Economic Collapse – Bilderberg EU Collapse Plans

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Bix Weir
Thu, May 31, 2012
Subject: European Union Collapses First
Just a quick update right before the world spins out of control…

The Timeline hits are coming fast and furious in both the mainstream media as well as behind the scenes!

Here's what I wrote about this specific point in time(written in January):

"By the end of May the signs of economic trouble will be everywhere. If the European Union makes it to the end of June it will be a surprise as the Bad Guys want Europe to go down first, before the entire Global Financial System. They are desperately trying to divert the blame away from the true culprits…themselves and their abuse of their un-backed fiat monetary system."

Private Road members can access the current timeline here:

2012: Timeline on the Road to RootA

Tomorrow's Friday Road Trip delves deeper into what's going on at JPM as well as an analysis of Clif High's latest timeline for this summer and how it jives with the Road to Roota timeline info.

Let's just say it's not pretty!

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May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir

Bilderbergers commit a felony?

RT- International lawmakers and other world figureheads are deep in discussion near Washington, DC this week at the 2012 Bilderberg Conference. But are members of the exclusive group breaking US law while meeting off the record?

Zoning vs. Eminent Domain:
How Ventura County Shut Down The Pine Mountain Inn…local government is shutting those businesses down, one by one, using arcane zoning and building-code laws to get the job done.

The Grand Jury

The Grand Jury is also known as the people’s panel. Every citizen should know the history and purpose of the grand jury in order to properly protect his fellow man from prosecutorial abuse. When citizens are unaware of their power they cannot exercise that power to uphold justice.
2012 Bilderberg conference clearly indicates that power brokers at the elite confab will be discussing the effort to topple President Bashar Al-Assad and install a NATO-friendly administration
Indianapolis Star | Gov. Mitch Daniels was to come home Friday from an appearance at the little-known and somewhat mysterious Bilderberg Meeting



Irish Times | Irish Minister for Finance Michael Noonan is in the US attending the annual conference of the secretive Bilderberg group.



RT | Egypt’s deposed President Hosni Mubarak will spend the rest of his life behind bars.
Washington’s Blog | PhD Economists Endorse Ron Paul.

Climate change is a hoax
June 1, 2012 | The Vancouver Sun

Peace in the Middle East | Prophecy in the News

June 1, 2012

The U.S. will lose its sovereignty to a New York 'dictators club' unless the Sea Treaty for ocean mining is defeated
June 1, 2012 | Mail Online – Endorsement: Former secretaries of state including Condoleeza Rice and Henry Kissinger want the US Senate to ratify the international law of the sea treaty…They suggest that the United States has far more to gain from joining the treaty than from staying outside of it.

Yet the Treaty remains objectionable for three main reasons: it compromises US sovereignty, it gives undue power to the United Nations, and it will deter much needed investment in offshore resources…The Treaty endangers American sovereignty by placing US naval decision-making under the supervision of an international body.



Target sells shirts to benefit gay-rights advocates

Minneapolis • Target Corp. is taking some heat for selling T-shirts to benefit a group that favors gay marriage.
The retail giant recently unveiled several "Pride"-themed shirts, with proceeds to benefit the Family Equality Council. The group is one of several fighting a proposed constitutional amendment in Minnesota to ban gay marriage.
T-shirts are "a slap in the face to people of faith and supporters of marriage."
Target says the T-shirts simply reinforce its long support of the LGBT community.

Fight crimes with your smart phone alone from personal blogs

Investigators crowd sourcing for case-related information
SALT LAKE CITY — Not everyone can patrol the night like Salt Lake City's Black Monday Society, but you can fight crimes with your smart phone alone.
Lately, investigators are using sites that rely on citizen's comments on everything from personal blogs to information-sharing sites to acquire pertinent information. But are these sources being used in the right way?
Jason K. Jensen, owner of Utah's Jensen Investigations, says there are some good times for investigators to take what they know to the public…Crowdsourced Investigations, a new company making a name for itself based on its unorthodox methods, claims that people's addiction to social media is a major player in crime-fighting networks.

Utah Lake fire sparks concerns over target practice in the area

KAYSVILLE — A book about gay parents has been removed from the shelves of an elementary school.
The book is called "In Our Mothers' House," and it's the story of two homosexual women raising children in a "non-traditional household." After her kindergarten student brought the book home, one more at Windridge Elementary worked with other parents to remove the book from library shelves, because they felt it promoted a gay marriage agenda…The book now sits "behind the counter," according to Williams, in case other parents want their kids to read it. Students are required to bring a signed permission slip from their parents to check the book out.

Utahns divided over World Trade Center name

SALT LAKE CITY — After an announcement Tuesday that the Eagle Gate Tower in downtown Salt Lake City will be renamed World Trade Center at City Creek, some Utahns are concerned about the ties of the name to the 9/11 terrorist attacks….We were going to rebuild America. –Lew Cramer…Cramer said he wants to "establish as a beacon to the world that Utah is open for international business." He said there is power in having a World Trade Center that is one of a network of hundreds worldwide…"This seems to dismiss respect for the thousands that died September 11," said West Valley City resident Trevor Morgan. "I just hope they know that the majority of the population here do not support this name change. I heard all sorts of negative comments from people on the train yesterday, and today, about (it)." …Some, though, say the best way to respect the events of 9/11 is to keep building.



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