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Sun, Feb 19, 2012

Subject: Constitution is a Trust with Articles of Incorporation 

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Constitution for the United States of America


The Constitution for the United States is a document of dual nature:
1.     The Constitution is a trust document, and
2.     it is the articles of incorporation and created a unique trust res and estate of inheritance.
It is a tenant of law that in order to determine the intent of a writing one must look to the title, the Empowerment Clause in statute, which in the case of the Constitution is the Preamble. In writing the Constitution the founders followed the common law of England which stretches back some 1000 years. The Preamble fulfills the requirements necessary to establish a trust. It identifies the Grantor(s), Statement of Purpose, Grantee(s), Statement of Intent, Written Indenture, and the name of the entity being created and is written and constructed as a trust so that it would have the thrust of ageless law. Let us take a look:
WE THE PEOPLE (Grantors) of the United States (from or out of) in Order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare and secure the Blessings of Liberty (statement of Purpose) to ourselves and our posterity (Grantees/heirs unnamed), Do Ordain and establish (Statement of Intent) this constitution (Written Indenture) for the United States of America (name of the entity being created).
The trust res is in the Articles of the Confederation and the Declaration of Independence. The intent of the constitution was to bequeath freedom, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to themselves and their posterity. The founders intended to secure ans pass on the sovereignty of the people to the people of future generations of Americans, in perpetuity.
One's rights are derived from the land upon which one stands and your relation, or status, to that land. In America these rights originated with the Articles of Confederation and the Declaration of Independence and are attached to the land called America (The Laws of Real Property). Our status, or relation to that land, is determined by the laws of Descent and Distribution. The right to freedom, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are Our inheritance bequeathed to us via the Constitution of the United States of America.
The constitution granted the government the power and authority to administrate and to carry on corporate functions. Under the common law, inherent rights cannot devolve to a 'body politic' through a corporation. Rights only devolve to human beings is through and by way of a trust. Under the constitutional law, in order to determine the meaning of a written instrument the court must look to the title. In this case, once again, it is the Preamble. Pursuant to the laws of real property that have been existence from the beginning, the Preamble clearly shows a freehold in fee simple absolute in it. Freeholds in fee simple were instruments of trust, not corporate. “Our Posterity” cannot be speaking of a corporate entity as posterity can only mean a living man/woman, by birth/nativity.
The Articles of the Constitution are the Articles of Incorporation that established congress as Trustees of the Trust and defines their power and authority as well as their limitations. Annexed to the Constitutional Trust is a will like structure, the Amendments. The Trust and the trust res were already in existence when the will/codicil (Amendments) were added some four years later. The Amendments do not constitute the Trust in fact, they are annexed to the Trust as a codicil (a supplement or addition to the will, not necessarily disposing of the entire estate, but modifying, explaining or otherwise qualifying the will in some way.)
A Trust, once completed and in force cannot be amended or altered without the consent of the parties in interest except under reserved power of amendment and alteration. An amendment is ordinarily possible by parties in interest and against parties without vested interest. Prior to the 14th Amendment the freeborn inhabitants, citizens of the states were the parties in interest. The 14th Amendment created the 14th Amendment legal fiction citizen who do not have a vested interest in the trust or the trust res.
The 14th Amendment can be viewed as a codicil to the will that republished the constitution with new meaning, changed the intent behind it and turned it into a testamentary instrument with capabilities of being used against the free born inhabitants through a seemingly voluntary revocation.
We, the freeholders, Beneficiaries to the trust have been tricked and coerced by the Trustees into Testifying against ourselves when we apply for an S.S. #, drivers permit, marriage license or when we sign an IRS 1040 form, which the Trustees have mislead us to believe are mandatory.
When one applies for a Social Security number, provide evidence of birth and claims to be a United States citizen, a party with no vested interest in a freehold, the trust or the trust res, you literally declared the free born inhabitant to be deceased; the decedent retains no interest in the property and that you, in your dual capacity as a legal fiction citizen are now the executor of the estate.
The Trustees have breached the trust having amended the will for their own personal profit and gain at the expense of the true heirs. The freeholders/ Beneficiary has unwittingly, without full disclosure, become the executor and the Trustees have become the Beneficiaries to the trust through the Laws of Donations, effectively stealing Our inheritance.
A breach of trust of fiduciary duty by a Trustee is a violation of correlative right of the Cestui Que Trust and gives rise to the correlative cause of action on the part of the Beneficiary for any loss to the estate Trust. This rule is applicable in respect to both positive acts or negligence constituting a breach of fiduciary duty by the Trustee. A Trustee's breach of fiduciary duty falls within the maxim that 'equity will not aid one who comes into court with unclean hands.'
When the Trustee's breach is by an act of omission the beneficiary can question the propriety of the Trustee. The Beneficiary had to have full disclosure, full knowledge of the material facts and circumstances. A Beneficiary must have had knowledge of and understood their rights and have no obligation to search the public records to obtain said knowledge.
The Trustees have committed acts of omission, mis-representation, deceit and deception in order to mislead and coerce us into giving up our beneficial interest in the trust and the trust res. The Trustees have compelled the free born inhabitants, freeholders in fee simple, to accept the the benefits 'under the will' perverted by the 14th Amendment, without freedom of choice for failure of full disclosure thereby precluding our enforcement of contractual rights in property bequeathed to us by the will. The Trustees are trying to repudiate the Trust, employing a lifetime of propaganda and programming and enforced through threats, violence and coercion, and failing to provide notice to the Beneficiaries of the repudiation which must be 'brought home.'
The Doctrine of Election in connection with testamentary instruments is the principle that one who is given a benefit 'under the will' must choose between accepting the benefits and asserting some other claim against the testator's estate or against the property disposed of by the will. A Testamentary Beneficiaries right to elect whether to take 'under the will' or 'against the will' in case he has some inconsistent claim against the testator's estate, is personal to him; is a personal privilege which may be controlled by the creditors of the Beneficiary. They can claim no right or interest in the estate contrary to the debtor's election and may have no right of a legacy or devise to their debtor if he elected to take against the will.
Acceptance of benefits 'under the will' constitutes an election which will preclude the devisee from enforcing contractual rights in property bequeathed by the will. This rule is, of course, subject to the qualifications that acceptance of a benefit 'under the will' when made in ignorance of the Beneficiaries rights or a mis-apprehension, mis-representation as to the condition of the Testator's estate does not constitute an election.
In the beginning God gave man dominion over all things, Beneficiaries of the Divine Trust. The Founding fathers of the United States of America created the constitution for the United States, an estate trust, to pass on sovereignty of the people to the people of future generations, in perpetuity.
In America today, upon giving birth a mother is compelled, without full disclosure, to apply for the creation of the Cestui Que Vie trust, creating a 14th Amendment paper citizen of the United States. Upon receipt of the mother's application the Trustees establish a trust under the error of assumptions that the child has elected to accept the benefits bequeathed by the will, 'under the will'. The Trustees further assume that the child is incompetent, a bankrupt and lost at sea and is presumed dead until the child re-appears and re-establishes his/her living status, challenges the assumption of his/her acceptance of the benefits 'under the will' as being one of free choice and with full knowledge of the facts and redeems the estate.
Under the assumption that the child is a 14th Amendment citizen, the child's footprint is placed on the birth certificate by the hospital creating a slave bond that is sold to the federal reserve, who converts the certificate into a negotiable instrument and establishes a second Cestui Que Vie trust. The child's parents are compelled to apply for a social security number for the child, unwittingly testifying that the child is a 14th Amendment paper citizen of the United States, not a party in interest to the trust or the trust res, and assumed to be dead after 7 years, when the federal reserve cannot seize the child, they file for the issue of the salvage bond and the child is presumed dead.
When a child is Baptized by the church, the Baptismal certificate is forwarded to the Vatican who converts the certificate into a negotiable instrument and creates a third Cestui Que Vie trust. These three trusts represent the enslavement of the property, body and soul of the child.
The civil administration, UNITED STATES, continues to operate today under this triple crown of enslavement based on the error of assumptions that we are 14th Amendment citizens of the United States based on the breach of trust by the trustees.
Our Divine Estate, held in trust, is being used by the Military Industrial Complex to fund the rape, pillage and plunder of the world and our own enslavement, contrary to Divine intent, contrary to the best and highest of the estate, contrary to best and highest of the Beneficiary and contrary to the best and highest of all of mankind.
We have given away our power; our dominion over the Divine Estate and the Military Industrial Complex has stepped up to fill the void to our detriment and contrary to Divine Intent.
Abundance & prosperity, peace and harmony are our birthright, our Divine Inheritance, and the Military Industrial Complex has stolen it and are using it to rape, pillage and plunder in our name.
We the people of earth have a choice as to how our Divine Estate shall be administrated …………….. for our best and highest in accordance with Divine Intent opening the door to abundance, prosperity, peace and harmony, or………….
Continue to allow the Military Industrial Complex to rape, pillage and plunder the world in our name.
The Trustee






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