Mormon Illuminati Want Mitt Romney – $Billions for Big Brother in Utah

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Paul Drockton

Mon, Jan 30, 2012

Subject: Mormon Illuminati's Mitt Romney

I heard Cathy O’Brien (Tranceformation…) on the radio today. She was surprised people aren’t “on to” Mitt Romney.  She encountered Romney in the circles she was forced to be (in Mich – George Romney was gov) when she was under mind control and she felt he was being groomed for a presidency at a young age.  Cathy also addressed the corruption in the Catholic church…

Wow, the eye contact in that photo is scary –  a special handshake too…
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Articles on Mitt Romney:
George Bush and the "Mormon Mafia"

“Paypal is owned by Ebay.
Ebay has quite a few ties to the Mormon Illuminati and Utah.”

Romneyites and Big Brother Internment Camps

Check this out. I called Jeb Bush as the Republican candidate and today CPAC confirmed it.


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