Top 10 KGB Useful Idiots – Obama, Romney, Bushes, Clintons Taking Down America

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Yuri Bezmenov

Wed, Apr 25, 2012

Subject: Top 10 USA Communists


Hi Patriots:
We are all familiar with Saul Alinsky but not many people know what he stands for, so here I present directly from another horses mouth.  The 6 means of determination are stated below:  What, when, where, why, and how?
Here is Yuri Bezmenov, A former member of the KGB of the Communist Government in Moscow, Russia, who was a psychological handler in foreign countries, and he tells us how he did this.  He defected to Canada about 25 years ago or about 1985.  He tells how the Russian Government turns a country into a communist state, and they are doing these things in every country in the world.  You need to watch this closely, and take notes, and watch it many times.  He tells you how he did this, and how they trained people like Saul Alinsky, Bernadine Dohrn, Bill Aires, Dr, Jeremiah Wright, Professor Bell, and Barrack Obama — where they use useful idiots for their purposes, and once they take control of that country — such as the United States — they will dispose of those people and bring in their Russian Military and KGB to run things.  He says that people like:  Bill and Hillary Clinton, the Bushes, and most members of Congress like Pelosi, Harry Reid, Mitt Romney, and many others will be disposed of:
As you watch these You Tube Videos, see if you can identify any of the measures he mentions that are being already used in the United States.  I went looking for something else, and stumbled upon these by Yuri Bezmenov.
Here is the six stages of overtaking a country:
1.  Infiltration
2.  Re-education
3.  Demoralization
4.  Destabilization
5.  Create and Use Crisis
6.  Normalization of Communist System
In Bezmenov's own words:  The following narrative does not follow the exact order of the 6 items above!
The Russian Objective:  We do not go to war if we can help it, instead we manipulate the situation in any country by our infiltrated agent provocateurs who work to destabilize the conditions, so that we can manipulate the situation to our favor and where we can force the country unknowingly to accept communism, and if push comes to shove, we will force the population into unwitting acceptance by very sophisticated methods, including use of race, religion, the economy, and other means to create the climate that the population is at odds with each other, and in rare cases, if we view someone as a threat to our goals, we eliminate them by forced violence — murder.
Our Motto:  "Is basically what the Great American General Patton said":  I quote:
"Let the other son-of-a-biscuit eater die for his country, while we live on"!
We do this everywhere, and are doing this in every country in the World.  This is why we act only as military advisers and do not send our Army unless it becomes absolutely necessary!
Infiltration is the First Important Step to take over any or all Country's!
Yuri Bezmenov's own words as follows:  We use many methods including Bribery, Set-ups, entrapment, extortion, creation of mob violence, etc. in the infiltration, re-education, demoralization, destabilization, or use of crisis   Use your imagination but we used them all!  We especially take advantage of useful idiots like Saul Alinsky for our purposes, but when it is all over — which takes about 25 years to deceive a nation — we dispose of these useful idiots.  We never use long term in the government — leftists — but instead only use those who we can re-educate!  The leftists are again — as we call them — useful idiots!
Video #A:  Deception Was My Job!  This is  a Summary Video called Deception:, therefore go to You Tube and type in Yuri Bezmenov, and watch the other 8.
This kind of Deception is like Barrack Obama as President, they used Deception to get him elected, and the Deception Continues by getting people like Romney to run against him and they control both sides of the debate, as proven by the video I sent you as a comparative video between Barrack Obama and Mitt Romney!
Video #1 – 9: Deception Was My Mob:  These 9 video's are in addition to the one above and are more complete to the Summary Video above called Video #A:
Additional Informational Videos"
Video #10:  Yuri Bezmenov's name became Tomas Schuman when he defected to Canada!
Video #11:  Demoralization of America (Again go to You Tube and watch additional videos)
Video #12:  Psychological Warfare Techniques   (Note;  This is just one of many of these on psychological</DIV> <DIV>techniques, so go to You Tube and Type in the following:  Yuri Bezmenov – Psychological Techniques and watch as many as you can!)
Psychological Warfare Techniques (Note; This is just one of many of these on psychological


techniques, so go to You Tube and Type in the following: Yuri Bezmenov – Psychological Warfare Techniques and watch as many as you can!)


Video #13:  Demoralization of America
Demoralization Techniques (Note; This is just one of many of these on psychological


techniques, so go to You Tube and Type in the following: Yuri Bezmenov – Psychological Techniques and watch as many as you can!)


Demoralization Means has three meanings or three primary directions: 
1.  Demoralize the population so they have no morals anylonger, where they riot and kill each other, which makes it easier to move in with the military to restore order and take them over!
2.  Demoralize the population so they feel they have no hope of winning and therefore just give up!
Video #15:  How To Brain Wash A Nation:
Brain Washing Techniques (Note; This is just one of many of these on psychological


techniques, so go to You Tube and Type in the following: Yuri Bezmenov – Brain Washing Techniques and watch as many as you can!)



Included above is a multi-step integration of the six phases described at the top, but number 2 — re-education
— is essential to the other six steps.  Re-education includes techniquest where the population is so occupied on other issues, that they do not have time to pay attention to what is going on!  Getting people occupied by watching television, listening to music, sports, movies, idiolizing celebrities, and other distracting behavior is absolutely essential for the communists to re-educate the public of any country.  Another method is by slowly destabilizing the economy is important so that the people have to work harder and harder to make a living helps keep them occupied while we re-educate their children into being communists!  Keep the population's attention diverted away from the truth parts of the economy, and issues, by use of a controlled media, journalists, publications, books, and other techniques!  Control of the labor force is essential by use of labor unions in order to control and re-educate the work force!
I have not been able to state every thing  (as in a transcript) in the exact order, but is instead paraphrased summary of what I could record, in order to make everyone aware of his revelations.  I suggest everyone also read Saul Alinsky's book:  "Rules For Radicals"!
The more you know, and can spread these words around, the better chance we have to stop this. Like I have advocated before, print this email out multiple times and put a copy on other peoples doors, and then have a block party, and invite you neighbors, work colleagues, church members, friends, and even newly met potential friends and play this email with all its different videos, and then discuss them, including all the different ramifications of it.  The more your neighbors, friends, work colleagues, fellow church members know, the better off we will all be by stopping this progression down the road to communism and tryanny!  As Yuri Bezmenov says if it takes 20 to 25 years to get to this stage, it will also take that long to turn it around with out open armed conflict, where we shoot all the Traitors!
This email took me a long time to find, to watch each video, and write this summary!  Therefore, please do not dismiss it as unimportant or too long.  I suggest if you do not watch everything you can on this, then you have already been re-educated, and you may as well forget trying to change anything.  It took me twice as much time to research, watch the videos, and write this email, as it will for you to watch everything in its entirety!  If someone had spent that much time because he cared about me that much, I would not dismiss it as unimportant or too long, quite so quickly!  I would thank them for caring about me and America so much!
Yuri Bezmenov had to hide out for about 15 years, because the Russians had hit men out looking for him, but he found out a few years, the Russian Government is no longer interested in killing him!
Note:  If some of the Video's do not ;load, go to You Tube and find that email, due to having trouble with my spell check, a few of the Video's may have been slightly changed.  I have no way of checking them now, because this has already taken me an immense amount of time!
I am still trying to arrange a venue (like a theatre) where I can show multiple things to larger audiences to we can educate more people!  I hope to do this soon!
Your Internet Paul Revere,

Dan Fairchild

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