Dinar RV SWIFT Notice 14.38 – Prosperity Packages Wow

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Robert Hender ' R J '

Mon, Mar 19, 2012

Subject: Dinar RV Imminent – SWIFT Verified


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Dinar Warning – Imminent RV  
You Wanted a Warning, on the Dinar RV  
A 70min Conference Call is posted below.  I have heard the whole call and  the following comments are from my 4 pages of notes.  HammerMan, Blaino, Georgia Boy, Adelle and a few sources that need their identies protected came together on Saturday March 17th to release these IQD details.  Some of these people promised to warn you when the Dinar RV was imminent…  Well…   



By now, chances are the Iraq Dinar has veen ReValued.  It aappears that not  everyone is announcing the Dinar RV details.  Many people have no idea that currencies around the world are being RV'd. 
Beginning March 13th HammerMan and others began to see new intelligence on a new SWIFT signature code.  It appears that Wells Fargo Banks in at least 6 states have been notified that the Dinar RV is complete.  It appears that 2 prices are shown in the SWIFT.  The sell price & the purchase price for IQD's in the USA are at $12.86 and $14.38 
Not all of the details have been nailed down yet.  As quickly as more details come in, then further intel will be released. 
Recently CNBC did an article on several countries that were about to Re-Set  their currencies.  Go ahead and look it up.  For some time now the IMF ran out  of lendable currency.  There are worl wide ramifications as the Iraq Dinar is RV'd.
In the first place, if you are going to purchase IQD's don't spend money that  you can't afford to lose.  Make sure that you pay your bills and debts. 
As many countries will be re-setting the value of their currency it appears that  their value will be based upon the natural resources in each country.  Currently  it appears that in China you can get $29 per Dinar, in the USA it's $14.38, in  Canada it's set at $7 per Dinar and in Mexico the rate looks to be at $2 per IQD.
Taxes may be calculated in to these IQD exchange rates, but we're not sure. 
Will the debt in every country be nulified?  We're not sure. 
   Since the Bank of America has become the collector for the Treasury it is
possible that after everyone in America has turned in their Dinar then they may
be destroyed in exchange for credtis for oil. 
There are a few things which have impact on this Dinar RV.  1 – American troops did all the heavy lifting in the 2 Gulf Wars, our manpower and equip andmoney we used to go into Kuwait and then Iraq.  2 – China purchased our debt and made it possible to help bring some sort of freedom to Kuwait and Iraq.  3 – China has forgiven Iraq of their debt.  4 – China is making it possible, with monetary liquidity to make the Global Settlements happen.  5 – China has had their eyes on Iraq's oil and Sadam tried to block China's interest… 
According to Blaino's Banking source, some banks across America have received careful files which spell out the regulations and distribution details for the Prosperity Packages. 
Positive Expectancy is the best we can do until we have literally exchanged our Dinar for federal reserve notes or treasury dollars. 
There is still more that we don't know than what we do know about this RV.  Before us is a potential to recover currencies around the world.  The details are very complicated.  In America our treasury dollar will most likely be backed by
all the assets of our country. 
This Global Re-Set is coming.  The Dinar RV is imminent…  Keep watching!
Be Free,   Robert Hender,   R J


Please, read and print a copy of the "bank policies required" and have a copy for every bank that you will be handling your "asset" backed currency — as I have stated for 40 years: "We have to choices, become educated on what is "money" or go "broke" — the choice is yours!"


      More to the TAG accounts than meets the eye. TAG: “Transaction Account Guarantee"

OK for circulation. (from Dr. Ed in Texas) posted at PTR

A link to the Dodd-Frank bank instructions is further down in this note.
Sample US Treasury bills are also at the bottom.

There’s more to the TAG accounts than meets the eye. TAG: “Transaction Account Guarantee”

Superficial chatter says that you should just ask for your Dinar deposits to be placed in a no-interest bearing account. Then your funds will be insured with no upper limit. The FDIC will not be the insurer but because of the Dodd-Frank bill you will be insured fully through the end of this year – or maybe for the 12 months following the Re-valuation date.

But, Heads up:
Unless the bank has actually set up and is compliant with the TAG account instructions, you may be harmed in several ways.

None of my local banks had heard of the rules for becoming compliant with the Dodd-Frank instructions. I printed out copies of the instructions (13 pages) and handed it to the bank VPs which they cheerfully received, promising that their lawyers would read it and get ready to support TAG accounts.

There is a basis for this strange TAG requirement (or suggestion). It may help if you understand the basis for the Dodd-Frank Bill and the TAG account option.

Your Dinar payouts were and are supposed to be in gold or metals-backed currency. That’s especially true for Dinar holders because the Dinar you hold is backed by gold, oil, and minerals.

It’s fool-hardy to convert the world’s most valuable and stable currency into US dollars that sink in value almost every day. Dollars are announced to be DEVALUED another 40% within 30 to 60 days after the RV.

I mentioned Dinar as being stable. Yes. Monthly violence in all of Iraq is far less that that of single US cities like Washington DC or Los Angeles. TV news channels amplify and selectively choose what we are allowed to see or believe.

So where is the US currency that is metals based? New US Treasury bills are expected to be released to the public perhaps 30 or 60 days after the RV. At that time we will have options for converting our old greenback bills into the new Treasury bills. On the samples (far below) note that the Federal Reserve is not mentioned. The new bills will be issued from the US Treasury (we expect). The 99 year agreement between the US Treasury and the Federal Reserve ran out sometime in January 2012 (it is claimed).

– Your funds will be assumed to be of US Treasury Bill value later, when and if the new Treasury bills are issued. (metals backed just like the Dinar – good)
– You will have full and immediate access to your funds to buy big items or properties – no rationing, no delays on withdrawals. (good)
– You funds will be insured with no upper limit for the next 9 or 12 months in the event of bank failures, closures, holidays.
– You must not gain any interest on the account (Mandatory Requirement) because banks can only pay interest using current debt-based fiat unstable old US currency.
– You cannot take funds from any other source and deposit them into your TAG account. (Maybe DONG payouts are ok – not sure.)

So if you thought you could just deposit Dinar payouts into any old checking account that bears no interest, then you haven’t looked through the compliance standards that the bank has to fulfill in getting ready to give you a TAG account. See the link further below.

The legal rules a bank must follow are quite dense and heavy. Details galore. The bank must even have a small sign of a certain size on the wall in the lobby stating with certain words that they provide TAG account services.

Most of you probably envision cashing in at a bank, then wiring some funds from there to other local banks or credit unions. These secondary receiving banks will have to have legitimate TAG accounts if you want the TAG benefits. Upon receiving the incoming bank wire, the bank will have to ask about your source of funds. Your receipt from your original dinar conversion event will be needed in this situation.

So what happens if you just ignore the TAG option. Maybe you were only going to cash in one 25,000 Dinar note. At the rumored rate of $12.36 that single note will produce a deposit of $309,000 – which is just a little over the $250,000 normal FDIC insurance.

Is that anything to worry about? (What? Me worry?)

Later when we all line up at banks to trade in our crumpled greenbacks to get our fresh Metals-based US Treasury notes, we have hints, rumors, and whispers that there will be a 40% to 60% loss of greenback value for everyone around the world that holds greenbacks. US dollars will be devalued – announced and not a theory.

When the new Treasury bills are issued,
You will possibly trade in $100 old bills and receive back $60 in new Treasury bills. (40% devaluation of US dollars) Or,
You will possibly trade in $100 old bills and receive back $40 in new Treasury bills. (60% devaluation of US dollars).

IF your Dinar deposits are NOT PLACED IN A TAG ACCOUNT, your old $1 million greenback dollars will be converted (in the bank) to $600,000 Treasury Bills (for example) at the 40% devaluation rate – when the new bills are released.

IS THIS SCARY EXAMPLE CLEAR? You cashed in top-value DINAR which was already gold-based, and through negligence (in this example) you lost 40% of your value because you didn’t mandate that your bank set up a TAG account to receive it.

We have been kept in the dark about many things, but Congress saw this situation about to arise. For once, in your favor, the Dodd-Frank bill designed a method by which your Dinar (and possibly Dong) deposits would be treated AS ACTUAL METALS-BASED CURRENCY even though the new Treasury bills won’t be issued until a few months after the RV event. These TAG accounts (if you see the sense of using them) give the US Treasury up to a year to get their Treasury bills distributed.

The trauma of the US and world-wide populations having their old green dollars DEVALUED can be dealt with best a few months AFTER the frantic Dinar conversions.

To appreciate the complexity of the RV happening in 195 nations, consider that the dollar devaluation will affect all those nations WHOSE CURRENCIES ARE ALSO BEING reassigned based on the productivity of each nation.

Summary: To avoid unnecessary diminishment of 40% or more of your funds when the world soon converts to the new US Treasury bills, consider printing out a few copies of the Dodd-Frank instructions and hand carrying a copy to your local bankers who may be unaware.

I found it useful to talk with bank administrators, stating that you are a Dinar holder, and that even though the local bank is not expected to convert your dinar, you intend to wire sizeable funds into your local account AND THAT IT NEEDS TO COME IN TO A Transaction Account Guarantee (TAG) ACCOUNT which must conform with the printed instructions at this government link.

Here’s the official government link for the Dodd-Frank PDF document that defines the bank policies required:
http://www.fdic.gov/deposit/deposits/unlimited/faq.pdf Consider printing a copy for the banker(s).

FYI: Dr. Ed in Texas


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