2012 New World Disorder – Which End Is It, a New Beginning?

Ben Fulford

Mon, June 11, 2012

Subject: June 18 NWO G20 Meetings

www.MorningLiberty.com   Is Ben Fulford a DisInfo Agent?  Report below…

There will be a series of both secret and public high-level meetings from June 15 to June 20th aimed at ending the financial crisis that threatens to collapse the Western world’s banking sector, according to multiple sources. The hope is that the G20 meeting set to start on June 18th will lead to a breakthrough.
To help make that possible, the White Dragon Society sent a message to the Committee of 300 proposing the announcement of a campaign, similar in intensity to a world war, aimed at ending poverty, stopping environmental destruction, eliminating disease and otherwise trying to save our wonderful, but ailing planet.
If the committee responds positively and yet the high-level financial blockage continues, then the next level response will be directed at the P2 freemason lodge and the BIS, according to sources involved in the negotiations.

The other culprit known to be directly involved in stopping the new financial system is the drone serial killer Barak Obama, hired hand for the Federal Reserve Board owning cabal families. These families, the Warburgs, the Harrimans, The Scherffs (Bush), the Morgans, the Mellons, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds and their subsidiaries would then be considered to be the source of the problem and subsequently dealt with.

So far the Bushes, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Black Pope and a who’s who of the Western power elite have already been offering astronomical bribes to White Dragon Society members in an attempt to maintain their control on the dollar and Euro printing presses.

Needless to say, a lot of these super-rich trillionaire families would become street trash without their fabled money printing presses. Since it costs them nothing to punch extra zeroes into central bank computers, they keep coming up with ever more absurd and astronomical numbers that have nothing to do with the real world. The last central bank cabal “bond” one this writer saw had 46 zeroes on it but it was just as worthless as the rest. What the cabal families do not have is what they need the most, the goodwill of the people of the planet earth.

We also need to keep in mind the possibility that the blockage of the financial system in the West does not originate either with the Federal Reserve Board families, the committee of 300, the P2, the BIS or any other human organization. In that case, the rogue artificial intelligence story being put out by MJ12 will have to be taken seriously. It would mean temporarily ending all electronic money, unplugging all bank and financial institution computers and reverting temporarily to cash and carry until the system can be safely rebooted. This is the worst case scenario for financial system collapse. It will mean considerable, temporary, hardship but not mass starvation.

In any case, enough people have become aware of the scam that is privately owned fiat (out of nothing) money that the genie cannot be put back into the bottle. The process of monetary creation and distribution will have to be carried out in total transparency from now on.

The cabal will also have to start telling the truth about their secret rule. This will mean appearing before a South African style truth and reconciliation committee and talking about their crimes against humanity in exchange for forgiveness.

This further means the robber baron control matrix that has been set up over the past 100 years (or probably much longer) will have to be dismantled.

It will involve a total rewriting of history. We already know that history as taught in Western schools is a highly censored version of what really happened. For example, in the real version of history, the robber barons won and established totalitarian rule. In the false version taught in the West the cabal monopolies and cartels were broken up by democratically elected governments.

In the cabal version, civilization began in Mesopotamia about 7,000 years ago and all other civilizations are “junior” to the West. The truth is that there were advanced civilizations more than 14,000 years ago in many parts of the world (based on overwhelming archaeological and historical evidence). Perhaps opening the Vatican library to international scholars would be a good place to start.

The breakup of the media and school brainwashing system will also lead to radical changes. One Russian source says the brainwashing runs so deep it will take at least 15 years to produce a new non-brainwashed generation.

The White Dragon Society believes that from now on humans will only need one commandment: “do unto others (including non-human others) as you would have others do unto you.” The idea that apart from that one rule, people could do whatever they want, however they want, whenever they want, according to their desires, left the cabalist speechless.

One cabal family member seemed perplexed and scared and in awe of the idea of people being set free. The cabalists somehow think civilization will collapse if people are not kept as slaves but that is patently not true. People will continue to work and create because otherwise they will become bored.
Of course, the battle is not over yet and this free future has still not actually started.


Benjamin Fulford Exposed as MI-5 Agent of Disinformation!

Stew Webb got breaking news that Benjamin Fulford has now been identified as an MI-5 agent of disinformation!  Please  read the latest Intel report by Tom Heneghan and watch the video of the show with Stew the previous night.  We are proud that "Late Night in the Midlands" and Radio Nsearch were the first to bring out the story on the radio and on video because disinfo agents have stopped REAL action from taking place for years now!  
Also covered is how David Wilcock is being used to push out disinformation that the aliens will save us!  This is DANGEROUS because David Wilcock and Benjamin Fulford have been hooked up for a long time and deceiving millions in the truth community.  Even before the confirmation of Benjamin Fulford being an agent for MI-5, It was obvious that Benjamin was working for somebody for many reasons.  First, he said there was no radiation around Tokyo and it was only affecting the Fukushima local area!  This is a LIE!  
Also Benjamin Fulford never funded any free energy projects with his trillionaire friends even though websites such as this one have at least 5 that are ready for mass production!  The lesson that must be learned from this important video is that aliens and agents of MI-5 will not save us!  
We ALL have to get involved in spreading the truth and recalling all the people who voted for NDAA etc!  Every truth website should be pushing truth cards such as the ones we make available here.  We all have to get focused and get active!  Thank you for all the people that are helping us push the story about Occupy Cherokee Castle
Stew's Latest Video on "Late Night in the Midlands" – Benjamin Fulford Exposed as working for MI-5!
From June 11-14, Montreal will be hosting the International Economic Forum of the Americas at the 2012 Conference of Montreal, which will bring roughly 150 speakers from the global elite to speak to an audience of other elites and sympathetic media spokespersons.



This year’s conference will include as the keynote speaker, Alan Greenspan, former Chairman of the Federal Reserve System (the U.S. central bank), who was once considered for nearly 20 years to be “the most powerful banker in the world,” and as such, was largely responsible for causing the global financial crisis, along with the heads of the central banks of Portugal, Spain, France, Brazil, Mexico and Canada.

There will be delegates from 24 countries around the world gathering at the Hilton Bonaventure Montreal Hotel to discuss the theme of “A Global Economy in Transition: New Strategies, New Partnerships” in front of roughly 3,000 participants.

Along with formal discussions, “the Conference of Montreal will also enable the world’s various economic and political players present








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