Dinar RV Scam? – Iraqi Petro Dinar Will Lead the World

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Sun, June 3, 2012

Subject: 5 Dinar Marks to Verify Authenticity

www.MorningLiberty.com   Extra time to get ready for Dinar RV – call Wynn for your Trust 801 – 205 – 7070

Here is a page at the link that tells how to spot fake Dinars. 


OKIE OIL MAN – OFFICIAL Pre-Graduation Announcement



DO NOT CALL BANKS     Call Wynn to make sure your Dinar Trust Structure gets set-up ph 801-205-7070

If you have been with me in Dinar University, you'll want to head right to your group leader. Graduation announcements will soon be sent via email from your group leader, and there will be no public posting. If you are not on a group list, contact someone who is but if you don't also COMING SOON will be details of an email auto responder at Dinar Recaps. This is the only way to make this vital connection and secure your great GPA.

Dinar Graduates please do the following to secure your diploma:

*Secure WF Bank Code & Instructions – once the Bank issues the Bank Code and Instructions the group leaders will be sending it, via email, directly to group members. The WF Banker handling the large group has assured me that you will receive the best possible rate.

*If you are Not on the List – if you are not on the group list to get the WF Bank Code and Instructions then call other dinarians that you know and ask them if they are on the list and get the Bank Code and Instructions from them and also COMING SOON will be details of an email auto responder at Dinar Recaps if you don't know someone.

*Follow the Instructions Carefully – Please conduct yourself as professionals and be respectful of all bank employees. There will be ample time for each of us to get into the bank to facilitate our currency exchange. You must follow the bank instructions carefully to protect yourself and others. Please make Okie proud of each one of you as Dinar Graduates!

*WF Bank Package – the Bank Code will give you the best rate possible, but does not include other benefits the bank may offer you. In my younger years the bank would offer a new customer a toaster, or blender, so when you go into the bank use the code to get the rate but you should ask about the toaster, blender, or other benefits the bank can offer you. Remember, you don't get anything until you ask for it. So ask. The banker is there to help you.

*Don't Post the Bank Code or Exchange Rate – The Bank Code and Exchange Rate MUST NOT be posted on the Internet in a public forum. The Bank does not want their Bank Code or Exchange Rate to be posted for the general public, but wants this kept as a grass roots communication effort to the faithful dinarians of these groups along with their friends and family. We must respect the bank's request.

*Okie Wants the Best for You – the rate will be very good. Be very happy with the blessing given. The leadership team has gone to great lengths in working with the Bank to protect everyone in these groups, and to make sure this will be a seamless process for everyone involved.

Thank you for allowing me to be the senior member of the graduating class. We have all grown and are wiser. Use your new resources to help your family, loved ones, and friends to grow and make a better life.

Take care everyone, and God bless you all.


"I prefer liberty with danger to peace with slavery!"
Psalm 94:20 Shall the throne of iniquity have fellowship with thee, which frameth mischief by a law?  “Democracy is the road to Socialism.” Said Karl Marx. Authored The Communist Manifesto. —



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  1. sidihussain September 24, 2013 at 7:33 PM

    May I know why forex banks do not publish the exact date of dinar rv…should we had an appoinment for rv then….tq

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