9/11 Answers – Direct Energy Technology says Dr Judy Wood

Patrick Hatwan

Mon, Mar 19, 2012 .
Subject: Where Did the Towers Go

Patrick J Hatwan wrote:

For over 1 year now, I have had the book “WHERE DID THE TOWERS GO?” by Dr Judy Woods.  Since the 9/11 fiasco we have all been told what to think and how to think about it and all of the associated events that surround that day.

I have made many attempts to discuss the work of Dr Judy Woods with many…mostly the average person…but some, also, who are rather …shall we say…?…educated?

Perhaps you’ll be as intrigued by this video…ONLY one hour and forty three minutes….as I am.

Please…do not dismiss this powerful interview.  It will not only provide you with another “perspective” but it will OPEN EYES.

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