Dinar RV Threat – Maliki is a George Bush Puppet

Judge Dale

Wed, June 6, 2012

Subject: Dinar Insider Trading?




SAD TRUTH — by Judge Dale



By:  Judge Dale


While I’m pointing a figure at the intelligence level of the American public, I wish to add this little FACT:




The Dinar Guru’s are being or have been threatened by the Government or the Federal Reserve System with felony arrest, should they publish the Revaluation of Currency and a Rate, which is premised upon the idea that this can some how be construed as, “INSIDER TRADING” ?  REALLY?




This is certainly a sad state of affairs especially since 90% of the American Public has been so horrifically dumbed down by our politicians; educational system and media, that they do not know the difference between Legitimate Investment and Insider Trading? 




So … allow me teach you the difference:



An [Investment] is based upon speculation, as in this case, of a currency revaluation, is not an Inside Trade!  This is a Legitimate Investment!




An [Inside Trade] means that some investor has received [secret corporate information] that two companies are about too merge (or) a company is about to release a new product, which will double the corporate assets and as such, the value of the corporate stock is expected to split or double!  The investor who then purchases a truck load of stock in either company, based solely upon this [secret corporate information] is guilty of felony Insider Trading!




NOTE: It did not take a genius to realize that when the US Military petitioned to “devalue” the Dinar, prior to DESERT STORM, that one day the Dinar would “revalue” once again! 




Currency Devaluation: Is an offensive tactic designed to attack the economy of a country, while attacking them militarily! 




This is speculation and is a “Legitimate Investment” and not some secret corporate information or “Inside Trade”!







1] Maliki has never been a good man and is George W. Bush’s man in Iraq.  The Bush Family, if you remember, is responsible for exporting crude from the Middle East, in order to drive up the price of oil in the United States.  Maliki was appointed to head up the new government of Iraq by George W. Bush, which means that George and his father, get to control what happens with that country as long as Maliki remains in charge! 




Hence, the reason for the recent NO CONFIDENCE VOTE by the new Iraqi Government!






2] Considering the fact that the Middle East consistently votes against the United States on 78% of United Nations proposals, it was important for the Criminal Cabal to gain a foothold in the Middle East! 




Hence, the continual CIA staged Middle Eastern conflicts; the theft of Gold from Iran and the appointment of Maliki!






3] The private corporate Communist Federal Government for the United States; the ad-hoc President, Obama; the Israeli owned private corporate Federal Reserve System and the Bilderberg Group, do not want the World Revaluation of Currency [Basil III] to succeed because it will destroy their FIAT Corporations; their Control and FIAT Currency! 




Hence, the European Union [EURO] is about too collapse and the [US DOLLAR] isn’t far behind!  [i.e.] The US doesn’t need the Dinar or the Dong to revalue, we investors do!  Whenever the US Federal Government needs money, they simply print more [called counterfeit] and add it to the National Debt balance [called debt perpetuation]!




4] The Dinar is already a Basil III currency.  The release of its value is being blocked by the Obama and Maliki on orders from the Cabal!  These people are not your friends.  They will murder you and sell your children in a moment’s notice, if it profits them!  They are the Devil’s Disciples and actually participate in satanic rituals!




5] If the exchange RATE of a revalued Foreign Currency comes in high, it will have a ZERO affect upon that countries economy!  [e.g.]  If [1] Dinar exchanges for [60] Federal Reserve Notes; that means that the US Dollar is completely valueless in comparison to the Dinar!  Basil III does not lie!  Politicians and Governments lie! 




Hence, the EURO and the DOLLAR is only valuable as long as the people can be fooled to believe that they have value and truth is what scares and panics the Criminal Cabal! 




YES…our Federal Government is the military arm of the Cabal; London is the financial arm of the Cabal and the Vatican is the spiritual arm of the Cabal!  All three are separate FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS who have combined together to dominate the WORLD!  They only have power and control as long as they have the funds to facilitate and bribe.  Their demise is more important than you controlling millions of worthless FRN’s!




If you people don’t understand and accept this simple truth, your future; fate and the fate of your children will be sealed in death and slavery!  Love each other and yourselves and not that which is Caesar’s …


If my statements have offended anyone or group of American’s, “suck it up” because that is what I intended!

Monday, June 4, 2012



BY: Judge Dale




The answer to this headline is obviously, YES!



1] Any of you who have attended a first year Chemistry, was taught this simple technology.  You just had to be intelligent enough to connect the dots and comprehend its importance!




EXPERIMENT:  Fill a beaker half full of water; insert low voltage electrodes and turn on the electricity.  Electrolysis causes the water in the beaker to breakdown into its original gaseous vapor composition of [2] parts hydrogen and [1] part oxygen hence the chemical equation for water, H2O.




Do not cover the beaker!  After a few minutes, light a match and when the flame is held close to the beaker, you will witness a mini explosion that resembles igniting a charcoal grill! 




Both of these gases are combustible and when mixed back together, they burn hotter than gasoline!  The residue or pollution from this experiment is “ZERO” because the gases instantly convert back into water after ignition! 




2] NASA scientists however realized the value of this experiment and also discovered that with an additive, these gases can be frozen into a solid matrix, hence, the fuel used to power the SPACE SHUTTLE!  The vapor coming from the SPACE SHUTTLE is only water!




In order to keep America dumbed down; the US Government, constructed a facility in Venezuela to manufacture the frozen fuel for the SPACE SHUTTLE, which is then shipped back to Cape Kennedy, USA.  The cost of building and maintaining this facility can be located under the category of miscellaneous, that Congress jokingly defines as a Federal Budget.




This was never new technology!  Most of us were simply too dumb to realize the value of this experiment especially when 70% of the Earth is covered in water and not oil.   




NOTE: Science has recently deduced that at one time in our history, the Earth had a gaseous ring around it, resembling Uranus, which was composed of Hydrogen and Oxygen gas.  Evidence being uncovered, proves that the Earth was once entirely a tropical paradise [Garden of Eden] covered by only 20% in water.  Then something occurred to Earths electromagnetic field, which caused most of the gaseous vapor ring surrounding the Earth to convert into water and hence, [The Great Biblical Flood]!




3] Another source of energy is Radiant Energy, which was discovered by Nickoli Tesla and is the basis of time travel.  YES … our Government has had a tested device for 40 years that permits man to travel forward and back in time!




4] Oil Wells do not dry up!  Mother Earth naturally produces crude oil as a by-product of intense core heat [friction] applied to shale.  There is one oil field in the State of Texas that has out produced the entire volume of crude exported from the Middle East.  President George W. Bush, ordered an 80% reduction of the oil production in Texas under the guise of preserving America’s oil reserves for National Security and 90% of America was so dumb that they supported his decision!



The truth is that George W. Bush was forcing up the price of oil too insure larger profits for the Royal and Elite.  Why did he choose the Middle East when Venezuela still sells their gasoline for 25 cents a gallon!  There no longer being an import / export tax in America, We the People, could easily form a coop and import gasoline from Venezuela!  The Federal government is now entirely a private foreign corporation that has no authority or jurisdiction in the States unless WE the People permit them too!  Our Sheriff’s are learning that one the hard way!



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