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Svali & Leo Zagami
Wed, Apr 11, 2012
Subject: Vatican-Illuminati Human Sacrifice Secrets 
Illuminati Secrecy: Human Sacrifice – Vatican Cover-Up


 revillusi0nz on Apr 10, 2012

Any significant exposure and downfall of the Vatican will, therefore, reveal an incredible amount of sinister, hidden truth.


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Friday — April 13, 2012 — 

I have for a long time been doing research on "Bohemian Grove" where members of the Occult who are also members of the Government go to have their yearly rituals. I finally found a list of some of the membership. Everyone should send the links to these Articles including the link to the membership list to everyone on their email list!
Just click on these links and it should take you to the Articles, but if not, copy it into your top page browser, and then it should work.
Bohemian Grove is the equivalent of the Club of Rome and the Club of London! I advise you to look them up. It may take some time, but the fruits of your labor may help to enlighten others.
Here are multiple links to Bohemian Grove:

    This new work exposes the connections between the Bohemian Club and Skull and Bones and other occult secret societies. Jones explores the roots of the Grove

    National Radio Broadcaster and Documentary Filmmaker Alex Jones Tells the Story of His Infiltration into the Ultra-Secret, Elite Bohemian Grove Where the



  3. Bohemian Grove Exposed!

    Bohemian Grove Exposed! BOHEMIAN GROVE EXPOSED! "Alex Jones Has Blown Bohemian Grove Wide Open!" John Sergeant, World of Wonder, UK Channel 4…/bohemian_grove_exposed.htmCachedSimilar
  4. Videos for bohemian grove exposed


    The Bohemian Grove Exposed
    6 min – Sep 19, 2008
    Uploaded by sugardancer77

    Nixon Tape Discusses Homosexuals at Bohemian Grove
    38 sec – Jul 19, 2006
    Uploaded by mtvcmiller
  5. Bohemian Grove Exposed

    Aug 2, 1999 Activist Alex Jones, infiltrated the Bohemian Grove, becoming the first journalist to capture and expose video of the bizarre,
  6. Archive – Bohemian Grove

    Bohemian Grove Exposed! Occult Activities at the Elite Bohemian Grove in Northern California Exposed! Alex Jones Tells His Story
  7. The Bohemian Grove Exposed

    Inside Bohemian Grove from Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting Nov-Dec 1991 a b 6. ^ OC Weekly. August 31, 2006. Nick Schou. Bohemian Grove Exposes Itself! 7.
  8. ATS Video: The Bohemian Grove EXPOSED!!!

    Posted by semperfortis \ Joined: 1st February 2009 \ Media: 97. Video on Alex Jones Exposing The Bohemian Grove. Fascinating Public Domain Video…/The_Bohemian_Grove_EXPOSED/CachedSimilar
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  1. Kribisti December 28, 2012 at 2:29 AM

    The joy wheeler I know is a FORMER satanic high priestess. She helps people break free of slavery to satan. She took me thro a very deep, thorough, nearly complete deprogramming,, to keep the black hate hearts from accessing me back into the rituals. Dead and asleep parts of me awoke and indeed, came back to a sweetness of life. I love joy wheeler with all my heart. I want to find her again. I may have a degree of work yet to complete in this regard. Can u help me to reach and touch my beatiful sister of christ again, please.

    • barry lyndon May 2, 2013 at 8:08 AM

      i used to belong to the mormon church in london,so it was interesting to see theres another brave soul telling the world whats going on,thanku.

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