2012 Tactical Positioning – TPTB Becoming The People that Were

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David Wilcock
Fri, Mar 30, 2012
Subject: Drake Pentagon Good Guy – Bankster Gangster Arrests Coming 

6 30min audio links are posted at this link.  Americans need to prepare for the Transition that is Coming for America




Another lengthy posting by David Wilcock (yesterday, updated today) about the goings on –
This is an intro – there will be more.
Besides the major banker/finance resignations and arrests going on, this report covers the various issues concerning the end of the powers that were (TPTW), which does involve support of the military… Towards the end of the report, audio files, David interviews “Drake” –
an insider specifically asked by the Pentagon "good guys" to come forward and explain what is going to be done”

  • at about the 30 min mark, (part I) things start to pick up! States have filed, (Penn was the first state) in the Hague, as nation states, free of the US Corp and all of its affiliates, thus becoming sovereign nations. The military is pleased.  Indian nations also filed papers.  In the 1970’s military people have gotten together working on a plan, initially was a coup, but the plan bottom line is getting our country back.   
  • 58 min mark – “20th of Feb, this year, we’ve had a free country military backing civilian plan.

Part 2 – The paperwork provides civilians the authority to get support from the Federal Marshalls, backing up local law enforcement in arresting the evil doers.  You will see more military etc, but this is because they are arresting the cabal particulars…  Tactical positioning is going on now.  He feels there will be somewhat of a commerce interruption so he says to have an extra everything commonly used for about 2 months.  He stressed it is coming soon.   Military will be out and about securing water plants etc, to see that there is not utility interruptions either.  The plan is to remove the banking system, and those persons that tax you to death – they will be put in those FEMA camps.  When things kick into gear, for 72 hrs(may not take that long), for the closure, satellites and airlines will be cut, and borders closed.  This is to keep the evil doers from escaping and money from digitally disappearing.  There will be a press release from the White House. This is a rebirth of our nation.

Part 3 – the dollar will become an equity instrument rather than a debt instrument.  There will be a revaluation of 1:1 for the “little guy” not the big guy.  All kinds of goodies stated – a golden age.  Common law will not allow for a police state.  There will be control of the news channels to report the details coming.  It’s coming sooner than later…

People need to spread the word so there isn’t a panic attack.
This will be a very significant event in history!

DIVINE INTERVENTION: Section I — Defeating Financial Tyranny


2012: The Year The Illuminati Will Fall

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