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Robert Hender ' R J '

Fri, Mar 23, 2012

Subject: Real Money is Gold We Can Afford

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My Gold is Real Money  
It's Time We Do Something About It   
By now most of us are aware that Federal Reserve Notes are not real money. Every week we hear people complain about financial things.  Ben Bernanke says he will print more dollars.  Tim Geithner has made more commitments to Europe with our dollar.  In order to pay for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan the Fed has printed more FRN's.  Even the bank bailouts were completed by the printing of more dollars. 
There must be more we can do.  We can keep using dollars that continue to lose value or we can make a better choice. 
A neighbor told me about Real Money recently and I was willing to listen.  A few people have come together recently to buy 1 gram of gold and at this small amount it's become affordable.  Anybody can do this.  Take a look for yourself.  People in over 35 countries
are buying Karat Bars.      
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   There's a few things people need to know about Real Money or Karat Bars.    

        1 – It costs nothing to register with the company.  You can join for Free
        2 – The LBMA backs Karat Bars; London Bullion Marketing Assoc  
        3 – You don't have to buy anything.  You can buy 1 gram of gold cards  
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       10 – OnLine training is available for you and the people you invite…  It's Easy 
I don't know when the dollar and the federal reserve will finish their collapse.  I don't know when the Dinar RV will finally arrive.  I don't know when the EU will finish imploding.  I don't know when a new war in Iran will begin.  I don't know if or when America could be invaded by foreign troops.  I don't know when the next tornado or earthquake or wild fire or flood will arrive and impact my family.
Gold in our hand, even if it's only in a 1 Gram card is a Real Money choice that I can believe in and it's something that I can do right now.  
Solid people are behind this Real Money and Karat Bars.  Feel free to look around and if you have questions, then listen in to the Video Conferences tthat take place.
I have been praying for God to bless America.
By our actions we can do just that, Bless America…
Be Freee,   Robert Hender,   R J




[Robinhood] Latest I heard was $22.00 as a penalty against the US for obstructing rv, The UST was blocking for the President all along. Now they have to cover the $22 bucks 

[Robinhood] The UST agreed to purchase the Dinar as oil credits, now they must come up with $22.00 

[Robinhood] There was a court case at the World Court and they issued a ruling with steps for remedy for bstruction. Announced in London on Thursday AM

[blimpy123] srm777 We will let all know through our intel people..and there are LOTS of people who have intel later today…I know it will be a good day…but remember..no one person except the one in charge know the Time and Date and rate…LOL

[blimpy123] mamari4 We just got a call from our banker around 8:00 last night, that he will be calling today…have to wait for the call..will share when it comes…LOL


The Economic Collapse Blog

March 21, 2012


Ben Bernanke has decided that he needs to teach all of us why the Federal Reserve is good for America and about why the gold standard is bad. On Tuesday, Bernanke delivered the first of four planned lectures to a group of students at George Washington University. But that lecture was not just for the benefit of those students. Officials at the Fed have long planned for this lecture series to be an opportunity for Bernanke to “educate” the American people about the Federal Reserve. The classroom was absolutely packed with reporters and just about every major news organization is running a story about this first lecture. So the Federal Reserve is definitely getting the publicity that it was hoping for. You can see the slides from the presentation that Bernanke gave to the students right here. It is pretty obvious that one of the primary goals of this first lecture was to attack those that have been critical of the Fed over the past few years. In doing so, Bernanke “stretched” the truth on more than one occasion.

Continue Reading


I haven't been so busy since the "Silver Drive-By Shooting" last May!
Lot's going on as the pillars of the financial world are crumbling. Here's a few things…
First, Tamz has recorded an audio for my most popular article about the new $100 Bill and you can find it here:
The Hidden Meanings in the New $100 Bill
The release of this new bill and the article has had a huge effect on the credibility of the overall Road to Roota Thesis – that there ARE people working on returning the US to a gold standard. Anybody who can't see that by now has either not spent the time to read through the Road to Roota archives or refuses to accept it no matter how much proof is provided. Hopefully they will be pleasantly surprised when it happens.



As for another hot topic, many people have asked me to comment and sent me a link to a submission on the CFTC Comments website where someone claiming to be a JP Morgan whistleblower posted an article. You can find it here:
Here's my take: There is nothing of substance here and I think it was written by someone who is trying to get our side all revved-up. Nothing wrong with being revved up and I'm glad people are excited about it but let's not let it effect our credibility. We already have REAL whistleblowers such as Andrew McGuire and Judge George Painter. We don't need to put our faith in some random post that offers no new information.
If something more comes of this I'll let you know but for now channel your energy into writing letters to the CFTC demanding the implementation of the Position Limits Rule!
Now for the good stuff. I have once again updated the 2012 Timeline article for you Private Road Members. Some items have been moved back a month or two and some have moved forward but all the issues are the same and manifesting as we speak. There are a few new things to look for as well. Basically… we are STILL right on target! You can find the article here:
2012 Timeline on the Road to RootA
If you think things are getting a little crazy this week…JUST WAIT UNTIL NEXT WEEK!
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir
PS – If you want to help us keep the street lights on at the Road to Roota and gain access to over 800 articles you can sign up for the Private Road here:


Dear Customer and Affiliates,

Gold is more than just a product.

Gold  in small units make much more sense for many reasons. Our philosophy is unique and helps people achieve financial independence. The more people we can reach with our message the more we have the chance to help.

Karatbars International is able to act with our logistics software and support people in over 70 countries around the world.
Watch the below video and learn more.


Your Karatbars Team

Liebe Kunden und Geschäftspartner,

Gold ist mehr als nur ein Produkt.

Gold und das in kleinen Einheiten. Unsere Philosophie ist einzigartig und hilft den Menschen in eine Währungs-Unabhängigkeit. Je mehr Menschen unsere Botschaft weitertragen umso mehr haben wir gemeinsam die Chance etwas zu bewegen.

Die Firma Karatbars ist in der Lage mit Ihrer Logistik und Know how in über 70 Ländern der Welt zu agieren.
Wie wichtig es ist was wir tun, zeigt uns das folgende Video.


Ihr Karatbars Team



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Not responsible for altered content or unintended recipient(s).











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