Dinar RV on Screens – You’re a Dinar Fanatic When


Sun, Apr 29, 2012

Subject: Monday Live Dinar RV Release

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You Might Be A Dinarian Addict If:
 1. You answer the phone saying "Are we rich yet?".
 2. You're counting dinar instead of sheep torock yourself to sleep
 3. You're watching Al Jaezeera TV more thanCNN and Fox News
 4. You get excited when you hear the words"YOU'VE GOT MAIL"
 5. You know when all the Iraqi holidays and prayer times are
 6. You begin to "think big" and $5 milliondollars doesn't seem like that much money anymore… 
7.  You now know more about Middle East geography than a 7th grader
8.  You abbreviate all important phrases and companies into (3)letters and know what they mean: IMF, UST, CBI, VND, IQD, IMO, WTF
9.  You change your name to one word to match your friends: Okie, Blaino, Poppy, Bondlady, Med, Breitling
10. And finally, you end every statement or conversations with the phrase "Nuff Said!"
11. You just tried to enter your OKIE OIL MAN password on the microwave.
12. You chat several times a day with people from all over the world about IMF and BIS , but  you haven't spoken with your next door neighbor yet this year.


13. You pull up in your driveway and use your cell phone to check the Dinar sites before you go in your house.
14. You buy a new computer and a week later it is clogged with Dinar bookmarks.
15. Cleaning up the bedroom room means you have to put your Dinar away.
16. Your reason for not staying in touch with family is that they do not belong to the same Dinar blogs.
17. You consider second-day air delivery of your Dinar painfully slow.
18. You wake up at 2am to go to the bathroom and check the Dinar websites [ www.DinarGuru.com] before going back to bed.
19. You get up in morning and go online to your favorite Dinar sitewww.DinarGuru.com )before having your coffee and getting dressed
20. You're reading this now! 🙂
21. You relate so much you feel compelled to respond with more of your own !!!

Nuff Said!


If a Copyrighted Spendthrift trust has an account in a failed bank that trust is covered to $250,000 and each beneficiary of the trust as well…that means if there are 10 the coverage’s is $25 million! Confirmed with Wells Fargo Bank.











 "In times of change, the LEARNERS will
 inherit the earth…while the 'learned'
 will find themselves beautifully equipped to
 live in a world that no longer exists"
— Eric Butterworth

"The secret to success is to own nothing, but control everything."
– John D. Rockefeller.



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3 Responses to “Dinar RV on Screens – You’re a Dinar Fanatic When”

  1. Guru joe says:

    It still don’t make scence as chapter 7 was completed mths ago ?
    2 mths ago people were cashing in at banks
    It was all completed as far back as 2009 ? According to the gurus?
    There is still no proof it is showing on bank screens ? Only guru dinar sales?the screens total sales?

    • RJ says:

      I think that ‘ the banks, ‘ are ready for this RV to occur. I think many countries are ready for this RV to occur.

      Somewhere, in the whole system, somebody is doing their best to stop this thing. I have friends in place, in a hotel, with security detail in place to walk over and cashin their dinar. Within the framework, of it all, I think the NWO Gang know they are about to lose some measure of their profits and power.

      Any moment – any day… I think we must remove our emotions from this whole Dinar thing and be patient. I think that God supports the pieces of the puzzle that will bring a brighter future to many of us.

      I think many people, who are awake, have gotten themselves some Dinar. Most people in America have no idea that this RV is about to go down.

      We will keep watching… R J

      • RJ says:

        I believe that ‘ Behind the Curtain, ‘ much is going on for preparation of the RV. Some of the Guru’s have been asked to quiet down, recently.

        Oil supports the value of the Dinar.

        Nothing supports the value of the dollar.

        I think that quietly, the RV will occur. I think more Americans have Dinar than the US Treasury was aware of. I think thest bankers do not want a panic.

        This RV will have a major impact on America and on the rest of the world. Hang on tight. Last Friday, for 16 minutes the Dinar RV was ‘ Live on Screens, ‘ in the banks. They are running and preparing. At any moment, there may be a quiet RV somewhere and a public RV in a few places…

        Do you have a structure, in place. How is your financial structure now? I know that Wynn helps to get people ready with financial protection. Call 801 – 205 – 7070.

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