Two Faced Mitt Romney – America’s New Entitled President

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Video: What Mitt Romney doesn’t want you to see


Mitt Romney has a problem with conservatives, they simply do not trust him and it is not without good reason. We have been told by the Republican establishment as well as the mainstream media that Mitt Romney is the most electable candidate and stands the best chance to defeat Barack Obama.

  The mainstream media is force feeding Republican voters Mitt Romney for one reason and one reason only; they find him to be the less offensive (read, most liberal) Republican candidate in the race, and in the event he were to defeat Barack Obama they would rather have Mitt Romney in office than any  other candidate.

  That simple fact tells us all we need to know about Mitt Romney, but here are some questions Republican voters need to ask themselves: How can a man who has been on both sides of so many issues be trusted? How do we know how Mitt Romney will govern if he were to defeat Barack Obama? Does anyone really doubt that he would quickly pivot back to the left if he found it politically expedient to win reelection?

  Before you head to the polls in your state and pull the lever for Mitt Romney because you feel he is the most electable candidate you would do well to remember that at varying points in his political career he actually held viewpoints which are not all that different from Barack Obama. Mitt Romney is a political whore who will say whatever it takes to win election, he has no core beliefs other than the fact that he feels entitled to be president.

  Here is what Mitt Romney doesn’t want you to see:


Liberal Mitt's Greatest Hits: What Romney Doesn't Want You to See

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