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Tue, May 8, 2012

Subject: Top 7 Dinar RV Plans – Copyrighted Spendtrift Trust


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[.jonnywg] A NEW AMERICA We just had in-depth conversations with financial analysts and securities experts regarding the new US Treasury Currency revaluation and transformation from the Federal Reserve.

This will take place during the next six (6) months; it is now acknowledged the devaluation will be slower and more gradual, and this is our new position based on new information.

 Cashing In: • Cash in at Banks in US Cuurrency, Credits, or Notes. • Deposit currency in a Non-interest bearing DDODD FRANK ACCOUNT. • After research, move money to investments (asset alloccation), small businesses, properties, corporations, housing; etc. See Below:

NOTE: Foreign Currencies such as BRICS, CDN, AUS dollars, UK GBP will not be a great investment for profit; however, it will stabilize your principle. This will be the safest way to go but does not help AMERICA.

Basically, the new philosophy in Post RV will be a rebirth of America and a wealth creator.

1. We are not to sit out from it.

2. We are to be proactive and take chances.

3. We should help create jobs and well-being.

4. Invest in companies that make something. 5. Invest your money in job creation.

6. Purchase real estate with a ten (10) year plus plan (and yes, some may lose money).

7. Take a risk to build up your nation.

You are the Leaders –like it or not, and we have all been placed in this position. THE BAD: Gold and some other precious medals will be too great a risk of investment mainly because the market is controlled by massive reserves of the Pacific Rim.

The USD will devalue for the next six (6) months, and PLEASE DO NOT INVEST IN THE STOCK MARKET. Be a Participant, not just an Investor; look into businesses that make a profit, and look for new frontier investments. Wealth Management provides another layer of protection to our money. This is a good addition to our Banking Institutions. It is our opinion you should speak directly with Wealth Management Teams and their Advisors–

[.jonnywg] this new opportunity of wealth can be of great assistance to you as an investor. Do not leave money in Banks!! Please do not live in fear– that is our old way of thinking to “never spend our money and save every dime in the Banks…¦â€ Those days need to be left in the past. We have an opportunity to go back to the good ole days of 1960 and build our economy yet again.

 You must be fearless and willing to educate yourselves– have confidence in your ability to take risks by knowing your money is actually making money rather than making money sitting stagnant in a Bank. We have got to get away from allowing the Banks to make money from our own money. DO NOT LEAVE MONEY IN BANKS.

You are very strong and capable people with remarkable endurance, as you have proven this in the IQD investment alone. It is our responsibility to plant seeds and allow our country to grow back into the strong economy it once was. Remember, we are all in this together, and together we can and will accomplish this goal.

 “Ask not what your country can do for you, Ask what you can do for your country— Askk together what we can do for the freedom of man.†–John F. Kennedy Good Luck and Thanks to all of you~

 jonnywg & BellaGrits

.jonnywg] this new information has changed my position on handling your money as we will adjust to new rules
If you have faith the size of a mustard seed-Nothing shall be impossible onto you.

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  1. Joe May 9, 2012 at 5:44 AM

    Your faith is it in god or the $ ?
    6 more mths and maybe 50%. Devalue inusa $ so $10.00 rv becomes $5.00 rv
    that’s December 2012 ? Obama by laws of the land on 23/3/2013 mandatory silicon. Chip implant , it will coinside with NWO regardless of who is in power . Law is law . Christians are told not to recieve the mark of the beast ? $ system banking system based on $ , you will not have freedom as it is now ? it going to change totally ? There saying gold do not buy but paper money or bank chip is system , these same people told buy gold now change ? Satan is prince of all rv control , Christians live by faith it sight or assets , many will be martered , money system is root of all evil , god does. Not. Need money

  2. Joe May 9, 2012 at 6:05 AM

    In Australia there already preparing the public with fear with fauls murders , kidnappings . Abductions , rape by homosexual pederants in society to make us except the silicon chip implant here , it will increase more as end year comes , Satan wants mark to say your his it’s the lust of eyes , lust of flesh , pride of life ? Is the tools used , money , wealth , assets, but it is all ending soon , only 6 mths left for elections and Obama needs a sale to stay in power rv is his ? election or romly same spirit ? it will be allowed as the heavenly plan is to seperate the sheep from the goats , must live by faith not assets , wealth, money , ? as you seen Jesus rise body , spirit you will see him descend the Same

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