Top 10 Shocking 2012 Changes – Drake & Fulford Say It’s Already Happening

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Drake – Ben Fulford
Thur, Apr 26, 2012
Subject: Executions for NWO Bad Guys  


The audio with Drake begins at about 10min into the audio link.  We could see the Pope step down this year.  Drake
has good intel, but he is surrounded by opinionated people.  Listen for the truth and separate the personalities…

 Several sources verify the intel Drake shares, but he keeps participating in attacking some people. www.FreedomReigns.US


The prevailing theme these days seems to be chaos in the West but what we are really witnessing is the controlled implosion of the criminal cabal that took over the Western financial system and nearly destroyed Western civilization. Among the events associated with this collapse were: a fake missile launch in North Korea, the ongoing cover-up of a botched assassination attempt against Obama, multiple liens being placed on cabal-controlled central banks, a trilateral commission meeting in Tokyo, unprecedented military maneuvers and more.
We are entering a very dangerous period as the cornered cabalists are certainly planning a massive new terrorist attack (possible tagets : Tokyo, Rome, London) in an attempt to stay in power. Military, police and other action against cabal power centers is also picking up pace.

One sure sign of change for those still clinging to the old power paradigms is the joint military maneuvers linking the Chinese, Russian and US armed forces. On the one side rogue pentagon forces working for the cabalists trying to steal Asian gold stashes were confronted by joint Chinese and Russian forces. On a different front, a joint US and Russian force is preparing to storm the Nazi cabal base under Denver Airport. These military maneuvers make it clear, if nothing else, that it is now better to think of geopolitics in terms of transnational factions than it is to think in terms of nation states.

The split between the Obama faction and Sabbatean gangster faction is one such example. The murder attempt against Obama in Columbia by members of his own secret service early in April is a good example.

The corporate propaganda press is only reporting this as a “prostitution scandal.” However, both MI6 and CIA sources say the murder attempt against Obama was a hit ordered by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and top North American Mossad agent Rahm Emanuel.

Obama is not publicly naming them because if he did so, stories about the murder of his homosexual lovers in Chicago and other Obama secrets would start appearing in Sabbatean gangster propaganda outlets like the Jew York Times.

The Sabbateans, for their part, are putting out stories on internet chat boards claiming the whole assassination attempt was planned by amateur rogue agents.

In any case, Netanyahu and his messianic faction is now finally being renounced by mainstream Jews and Israelis. The most public sign of this was former Israeli Internal Security Chief Yuval Diskin denouncing Netanyahu and his colleagues as incompetents with a messianic complex. Unlike other such comments, this was widely quoted in the corporate propaganda media. It seems the real Jews are finally taking action against the fanatical messianic gangsters who have been terrorizing them.

US protest movements like Occupy Wall Street are also gearing up for what is expected to be a summer of discontent. The organizers have been waiting for warm weather and that weather has arrived.

Meanwhile, although there is still talk of mass arrests taking place to clean out the corruption and gangsterism that has taken over the Washington D.C. political process, it still has not happened. A growing number of people both within and without the military and agencies are growing impatient with the delay. However, the word from the pentagon is that it will not move until all the i’s are dotted and t’s crossed in the new financial system.

In Europe, meanwhile, signs of collapse are visible for all to see. The crisis in Spain, imminent regime change in Holland and France, arrests all over Europe and the implosion of the big banks are there for all to see either in the corporate media or on the internet.

In relation to this, the White Dragon Society was asked to relay the following message: A US agency “cleaner,” by the name of “Leftie,” has been sent to Italy to “remove scum.” Presumably this refers to the hygienic risk posed by clumps of bacteria to be found in Italian public facilities.

In Asia, meanwhile, a lot continues under the surface. The cabal sub-committee known as the Trilateral Commission met last week in Tokyo. The public discussions were fairly low-key but there was a lot of talk about the value of underwater resources in the South China Sea. This was accompanied by pentagon and allied military maneuvers around China and provocative statements by various cabal assets about tiny territorial disputes with China.

This saber rattling was accompanied by a farcical show in North Korea. Hundreds of cabal luminaries and other international guests were invited to North Korea for the 100-year anniversary of Kim Il Sung. As one of the highlights of the festivities, the guests were all taken to see the “provocative rocket” North Korea was about to launch. However, at the time of the so-called launch, no foreign guests were present and the entire launch area was covered in fog. According to Japanese military intelligence no foreign government agency was able to get any images whatsoever of the “failed launch.” The best guess is that the entire thing was a giant publicity stunt.

Presumably the upcoming “nuclear test,” is also some sort of negotiation and publicity ploy by cabal forces desperate to stir up trouble in the Far East. They will get nowhere.

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda is also in Washington this week where he is expected to get the cold shoulder. He will be asking for access to the vast sums of money located inside Bank of Japan computers but Obama and other Washington lackeys are not in a position to hand it over. If they could, you can be sure they would use it themselves.

Instead, a lien has been placed on the Bank of Japan claiming this institution has been engaged in illegal and fraudulent money creation since 1968. Depending on its response to the lien the BOJ may be impounded by police acting on orders from Interpol.

The best guess for fundamental regime change in Japan and the West is that the month of May will be characterized mainly by the continuing collapse of the old world order. There is plenty of talk about big events in June linked to the liberation of the West and Japan.

The White Dragon Society, for its part, has begun a systematic campaign on multiple levels to overthrow the cabal. There will not be much to see at first but just wait.


If you listen to any of his audio broadcasts, you can feel out what this guy is about. He feels clear to me and knowledgable.

Drake Notes
Updated for April 29th 2012

Catalog of Drake’s audio broadcasts here:

AREA 51 & DULCE, NEW MEXICO NEW (04/29/2012)
  • The timeframe for this is 30-45 days from 8 April 2012.
  • The arrests, taking into custody, sweep, and housecleaning, whatever you want to call it, will not come much lower than governor level, if that.
  • President and Congress – 13th amendment will apply.  If you are an agent in any way, form or shape, holding allegiance or gratitude to a foreign power, not only can you not hold citizenship, you cannot hold any office.   You are not allowed to be here.
UPDATED (04/29/2012)
  • <>·<>·<>·<>·<>·<>·<>·BANKS


  • Per Drake, if you have money in the bank everything will be zeroed out.
  • Afterwards there will be a RV (re-evaluation) according to a combination of both personal and collateral accounts.
  • The collateral accounts will try to attend to a combination of public works, making sure people have jobs, thing of this nature.
  • The private accounts will be more attuned to making sure that the people who would bring out emergency food stuffs to people who don’t have any food have gas for their trucks and things of this nature
  • The banks themselves, if they are not directly affiliated with the Federal Reserve or central banking system, will not be taken down.
  • The re-evaluation is going to be a different type of value in terms of currency.  We will be going from what we now know as a debt system to what will be known as equity system.
  • You may be looking at 2-3 times the purchasing power you had with the Federal Reserve note.  This means wages, costs, a lot of things are going to adjust.
  • These things are predicated on two basis: direct valuation (means that things have a certain value) and to go along with this productivity in terms of what the individual people are capable of doing and making sure they have the opportunity to do so.  These are to see the basic needs of individuals.
  • The currency of a country should be backed by some value.
  • For people that have money in the bank (prior to everything being zeroed), consider purchasing gold and silver coins.  By having $200-$300 worth of silver coins (called junk silver because they are 85% or more silver) you have a vendible currency that is always recognized.
  • From Drake’s understanding, it will not take very long to change from the debit system to the value system.
  • We will continue using the current currency and it will be phased out over time.  Drake has not been told yet what the new currency will be.  There will be a dead period that can be addressed with gold and silver coin.  Get at least enough to last you basically a week in terms of your expenses (groceries, fuel, etc.).
BRIDGES NEW (04/29/2012)

CHEMTRAILS NEW (04/29/2012)

CHICAGO (NATO Meeting) NEW (04/29/2012)

CHINA NEW (04/29/2012)



DRAKE’S COFFEE (Medicinal)
FARMERS NEW (04/29/2012)
<>·<>1.<>2.FEDERAL RESERVE NEW (04/29/2012)



  • Involves individuals, small towns, counties, things of this nature are going to become critical for two reasons:
    1. Self survival, self preservation
    2. The people will be seeing several different structural plans for a government in this country.  It is going to be hinged on and primarily put together just a little differently but very similar to what we originally had.  Drake’s understanding of the plan is two-fold:
      • The federal government as everyone knows it now is going and the finances will be turned back to the treasury.
      • The structural plans will be put on display at voting places for everyone to see with an explanation of what they are for/do.  Individual nation-states will stand individually.  There will be agreements between them per the Articles of Confederation.
      • We will have a much more transparent government.
  • Ammunition Purchases – Just because you say you are doing something does not necessarily mean it is happening.  Would check to see if there is a contract along with payment that validates what you are saying.
  • He has had dealings with both the White Knights and White Dragons.
  • He is not a member of these groups at this time.
  • There have been several Drakes popping up all over the place.
  • If someone wishes to contract Drake, they may do so through
  • He uses regular coffee but adds a few things.
  • Makes 12 cups with filtered water.  Uses 4 level scoops of Folder’s Dark Blend coffee.  Flatten out the coffee so it is not heaped up.
  • Ginger – it takes care of the acid feeling in your stomach that can occur from drinking coffee.  Put enough in to speckle it a light yellowish color.
  • Whole Ground Cloves – these are a pain reliever.  Put enough in until it is speckled brown.
  • Hyssop (can buy at a health food store) – sprinkle enough to sort of cover the prior ingredients.
  • Red Clover – is a blood cleaner.  Add a healthy pinch (equivalent of 1-2 blossoms and some leaves).
  • Then make the coffee.  The coffee will have a naturally sweet taste.


UPDATED (04/29/2012)


UPDATED (04/29/2012)
<>·<>1.<>2.<>·<>·<>·<>·<>·<>·<>·ICELAND NEW (04/29/2012)



  • Drake is in the process of making some of his own.
  • The technologies that have been repressed are going to be a part of the disclosure.  The disclosures are going to be tremendous.  Anyone that has had or has cancer will be treated in such a manner that they will no longer have it.
  • Was in the works for 5 years.  There is no documentary evidence concerning that, that anyone can come up with at this point.
  • Documentation on it does exist and is hoping to preserve that in order to prosecute the people involved with it.
  • Japan is unsafe to live in and this has not been told to the people.
  • The radiation has spread to Europe.  The problem is not radiation itself but the type of radiation.
  • This was an extortion attempt and used an explosive device.
  • Has been used for a combination of things.  One is extraordinary weather (called weather wars).  Other parts of it are earthquakes, tsunamis, extraordinary lacks in certain things (example: if you move the jet stream a certain way and a whole area goes dry).
  • Debt Elimination – information regarding this is located here:
  • Foreclosed homes will be returned to the owner.  People that have bought those homes will need to find a new one. 
  • The interest rate in terms of a mortgage is going to become a mute point.  People may want to look what is occurring in Iceland.
    1. Majority of what the central banking system was telling them was fraudulent.  Iceland ruled that their debt was fraudulent and that the banks could pay their own debt.
    2. Recently Iceland forgave all mortgages. 
  • You are your own creditor.  Fact of the matter is that these things will be officially recognized and rectified.  All federal taxes will disappear and as well as your mortgage.

JUDGES NEW (04/29/2012)





  • <>·, you will find a thing called Localization.  It provides a combination of both helping each other with simplistic things (if someone can’t do something, you help them with it or if they need something, you may provide it).  The other part of it is protection.
  • <>·<>·MOLESTERS NEW (04/29/2012)
    • <>·<>·NESARA NEW (04/29/2012)

      • <>·OPERATION GREEN LIGHT (24-hour advance notice) NEW (04/29/2012)

        • Not valid!  When the Green Light occurs it will be found on

        • do not make it viral until after confirming it through Freedom Reigns.

        • ·POLICE NEW (04/29/2012)

          • ·RADIATION NEW (04/29/2012)

             SHAPE SHIFTERS NEW (04/29/2012)
          • <>·<>·<>·SPAIN NEW (04/29/2012)

    STATES (Financial) NEW (04/29/2012)


    • Good reference site that covers some of the information Drake discussed:

    • Drake assists with this site.

    • <>·STATES (Paperwork) NEW (04/29/2012)

       UPDATED (04/29/2012)
      • No idea when the Pope will step down but we will know about it when it happens.

      • Everyone has heard of the scandals/problems within the church and those problems run to that particular individual.  There are other things nastier than that that will come out that people will be shocked at.

      • Drake doesn’t see the pope as being the center of attraction.  According to the church doctrine, it states that the pope is the holy man directly in contact with Jesus Christ.  That Jesus Christ, stated in the book, is the intercessor between man and God.  That doesn’t say anything about the pope.

      • The pope is guilty of things that even go beyond pedophilia and other concerns that the church has. 

      • Drake suggests that the church should cleanse itself.  This should be done by the membership.  Not all church officials are dirty.  The ones that are left after you clean house could be your new leadership and they should be watched closely.  Anything funny reported, they should be changed for someone else





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  1. Colonel Robert F. Cunningham May 3, 2012 at 12:42 PM

    ‘Drake’ is a liar of the first magnitude. Period.

    I called him and all his dimwit ‘followers’ and ‘publicists’ to call me a liar on May 1st, last, when all those ‘white hats’ began arresting all those OWG&NWO ‘criminals’ that like I said WOULD NOT happen, DID NOT happen.

    What does it take for you of the Great Idiot Elements to wake up? How many times must a liar be exposed as a lair before it downs on any of you that the damned liar is a damned liar?

    Oh, yes …. before I forget …. Jesus is coming BEFORE all these things and bringing his pet parrot ROOFUS GOOFUS to verify his identity! Just thought you’d like to know …

    Colonel Robert F. Cunningham,

  2. Cecille Chan May 20, 2012 at 11:41 AM

    I have been following Drake since he came out as supposedly representing the military. I am disappointed by all the predictions that has not happened and to top it all….Obama is now GAY (“gay lovers in Chicago”)? I am with Bill Wood. Obama is a good guy.

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