Top 2 Constitutions – Constitution for Americans & 1 for the Corporation

Dr Glenn J Kimber

Thur, Mar 22, 2012

Subject: The Tale of 2 Constitutions

This is a break down of the 2 Constitutions and goes through each article.


Constitution for Americans     Constitution of the Corporate USA

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The Republic Died 1871 – Patriot Act 2001… Benjamin Franklin: You have a Republic if you can keep it.



Douglas Dietrich Reveals Secret History of US Government
Tuesday, March 20, 2012 3:47


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Douglas Dietrich put on one of the most information packed shows we've done in a long time!  Douglas is a TRUE patriot doing his best to get the truth out at much cost to him and his family!  

Be sure to listen to this incredible show that will teach you a lot of the REAL history of the United States!  Douglas was paid by the Department of Defense to seek out and destroy certain Top Secret documents about events that the US government did not want getting out!  I took a lot of notes during the show so I could write a brief summary of what Douglas discussed on the show.

Here's a brief summary of just some of the things covered. 

Douglas says the information he saw suggested aliens and UFOs were all from our future.  They are us from far in the future and that's why we can't find any signals out there in space.

Douglas says he has absolute proof that the Roswell UFO crash were not aliens at all.

Tesla became absolutely disgusted with the US after being forced to work on the Philadelphia Experiment and since nobody would let him proceed with free energy, he gave a treasure trove of his notes and drawings to a nephew from Yugoslavia and that's who they eventually got to the 3rd Reich and the Soviet Union.

He saw documents that Vampires were actually another form of hominid and are real.  He says they were even pressed into service during WWII by the Soviets.

Inner earth is real and there are massive oceans down there.

America never returned Japanese and other asian prisoners and that's why American POWs were not returned by Vietnam and other countries.  We reaped what we sowed.

Only massive Japanese investment created our good economy in the 80s.  But once the US started tough trade wars with Japan under Clinton, the Japanese pulled all their money and put their efforts into building up the Chinese!  

The war with Japan didn't officially end until 1951!

The US had a planned extermination plan to kill every American indian until WWI.  The US killed over 100,000 American Indians and then stole their land without giving them citizenship.

Prescott Bush sawed the head off Geronimo in one of the last battles with the American Indians when it was over and took it back to his fraternity – Skull and Bones.  There was much more to this story but I don't think it's appropriate to put it in this article.

George Bush Senior was a Moonie and Reverand Moon actually got him elected!  We had a Moonie for President and nobody knows it in this country while everybody in Asia is well aware.  Bush Sr even said that Rev. Moon was God's representation on Earth!  

All US soldiers that have ever been killed in Korea have come back to the US with their coffins draped in a UN flag so they don't count it as a US casualty!

The Japanese soldiers druing WWII were all vegetarians that only ate fish turned to eating American POWs on those Pacific islands that were cut off from supply ships to survive.  George Bush Sr was about to be captured and EATEN when that submarine showed up and rescued him.  He later threw up when he was told that Japanese troops were coming to get him in a boat and EAT him!  

Human slavery is legal under Sharia law and the UN loves it!  The UN is 1,000 times more corrupt than the US government so we have nothing to worry about as far as UN troops being able to take over the US.  He says it will never happen.

African slavery has been going on for 1,000 years and is still thriving under the UN who do nothing to stop it.

When men rape women that they keep in cages, all the UN did was given them blue UN comdoms!

During the Somalia Black Hawk down incident, UN troops could have come in and got out our downed soldiers anytime but the UN troops refused because they would not harm Muslims to get the Christians!

In Hungary and Bulgaria – the government went through and emptied out all their psychiatric hospitals and gave them machine guns and sent them to Africa to be soldiers to the UN!

There are literal DEMONS in the US military.  Douglas witnessed Michael Aquino who ran the Church of Satan for the US Army perform many satanic rituals in US national libraries where the occult texts from all over the world were examined.  

Douglas' mother was killed by somebody that used some sort of weapon that sliced his mother's Aorta with some kind of a laser weapon.


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