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Sun, Jun 24, 2012

Subject: Saving the Herd in America – Vatican Debt Slavery

Slavery in America  
Federal Reserve Debt Slaves 
In America the Main Press is very good at keeping us occupied in the thick of thin things.  On Friday morning, June 22nd Ken Cousens and Keith Livingway were explaining how Americans, by contract, have become the collateral for the debts of the federal reserve.  Keith says that he could hear NSA morse code noise in the background, durin the radio interview on and then the power went down at the station. 
Many of us don't know our own history.  Most of us have been taught and pursuaded that our freedoms, in America, come from the constitution  or from congress in DC. 
Before the power went down at TME I was able to take about 5 pages of notes from the conversation between Keith Livingway and Ken Cousens this morning. 
By contract, we have a right to step away from being Debt Slaves to the Federal Reserve Corporation and all their entanglements.  By contract, TPTB created a constitutional democracy long before you and I were born. A democracy is like two wolves who are having a discussion with a lamb over what is for lunch.  
After our so-called war of independence with England the Colonies had a huge war debt.  Banks in England and Banks in France gave loans to the Colonies for guns and bullets and uniforms and food and stuff.  When Ben Franklin participated in signing our agreement, after the war, we promised to pay back those French and English banks – with interest only payments.  The principle on those war debts were never paid.  Ben had to sign on to those terms and conditions or the King in England would not release him from jail.  You may have heard of this Treaty of Paris. 
Because of a Doctrine of Discovery the Vatican feel they have a claim on America and every other country.  A Trust was created and America was placed as inventory in one of these Vatican Trusts.  The Roithschilds family services these trust accounts for the Vatican.  The Queen is also in the loop, for ' the Crown. '  
You are considered as a part of their herd, useless eaters.  We have become inventory, or cash cows for the Vatican in America.  
We agreed to be placed as collateral for the debts of the federal reserve and the USA corporation and their buddy corporatins.  Most people have no clue as to how they agreed to these terms and conditions. 
The Marriage License is a business license wherein the husband 
and the wife agree to hand over to the State the proceeds of their 
union.  Love sick people sign on to the marriage license contract but 
they don't read all of the terms and conditions.  
The Birth Certificate is signed by the doctor, and the mother and the father, but the baby's signature is placed on those documents too. A baby's footprint is in fact the signature to this next adhesion contract. On bonded notepaper a new Franchise is created in our name and then the birth certificate document is processed through the State and then it goes on to the Federal Government and placed under the jurisdiction of the Department of Commerce.  At you may be able to keep track of the revenue that has been garnered by the sale of your strawman document, again and again and again…  
Most of us are completely unaware of all the adhesion contracts that we have signed on to that give the USA corp and the Federal Reserve permission to buy and sell you or me.  
There are a few, significant Laws that never change.  Every one of us have a right to Life, Liberty and Happiness.  We also have a right to contract.  
It's about time that we transfer our jurisdiction away from the grips of the Federal Reserve and over to our own hands.  This is where the General Post Office comes in.  You have probably never heard of this solution before.  Back in 1977 the Articles of Confederation gave you and me a right to a Perpetual Union with rights.  If you will go to  you can exile yourself from the clutches of the federal reserve.  Next, you can lay declare the meets and bounds of your state for yourself and your family.  In the Bible we are told by God that if we repent and turn away that God would restore our land. We are considered as our own land.  
There are a few official steps that we get to take that will allow us to re-claim ourselves and our state and our country for our Creator.  Which God have we been serving?  
We need to go back and claim the original constitution in our state. In 1967 the non commercial bank system in the General Post Office, was abandoned.  By the law of nations we have a right to claim things that may have been abandoned.  
The Queen has become the trustee of America, in behalf of the Vatican.  This condition will continue unless we step in and do something about it.  
This may be the only peaceful means where we can step in and claim America in behalf of ourselves, our family and our posterity.  Are you one of America's new Founding Fathers or Mothers?  We are running out of time.  Will you help to re-claim the full meets and bounds of every state?  Will you help to re-claim our country?  
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CNBC Admits We're All Slaves To Central Banker's Global Government
Sunday, June 24, 2012 9:00


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