NWO is Dying – TPTB are Reaping the Whirlwind

Frank P Ward
Sun, Apr 8, 2012
Subject: Family of Jesus Strikes NWO 
The Family of Jesus Christ Rises Up and Strikes Against the NWO


In a new Youtube videotape, co-author Frank P. Ward introduces some of the important concepts in his family’s book, The Truth Against the World–Red Phoenix Rising & the Return of the Thunder Gods, including the family of all the ancient dying gods who ever walked the Earth, and Ward rolls out a plan to overthrow the criminal tyranny of the New World Order. 

As a result of Youtube’s time limitation policies, Ward’s tape is divided into 8 sections.  The total run time for all 8 sections is 84 minutes. 

  1. 1: Introduction
  2. 2: The family of Jesus Christ and all the ancient dying gods—I
  3. 3: The family of Jesus Christ and all the ancient dying gods–II
  4. 4: The global Islamic jihad, global poverty & world hunger
  5. 5: Reform of the monetary and credit system
  6. 6: Exponential growth of interest; Open Market Operations of the Federal Reserve; Constitutional right to print money; Protective tariff
  7. 7: Criminal privatization schemes of the New World Order
  8. 8:The USA has been overthrown in a bloodless coup


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