Top 4 Dinar RV Banks – Taking IQD RV Matters Into Their Own Hands

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PTR Tony

Wed, Feb 29, 2012

Subject: Banks Take IQD RV In Their Own Hands


Today, February 29 leap year will go down as the most important day so far since we purchased the Iraqi dinar. I believe that we are extremely close to having our RV. But just as important, we now have confirmation from the four top US banks (Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase and CitiGroup) that they will in fact be participating in the dinar cash in. Tony from PTR has been working with the banks for sometime. The banks have been as frustrated as we dinar holders with the on-again, off-again RV. So the four major banks have decided to take matters into their own hands. For legal reasons, we believe they had to deny that they were going to be involved with the Iraqi dinar cash. But they know this has been causing a great deal of turmoil for the dinar holders and that has caused additional hostility towards the banking community. So they have set up an interim program, which I am told will work as follows:

• The banks will provide a list of private wealth managers with their location and their telephone numbers. These will not be local branches of their bank. They will be set up in regional facilities.• You will be able to set up an appointment to go into one of these select locations.• The bank will spell out exactly what the terms of the agreement will be whether they will pay the CBI rate, over the CBI rate, under the CBI.• If you agree, you can deposit your dinar in the bank and on the banks deposit slip it will show a 1 to 1 ratio for example 100,000 dinar will equal $100,000 (1 million dinar would equal $1 million)• The balance in the account is not and I repeat not accessible until the RV.• The agreement, which again will be in writing will clarify when the RV happens your account will be credited with what you have negotiated. Example CBI + $.50. These funds will be available instantly upon the RV.• As part of the package they will provide you with an unlimited debit card, which will be activated instantly when the RV takes place.• One bank will be offering one dollar over the CBI’s rate, and another two dollars over the CBI rate for certain brokerage accounts.• The local branches will not know anything about these programs. Please do not call the banks. It will not help you and will cause complications with their branches, which they have been lying to for the last few years.

Again I am not suggesting what you should do but I will tell you what I am going to do. Once the information is out this afternoon or tomorrow, I will take 100,000 dinar and set up a new wealth management account through this program. This will get me my debit card, so instantly upon the RV I will have cash. Then when the RV occurs I will spend a few hours looking at the different bank packages that will be available after the RV to determine where I will cash in the rest of my dinar.

Whether these packages are something you want to do or not, the real issue is why would the four major banks in our country tie up all of their private wealth management staff to meet with you to open up an account that normally has to be opened with $250,000, provide you with the black credit card which again in some banks requires a deposit of a half-million dollars. I have no idea what this will cost the banks to do, but they are willing to spend the money because they know that the Iraqi dinar is close to an RV and so should you.


[..TS] I have received notice by a member not associated with PTR, but a member here in caps corner that the banks are looking for this any moment. High alert. It could be that we are cashing out tomorrow if the intel is correct. THat's all I will state. Please no questions.


gracie: [feda] ,an old school investor called me…at first just to tell me that 3pm thing… then he got a call that it is already in europe at 6 or 7 to the GBP…. I want to see it for myself… but I love it when nonchatters call me with info

mayo] weaver Westend WF have signs up today. bout currency exchange teller window, bank wires. pretty excite..
[mayo] weaver good it true.. anyone can walk in and see it
[mayo] weaver it like We dinarians have trained the bankers and the tellers not even aware of it yet
weaver] mayo Are the signs on the inside of the bank or on the outside of the bank
[mayo] rite at the entrance.. sign bigger than me..

Dingo] This is the reason for the sell off in the markets today Gold and silver plunged on Wednesday after Fed Chairman Bernanke made no mention of further monetary stimulus, dampening expectations of additional quantitative easing and sending the US Dollar higher[dingo] If bernanke is cutting off the free money to the Banks, then he knows that there is something else that will pick up the slack and guess what that is

2-29-2012 Footforward: There WAS an announcement in Iraq, this should prove that we are not waiting on Iraq. Shabibi made an announcement in-country and the RV has still not been made international.
This is more than about Iraq, it is a global reset, there's alot more than is in the news. Everything at this point is done, we are just looking for this to show up…still looking for a breakthrough in February. I'm still expecting a high rate…looking for this at anytime.

6:45 PM [muscleman] .gracie ShotCaller: Well here is a little story to share. I was at my bank today and talked to my good friend that is my bank manager and he personally came up to me and said we will be ready by tomorrow and then he just walked away b/c it was a crowded lobby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's going to happen!

[robdel] Foxnews is reporting investigations of insider trading in wallstreet. Arrests coming to a crocked banker near you, 240 suspects right now that FBI is going

[mort] talked with my intel just now 7 pm est and he said we should see it in the am-he also said that there was going to be a meeting in saudia arbia currency summit and iraq would not be invited if they didn't have a international tradeable currency-he also emailed the cbi in Iraq to ask them if they were going to be at that summit meeting & when it was-he is waiting for that answer if he gets one-he said he was trying to do it sneaky-lol


_ PAPAJACK: Things are happening be at peace, that's all I can say except WHOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!


You know that song DON'T WORRY, BE HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm going to Prance on the head of the enemy!!!!!

wildwes35 Getting happier by the second

Watch for it!!!!!

Well there is no rulebook on this one but I'm hopeful

I've always thought Thursday but who knows

Don't get hung up on times just know they are trying to get this done

usmc1959 to papajack: I read someplace this morning where Iraq has RV 6 times on March 1… maybe tomorrow will be our lucky day

PAPAJACK: usmc1959 Yes and 7 is God's perfect number.

Well I'm going to go sneak some cookies before my wife’s diet dinner. BBL

[4:08:40 PM] JL: Dar is calling it in the AQ room  $12   + rate
[4:11:52 PM] JL: [1:48:09 PM] AQ: Okay this I do   know………..the bad guys have truly been thwarted…….they are not a   delay……there is not a delay……it is a timing issue…….wgs and pps   are proceeding………….today is the 29th a leap year and the only 29th for   four years to come……it is a extra day for this game to be   hatched……..however…….they must do it today for the 1st of march is one   hour away in iraq at midnight budget to be released and tariffs put in   place……..not only is it the 1st tomorrow…it is a wed today and kuwait   went on a wednesday……….not only that but it is the beginning of a   month…………….please be advised all banks will not be in the game at   first and please be careful many are saying cash out all now…….only cash   what you have to have…..just my words to you…………………..NEXT THE   FOREX IS NOT GOING DONE THAT I HAVE FOUND CONFIRMATION   OF………………WILL IT THAT WOULD BE   GREAT……………………
[1:49:17 PM] AQ: AND READ THESE   WORDS………..
[1:50:33 PM] AQ:   MAJOR………….MAJOR……………MAJOR………






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  1. henry lawson March 5, 2012 at 8:02 PM

    thr revaluation is not what you thinking it is ?
    1,.. world collaps of banking system
    2: usa $ devalued
    3 :iraqi is the new world currencey
    4:all world currenceys will be valued to iraqi dinar
    5:the dinar will become the new world currencey not the USA $
    6: since the 2nd world war USA has been trying to stop muslim take over
    hence starting wars or propergander of comminisum take over?
    in 50s it was russia ,china ,take over of comminisum
    vietnam, iraqi,iran,kewaite,afganistan,faukland war,the british commonwealth has
    tryed every thing to stop comminisum, muslim take over?
    USA gave up ,by tried to end eastern sivilisation control.
    kennedy was shot because he wanted changes ,but the top powers seen it comming.hence neclear weapons.after 2nd world war usa,england and france were to establish the world banking system for 50 yr period only ?then hand back the 7 ships of gold it took from asia ?but september 11 2002 the 911 stall because september 12/ 2002 usa had to hand back the gold to asia but kept it ,so begun the war on terror invading iraqi ,afganistan,etc today the gold has been stolen ? from asia ,comminisum has arived in the west ,called free trade, distributing to poor countrys wealth,imigration,destroying western world buisness, assets,to manufacture in poor countrys by force through united nations,
    muslims have told australia on the news this is our country?australia . china by defult owns USA,england,australia,the media has not told the truth ,the banks have no money,USA,England Australia,Europe is bankrupted,its just propped up by air moneys numbers in computer?
    marshal law is comming to stop coruption,drug trafficing,corupt banks,military,police,government deptnents ,if you been to philoppines on every shop ,bank stands a armed gard with a sorn off shot gun?
    as in asia drug traficing is death ,theft ,murder,rape ,homosexual relations ,witch craft,mediums,is death penalty ,to preserve pure races of people?hollywood will be closed down as of its death movies,rape,coruption,violence,crime?
    THE NEW money will be IRAQI dinar currencey western world has collapsed thats why obama stopping the RV ,muslim take over?hes been told to close down the banking system it was timed to september 12/2002,
    The USA has being inventing ways to stop it happening?even 911 was a stall ,iraqi ,iran?theres is no terrorist no neclear threats, so get used to new notes usa will have zerro value?
    it will have .0001 =1 dinar, its fallen the great babylon money system in one hour as bible said it
    would?be destroyed?no million airs in USA $ whoes behind the collaps of arest of bankers,bringing down USA ,fauls voteing ,geneside in USA fema camps,poisons in medicines, fluride in water ,genetic modifyed foods, forced vacsinations, viruses, aids is a military germ warfare,more comeing ,asia flue,mad cow desiese,bird flue ,there all military germ war fare ,the muslims is destroying the world ?
    obama is not controling the world events ,hes not even entitled to be presedent ,hes a pupet,hes controled,manipulated,told to pass laws ready for muslim take over , the joke of the centery how USA was taken without a shot fired,

    please consider another perspective on world events to open discussion on this i believe the lord has show me things ,
    the blessing of abraham on nation of world 2 people jacob and esaw was british israel and muslim blessings jacob being usa stol the birth rite but end days essur would take it back muslim ?both blessed by god ??both nations desended to jews and muslim faiths???get prophet to give deaper meanings

    • RJ March 6, 2012 at 12:27 PM

      I hear that a New Babylon Center has been built in Iraq, the same site as the Old Babylon. There is significance in this.

      When the Dinar RV actually finishes, I think they won’t allow that to occur until they also finish collapsing the Dollar.

      I hope that people who have dollars, may have at least a little time to trade in dollars for Dinar. We shall see…

      The NWDisorder is alive and well, sorry to say

  2. henry lawson March 5, 2012 at 8:21 PM

    the bible talks about the silicon chip inplant as madatory , mark of the beast system?
    it allso says thoughs whom have it will become sich after somany months ,poisoned?world plan of geniside control? if you have not chip you will not be able to buy or sell?
    the chip is a control all money will be done away with, the RV is part of chip inplant compliance date is 23/3/2013 ,fema camps are for non conformists and christians ,muslim worship will be the religine of world , the poor countrys will rv to iraqi and the west will be added 000 as was done to them?
    usa are basic christian founded on christian faith, it been set up now to value muslim worshipping ?
    dismantal christian as dominant faith?
    documents will surface stateing musim is gods way?
    look at past 50 years of USA history?
    supper power , just like england was befor the 1st world war,
    thats why it wants to destroy iran ,most of the jews living out side israel live in iran?
    it dont make scence atacking iran ?
    canada has richest oil reserve in world but cannot touch it and being relying on arab oil? blocked from its own resorses funded by ???

    • RJ March 6, 2012 at 12:19 PM

      I think a new Inquisition will scourge America. Tru Christians will be persecuted.

      I think that this computer chip is in fact a lien upon every man, woman and child – since we have become the collateral for the Federal Reserve debt.

      I believe that a New Passover will also arrive for many Americans; many True Believers in Christ…

  3. henry lawson March 5, 2012 at 9:05 PM

    civil war is coming to USA,
    bible talks about russia coming over the top into canada ?
    the pole shifting 30 ft per year meaning frozen ice to drive over top ,pluss usa just gave islands to russia ?global warming meaning 30 ft ice from other side is melting ? 30 ft per year ,the poles are shifting?

    the media is controlled to stop infomation leaks told?
    the military,citizens, need to see whats has nothing to do with alliens or galactic star ships ?thats comes from deamon mediums decieving many?
    media needs to print full page infomation and defy the controls above even if it mean getting the sack or closed down .god is bring the world to a end ,allowing ?

    • RJ March 6, 2012 at 12:17 PM

      Even if the media printed and broadcasted more intel, too many Americans would still ignore it.

      On the Radio and from this website, I am doing my best to share more intel with people, who are searching for more truth.

      I’m in to this effort 13 to 15 hours a day.

      Yeah, TPTB would like Civil War to break out in America. They have tried to instigate it a few times.

  4. QUEEN DINAR RV November 24, 2012 at 12:37 PM


  5. Dinar Wolfie July 11, 2013 at 9:01 AM

    My bank VP source is telling me that the banks WILL accept dinar after the RV but ONLY from their corporate clientele. They are simply not interested in dealing with the hassles of the retail crowd (individuals) and will be referring them to the Travelex currency exchangers at the airports, where we will receive the worst rate possible, plus fees. And right near the TSA who are eager to snatch anything over $10,000. It’s just not profitable to the banks to offer their best rates to us retail currency holders. But if you have a corporation it’s totally different because then you deal with the corporate side of the bank, not the retail. Even better if you have an offshore corporation/account to keep the money outside the country and reduce your tax bill- which will occur! Uncle Sam wants to cash in on our dinar too!

    As far as I know, only one company is creating offshore corporations and strategies for us (Bridgeway Financial). They have a specialized unit for handling dinar holders and have a confirmed bank for exchanging at best rates with corporate clients. I’ve been dealing with David (extension 304). Very knowledgeable.

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