Top 10 Free States to Go – Ask Not What America Can Do for You

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Robert Hender ' R J '

Thur, Mar 1, 2012

Subject: Top 9 Free States for a Republic Full House

10 More Republics To Go  
50 Free States are Needed for Full Republic   
Our country needs you.  During 2009 Military Patriots were looking  for people who could help Re-inhabit the Old Republic.  By March 30th, 2010 we completed this re-inhabitation, like the empty chair in the room  that was abandoned in 1871.  A few Free States are missing, however in the restored Republic.  Rhode Island, Maine, Idaho, Texas, New Jersey, Delaware, Mississippi, Maryland, Utah and Hawaii are not organized yet as  Republics with The Republic for the united States. 
The other 40 Free States need more Americans who care about America.Did you know that ' the Republic, ' was abandoned in 1871?  Many of us do not even know our own history.  Many of us have been too busy to see our Republic slip away.  Seriously, we now have a chance to Stand with our Founding Fathers and Save America again.  

The Republic Died 1871 – Patriot Act 2001… Benjamin Franklin: a Republic if you can keep it.


2 2hr Video Interviews with Republic President Tim Turner – tremendous intel in both Videos first one done in 09.  second one in 10

 Call  435 – 283 – 3733  to Ask How to Join 
 or send an email to 
Republic Governors, Republic Senators, Republic House members, Republic Assembly people, Local Common Law Jury members and other positions are needed to be filled in ' the Republic. ' 
None of us have done this before. 
Do you know 30 or 50 or 200 or 1,000 people who care about our country?  Every County in America needs a Republic Assembly, the new Foundation of Power in America.  In Local Common Law Juries we can put a stop to foreclosures… 
In my corner of America we jumped on board ' the Republic. '  We voted for people who were sharp and smart, people who hadexperience in Patriotic things.  Then those people went off the deep end, declaring that the rest of us had no permission to assemble without a charter from them.  After this initial ' too smart to serve, ' group went off the deep end we had to re-fill ' the Republic, ' seats from the body of people from my County Republic Assembly. 
All our voices matter.  I can agree to disagree some times, with people who are working with me to do what is best for our country. I'm sure that you know of a Patriot who needs nobody.  Some of them think they are so smart. 
A National Republic Conference Call takes place every Wednesday night.  At 6pm Pacific Time Call  424 – 203 – 8000  Code # 819054 and listen in to new intel on the Republic for the united States.  You can go back and listen to other Conference Calls too by going to the Republic website  
I have been surprised many times.  You and I can be new signers to the Declaration of Independence.  The rest of the world is aware that ' the Republic, ' is back in America.  The rest of the world has been under the assault of the IRS and the IMF and they are fed up with this TPTB Reign of Terror. 
Occupy America has no solutions.  They are good at whining. 
The Tea Party movement keeps sending new lawyers to DC.  These +lawyers made a BAR oath that nulifies any oath they may take to serve and protect the Constitution.  These lawyer politicians are actual Agents for the Queen, as they have hijacked our country. 
     None of us can do this ' Republic work, ' alone.  As we completed
re-inhabiting ' the Republic,' by March 30th, 2010 there were a few
promises that we made to one another… 
     1 – The Federal Reserve would close down 
     2 – The IRS would close down
     3 – Put a Stop to Foreclosures
     4 – Help remove from prison, people who don't belong
     5 – Credentials for people ' in Republic, ' like diplomatic immunity 
Of it's own accord, it appears that the days of the Federal Reserve are numbered.  It's in Free Fall Collapse right now.  The foreign corp IRS is the collection arm of the IMF and soon they will go out of business.
Peacefully and lawfully, we can accomplish these objectives together.  A new Financial System is about to be established in America.
Lead, Follow or Watch the rest of us perform our duty to bring our country back to a Biblical, Constitutional footing.


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