Vladimir Putin Exposes the Bush New World Disorder


Fri, Mar 9, 2012

Subject: Putin Anti NWO Agenda


CGI's MayTruthBe: Vladimir Putin exposes the NWO video No Wonder they Didn't want him to win

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Date: Wednesday, 7-Mar-2012 23:16:16

From CGI's MayTruthBe (Isabelle)..


Folks, this is Vladimir Putin’s speech, at the Munich Press Conference in Germany on December 22, 2011! Now it's clearer why the western media behaved the way they did, regarding ‘Russian vote fraud’, and fought against his being elected again in Russia. He’s against the NWO!


Part 1



Part 2



Part 3



Part 4



Notice that there are certain countries that did not show this on ‘The News’! Also notice that there are certain countries that did not want Putin to become the President again, and that's
why they are showing propaganda against Putin and Russia.


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  1. Joe says:

    It seams strang out of the 169 country’s to revalue only 2 are going to raise in value as no guru jihad thinks any other currency is worth anything except dong and Dina both linked to Muslim jihad ? can you give evidence of any country in the world knowingly there currency is revaluing ? any wiki leaks and news reports any polotitions in any country maybe Allians or and news paper articles any gossip any rumors or is it only dinar that’s revaluing , because every one I knows has no knowledge of new world banking system or curencey , ? Or is it only the jihad morningliberty and veteran vets jihad the only ones whom know about this scam , how about the banks people cashed in at in USA or in Europe and witnesses any one come forward any banks or is this whole thing a Muslim jihad radio station saying propergander crap ? The forum of gurus have rv for past 3 years every weekend it rv then it’s Monday Tuesday then wedsday then Friday then it’s sat Sunday ? I think the genuine war vets will find you very soon for conning every one jihad morning liberty and ya web site Nesara a Muslim named site or should I say jihad Nesara

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