Top 3 WW3 Lies – Obama Told Netanyahu to Strike Iran

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Lyndon Larouche

Thur, Mar 15, 2012

Subject: Russia & China vs America WW3 Looming    Raw YouTube videos at the bottom of the article…

UPDATE  3/15/12

UPI – Harlan "Shock and Awe" Ullman Moots Israeli use of nuclear weapons against Iran. In a somewhat satirical piece using "Dr. Strangelove" to frame all of the war talk around Iran, Ullman says the following (among other things):
"It isn't known here if Israel has or can get bunker-busting weapons with sufficient explosive and penetrating power to destroy or greatly damage Iran's underground nuclear sites. A nuclear penetrator or a sufficiently large enough nuclear surface burst that leaves a crater hundreds of feet deep would be the most certain means of achieving maximum damage. The dangers, repercussions and blowback would be so enormous that discussion of nuclear weapons is unthinkable. Yet, Israel might conclude it had no other option than to use nuclear weapons."

Obama's Lying: Told Netanyahu to "Go Ahead, Strike Iran"



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