Mark Cleminson former Illuminist – Tipping Point 2012

Mark Cleminson

Sun, Apr 15, 2012

Subject: 2012 Tipping Point video

Whether one considers themselves spiritual, religious or nothing at all, you will want to view this video. 
This guy raised as a Satanist and Mason in an Illuminati family. He tells how he was turned around by the truth when he faced
a twenty foot tall demonic spirit and was literally in the cross-hairs of the masons.
What he reveals will surprise anyone! Please take the time to view this in it's entirety.
YouTube Preview Image

When the Power of Love overcomes Love of Power… We enjoy Peace… a World in Peace.  America the Beautiful with wings of power and protection she will fly into the future and the whole world will look up to her for faith, hope and charity.  Let God Bless AMERICA

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