Barry Soetoro – Just Another CIA Communist Head of State

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Sun, Mar 4, 2012
Subject: 2012 Weather Wars  

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The 71 tornadoes were man made.  WE have videos of them making the clouds in Texas and then stirring them into storms.  I will send you the link when its done.


Also Look at this:
(scroll down and read one of the post about bad cop vs. good cop)

This one is O mother and her link to the CIA:

Andrew Breitbart (Inside job)

Chemtrails:  (Nato)

French troops:

The Black Cube:  (Its pictured all around)

This is a Chikuno Cube Air Cleaner…….The cube has nothing to do with the saturn time machine, the saturn time machines runs earths time which is stopping on 12-21-12, the CUBE is in the center of the earth, there is NO core thats a lie, the cube centers earth, the cube is dying and therefore we r all off center, the nwo wants to stop the cube from dying cause then this massive game of theirs wont end, cause the house of cards is collapsing, but they wont do it, the cube will die we will get evolution upgrade and all will be centered again, all the nwo will die because their frequency isnt high enough, ur frequency has to match that of gaias to survive!


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One Response to “Barry Soetoro – Just Another CIA Communist Head of State”

  1. Joe says:

    the USA has made Slaves of black African,Obama is first black president put there by Muslim
    it looks to me marshal law ,silicon chipping is Islam and Muslim idear of USA white slaves .?
    All things are reversed, the dinar gurus seam to be Muslim getting you to buy Iraqi dinar being there currency , worthless,so they can by USA assets with USA $ ?it’s being RV every day for past 3 years ? Even today it says it’s being cashed out in Europe and in USA by guru’s the Islamic law of jihads put marshal law on USA and silicon chip implant,mandatory on 23/03/2013 ,Obama is Muslim ,put there by Muslim , he controls media by force ? It’s not about oil or RV it’s about freedom of speech if you control the media you control the world ?everything that’s happening in world is a smoke screen a decoy to hide what’s really going on about be jihad take over of USA ,Obama is a jihad president ,
    The press needs to speak as the most powerful weapon on earth is not nuclear bombs but freedom of speech ? You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free?,the press is the nuclear weapon destroying the world not money ,war, not presidents ,nations ,toxins,polutions , it’s the knowledge as knowledge is power good or evil ,but truth fact ,evidence is reality , if able to speak about it ? The RV does any one else know about it , the 169 countries involved , ? or only the jihad guru’s

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