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Cliff High
Tue, Feb 7, 2012
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Clif High, Half Past Human:

The Long Hard Winter

Thursday, 21 February 2008 15:13

There are some who say the long hard winter has already happened, back in 1983. Other folks think the storm is still yet to come, and are preparing now. While still others believe there will NOT be a long hard winter because it wasn't mentioned by Koyle in the Thursday night meetings.

I'm not an authority figure on the topic, but I do believe Lynn Bishop has spent more time researching this than anyone else. His documentation is good. He also takes into consideration that Norman Pierce, author of one of the Dream Mine books, admitted to changing his story several times to make it sound like the mine would come during his lifetime.

Everyone should print out the following excerpt from Lynn's series on the "Winding Up Scene", especially those who don't think a long hard winter storm is coming.

Quoted from THE WINDING UP SCENE Vol.1, pp.125-132

by Lynn L. Bishop

Weather Conditions Preceding Mine Vindication

Bishop Koyle is often quoted as prophesying that the coming in of the Dream Mine will be introduced by a heavy Winter, a water-logged Spring, and a dry, hot summer, and that a mild Fall, a mild Winter, and a four-year famine would follow. But an analysis of the evidence reveals that there are a number of inaccuracies and misunderstood aspects of this sequence. Since it is often easier to see the individual trees of the forest after one first sees the shape of the forest itself, we shall first present the conclusions of this analysis, and secondly the discussion which leads to the conclusions:

  1. Heavy Winter: Bishop Koyle was told by the first heavenly messenger that there would be a very heavy Winter before the mine came in, and that this Winter would break many records, but Bishop Koyle did not say that this heavy winter would be the winter which immediately precedes the coming in of the mine. It might be such a winter, but it might occur any time between the time Bishop Koyle said it and the time the mine ‘comes in.'
  2. Waterlogged Spring: Bishop Koyle did have a dream showing him a very wet Spring in which there would be much flooding from one end of the State to the other, but he specifically denied that he ever said there would be a water-logged Spring the same year that the mine came in. This is not to say that there will not be such a Spring, but only that Bishop Koyle said that he didn't say there would be one just preceding the ‘coming in' of the mine.
  3. Long Hot Summer: Bishop Koyle did speak of a hot summer preceding the mine ‘coming in,' but there are conflicting references on the relationship between this summer and exactly when the mine will produce. Some quote him as saying that the mine will come in during but near the end of this long hot summer, while others quote him as saying that the mine will come in just AFTER this hot summer, and in a very mild Fall which will be like Spring. But a hot summer ending with the mine coming in has been confused with another significant, hot summer that was foretold, namely the hot summer that ends with the beginning of the four-year famine. (See below.)
  4. Mild Winter: Bishop Koyle did speak of a very mild winter following the mine ‘coming in,' a winter during which the wheat bins and White City will be built.
  5. Drought or Four-year Famine: Bishop Koyle spoke of a drought and a four-year famine. We are now in a drought (with periods of rain) which, according to current national news reports, has been going on for six years. Obviously then, this is not the four-year famine during which there will be no rain. The four-year famine comes after the mild winter and begins at the end of a hot summer after the Relief Mine has already been producing for a while, and after reaching the nine Nephite rooms, but this is almost a year after the mine comes in.

Unfortunately, there is much disagreement and controversy among stockholders on these possible events with respect to the mine. We shall now discuss the analysis which has led to our conclusions.

[Excerpt] Read more at the link above…


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