the isolated defeated Germany of 1945, in the “forced labour camps” and not in the “genocidal camps”. We reveal that the Ashkenazi Jewish branch is not Hebrew-Mongolic, but Pelasgian-white (Hellenes Askanians of Bithynia of Asia Minor, see Iliad b-863, o-793) in the area of Askania lake, south of Proussa. Askanios was the son of troy’s king, Aeneas. The Jews “Sephardim” of A’ category Hitler-Mueller-Eichmann etc, were using the pseudo Jews of “B’ category”, i.e. the Hellenogenes Ashkenazim-Askanians as slaves and as animals for slaughtering (goym, see the 2 testaments) in the fake holocaust. Purpose: advertisement and political exploitation of the fake Jewish holocaust, so that the nations to paralyze without resistance against the Jewish crimes of economy (see “crisis”), and of War (see Palestinians, Serbs, Iraqis etc and of the rest of the White Race) till the end of 3rd W.W. with the devious criminal invention: “whoever blames the Jews is Hitleric Anti-Semite Nazi like the Pelasgian Germans of 1940”. Today the Sephardim falsely name as “Ashkenazim” the mongoloid Khazar-Jews and Tatar-Jews of Eastern Europe. Residents of the country of Israel: 95% Hellenogenes Ashkenazim workers and plain professionals, 5% Sephardim company directors (“elite” Mongol Jews descendants of Abraham or Havra-Han). The popular-workers’ party of Israel has blamed the Sephardim rabbis-bankers-politicians of 1940 as theoretical and financial perpetrators of the mass transfers of Ashkenazim into the German forced labour camps. During the Asian trilateral counter-attack against the West, the Sephardim Jews of the N.S.C. (national security council) – USA, via the Chinese Jews of Shanghai and Beijing “Tiao-Kiou-Kiao” (see study of the French Jean Boyer), plan to commit annihilation of the Hellenic Askanians of Israel (3.000.000) as the “final Jewish holocaust”, which shall give them the ethic alibi of “guiltyfying” and paralyzing of the Asian nations as “genocidal criminals” so that they accept submission to the “international Jewish hyper government of the reign of God”. But “Tiao-Kiou-Kiao” as today’s China’s leaders plan also the anihilation of the Jews Sephardim as well, because the former consider their half Chinese heritage as the dominant part of their white-yellow intermixing. The same way they plan total annihilation of Saxons – Mongols of Western Trilateral- Russians – Islamic Mongols partners of the Asiatic Trilateral.
  13. On 1975 the Hebrew-Saxons of USA-NATO attempted 3rd W.W. advertised (!!!) by the Jehovah Witnesses as “God’s Reign 1975”, having as an “excuse” the Arab Israeli war “Yom – Kippur” 1973. The whole scheme was cancelled by the Hellenic military government of 1967-1973, with multiple rejections of passage of USA-NATO forces through air-land-sea of Greece and Cyprus towards the Middle East, where the creation of the “pan-Christian War Front for Israel’s protection” was planned to take place (a modern crusade). Result: cancellation of the general participation of Russia- Islam – China for …protection of Arabic lands and genocidal counter-attack against the West, with its first victims Israel and Greece. The members of that Greek government, instead of being globally recognized as “planetary saviours from a total nuclear destruction”, were convicted into life bonds and still today they are rotting slowly inside the Greek prisons. The ignorant ungrateful “liberals” neo-Greeks “Democrats”, while they owe their lives to the military heroes of 1967-73, they “thanked” them with imprisonment, defamation, lies, humiliation, life-long seizing of freedom, according to the desires of Jews and masons pimps-politicians of Greece (with some exceptions). Had the military government of G. Papadopoulos not demolished the political whorehouse in April 1967, the whorehouse would have been demolished on May 1967 by the Jew-American “Movement of the Generals” under the Bavarian – Israeli (Mongol) Essermann, commander of a military unit in Komotene, so that the “Armageddon” plan of the Zionists for the 1975 W.W.3 would be accomplished. Had that happened, there would be no ungrateful “liberals” today because they would have been transformed into nuclear dust since 1988. “Nobody is more ungrateful than the one who has been helped”.
  14. From 1999 – 2012, the Chinese (of HONG and TIAO-KIOU-KIAO) via the Jews and Saxons attempt the ignition of the 3RD W.W. into two phases:

    Phase A’ 1999-2005) After the homogenization of “ORIENT COMPACT” of Kurds of Turkey after the arrest of Otsalan, and “West Compact” with ejection of Muslims off the Balkans and Europe (Kosovo-Bosnia-Eastern Thrace, France Algerians etc), a general victorious assault is planned of the Western Axis “USA-EUROPE-JAPAN (plus India and Buddhist nations)” against the Asian axis “RUSSIA-ISLAM-CHINA”.

    Phase B’ 2005-2012) Counter-attack of the Asian trilateral axis and genocidal of the westerners as “war criminals 1999-2005” via nuclear-chemical-biological war. The Jewish weapon industry monopoly plans a sudden stop of supply to the West and immediate start of supply to the East. Already, USA has given China the whole technology of aiming-direction of intercontinental ballistic missiles ICBM. Already, Israel has given China all the plans and technology of the craft “LAVI-IAI” of top secret U.S. technology. “LAVI” shall not be constructed by Israel-Europe-USA!!! Israel already, with a 1994 agreement, supplied technical help to China and Pakistan (!!!) for the upgrade-replacement of electronic parts of navigation-targeting in the Chinese-made Mig-21 aircrafts of Russia-Islam-China.

  15. The above, combined with the text “Masmia Jeshua”, 49A, of the archirabbi ABRAVANEL, give a “panoramic” view of the scenery: “The arrival of messiah (2012) will take place after a big war where the 2/3 of humanity (i.e. 4 billions) will be annihilated”. The book “ZOHAR”, vol. b, 43A, of the Hebrew bible “Talmud”, agrees by writing: “The extermination of the Christians is a necessary sacrifice(!!!)” – ULTIMATE JEWISH DOCTRINE: Financial collapse and corruption-degeneration of nations by Jews and artificial Jews (masons) in prime minister – minister – nation leaders’ keys – positions. Condemnation of the nations as “corrupted and incapable of governing themselves” by the Jewish Media and Religions. (“Jehovah Witnesses”, “Pentecostals”, “Adventists” etc) Fake Jewish holocausts of guiltyfying and paralyzing of nations so that they resist not against the Jewish war crimes. Global Zionistic dictatorship of “God’s reign”.

    FINAL Conclusion: Jews – Saxons – Mongols WAR CRIMINALS attempt 3rd W.W. beginning in Iraq -Kurdistan (ORIENT COMPACT) and continuing in Serbia (WEST COMPACT).

    NEMESIS Fine for the Jews – Saxons and the rest of the white-yellow Mongolians: death – annihilation.

  16. During the first phase of W.W.3, the philoSinic – philoHebrew Dragonian V.I.S.P. plan to appear on the external surface of the planet as “STELLAR” and Undercthonians role-playing the “Andromedians Hellenes”, “Demons of Antichrist”, acting in favour of the “Western Antichrist 666”, guided by the Hebrew-Saxon “Glücksburger” and by the “Messiah of all Religions”, the Hebrew-Pakistani Rahmand Ahmand or “Maitreya”, aiming to corrupt and degenerate (prostitution-homosexuality-drugs etc) the western civilization (white Pelasgian – Andromedian people) in order to blame afterwards as “corrupting Demons of the Devil” the INDEED arriving Andromedians Space-faring Hellenes from Hyperion. Greece is planned to typically lead the attack of the West-666 in order to be annihilated by priority during the counter-attack of Russia-Islam-China.


  17. During the second phase, the same Draconian V.I.S.P. will reverse roles and now act as the “good Semitic angels of Christ” acting in favour of the Asian counter-attack as “Christian-888” in order to guide the Asian troops to the annihilation of the western Pelasgians. The Orthodox church of the Balkans also participates in this crime by distributing 666 ID Bar-Code cards (the cards are typed by the national bank of Greece, which belongs 100% to the Greek Orthodox Church).
  18. All the readers of the present text is top-extremely emergency to notify as many human that are not mentally decapitated as they can, because the traitors politicians of the west and of Greece, as male whores, are not going to do it. Forward the present site to as many connections as possible._ The only way to neutralize the advanced war technology of our enemy, is the quickest possible spreading of men and war material into mountainous areas and the quickest mutation of the official military units into non-organized guerrilla groups. Execute above orders or be annihilated, as is the natural end result for idiots._

G.H.REES Athens – 1999 3rd WORLD WAR


The Sephardim Jews are the biggest war criminals of history: On 1220 BC they genocided the first-born children of the Egyptians (2.000.000), on 1180 BC they genocided 8.000.000 Hellenes of Palestine (Hananeans – Hetteans – Amoreans – Ferezeans – Hebeans – Iebusians – Ammon – Philistines) [see the books “Exodus” – “Levitic” – “Numbers” – “Deuteronomion” – “Jesus of Navi” – “Old Testament”]._

In today’s common between the “super-powers” nuclear technology, for the splitting-of fissionable material, is used the “caveman” way, of the brake of the grand-neutrons of the spherical cloaks of the atoms, from fast grand-neutrons spherical cloaks of another fissionable material, such as the super-light metal “lithium”. In this case, for the nuclear explosion, it isn’t required only the breaking of the spherical cloak, but also a “pre-diathesis” of this atom to explode, considered as a nuclear hyper-pressure of radiations-matter in its internal.

This hyper-pressure, as to the under-pressure of cosmic radiation in the internal of the atom, was created due to the rise of the atom through volcanic lava, from the environment of major external radiation density of the earth’s fiery zone, to the environment of minor external radiation of the earth’s surface, or due to exit of the atom from the hyper-pressure radiation environment of an enrichment reactor, to an under-pressure radiation out of the reactor.


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