Next 5 Acts for Freedom – Republic Rangers & Dollars

Robert A Hender Jr  ' R J '

Wed, Jun 13, 2012

Subject: Republic Congress Notes 6/12 – Rangers & Republic Dollars

Republic Congress Notes  
America's Republic Congress is Back 
All over America people are watching politicians make decisions and pass laws that impact our lives.  Some State Capitols have designated areas where people  can watch legislators in action.  By March 29th, 2010 America's Republic was reseated by Americans in all 50 Free States.  These days at you can examine new Republic laws that are being considered and you can take a look at new Republic laws that have been approved. 
Our Republic was abandoned between 1860 and 1871.  In America, the 41st Congress in the District of Columbia allowed our freedoms to slip away.  Most of us have been influenced by the corporations that have taken over America.  You and I have had very little understanding of how we have lost our freedoms.  Now, it is up to volunteers to restore our liberties.  Our families and our country depend on this new effort to put America back on to a sound footing.  See


The Republic Died 1871
2001 USA PATRIOT Act  destroys all of the bill of rights…Thus Renewing our Covenant/Contract with Death & Hell. Isaiah 28:18

When you go to then click on to the ' public, ' option and
it will bring you to Republic Bills that are being considered and Bills that have been
approved by our Republic Congress. 
On Tuesday, June 12th your Republic House and Senate considered 5 Bills that are making waves across America now.  i attended this Joint Session of the Republic Congress and I must be careful in this report.  People have a right to know what took place with America's Republic Congress.  America's ' Main Press, ' continues to ignore the reality of the Republic for the united States of America
There were 5 Bills that were presented before the Joint Sesion of the Republic Congress.  Only 2 of these Bills were voted upon, that night. 
        1 – American Security Act 
        2 – Equal Footing Act
        3 – Republic DeJure Money Act
        4 – Military Communications Act
        5 – Republic Seal Act  
If passed, the American Security Act would create the Republic Department of  Security, it would create the office for the Secretary of Security and it would allow ' the Republic's, ' President to organize the American Ranger Program.  Some people believe these Republic Rangers would be a standing army.  At this point Republic President Tim Turner has claimed that these Rangers would operate very much like Marshals.  Tim Turner has commented on many Republic calls that these Rangers would not be a Military Force, but they would be a PeaceKeeping force  that would be assigened to protect people and property in ' the Republic. '
At this point we don't know what any rules of engagement would be.  My concern is that this Peaceful Ranger Force could be lured in to an armed conflict.  It would be  a careful dance to step to, in order to be a Ranger and to be peaceful. 
It appears that the Republic DeJure Money Act would allow ' the Republic, ' to coin our own money or to print our own American Republic Dollars.  These new dollars may be called American Republic Treasury Certificates.  A new Treasury System is being organized in ' the Republic, ' and since we are expecting fiat currencies to collapse at any moment people have a right to exchange between one another for goods or services. 
The Military Communications Act is being examined by the Republic House and Senate in an effort to give Republic President Tim Turner the support of ' We the People, ' as he goes and visits with people who serve America in our military or in the Joint Chiefs of Staff. 
It's been amazing to watch American USA Presidents to declare wars without the backing of Congress.  This must not happen in ' the Republic. '
The Republic Seal Act is pretty simple.  Our own ' Republic Flag, ' now exists with 50 stars organized in a circle on a bed of blue and with 13 red and white stripes.
On Tuesday night the 12th of June the Senate passed the Seal Act and the Military Communications Act.  I have not heard whether the Republic House approved these bills, but most likely there were enough votes in the House to pass these bills. 
As we organized ourselves by March 29th, 2010 there were a handfull of goals that have driven most of us in ' the Republic. '  We were expecting a couple of leaders to go and 1 – Put a Stop to Foreclosures  2 – Take people out of prisons, who don't belong behind bars  3 – create Republic credentials for people who are a part of this Republic Government and movement  4 – We would watch the end of the IRS  5 – We would watch the end of the Federal Reserve  6 – Many people were expecting access to the DTCC or our Straw Man Accounts. 
A few of us won't rest until these objectives are accomplished. 
Many countries around the world recognize that ' the Republic, ' is back in America and we have verbal support from these nations. 
You can listen in to some of the activity by people in ' the Republic. '  First, make sure that you take a look at   People are needed in every Free State in America, to help us finish re-inhabiting our Republic. 
On Wednesday nights there is a national Republic conference call that you can listen in to.  You can listen to RuSA conference calls that have already taken place by  official website.   or call 424-203-8000  code 819054 at 6pm pacific time.
On Thursday nights there is a Republic ' Round Table Conference Call, ' that would allow you to listen to leaders in ' the Republic, ' as they discuss positive and negative issues that are coming up across America.  Call 712-432-0075  access code 594637 and this conference call begins at 6pm pacific time…
There is much work to do, if we can turn our country around.  We have heard for years how 2012 was the year of the End of the World.  Maybe 2012 will be the end for TPTB.  A friend told me recently that he believes that America is the 1 lost sheep that God has gone to find.  We shall see. 
God Bless,   Robert Hender  ' R J '

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