Top 3 Steps to Claim Our Land – 2012 Apocolypse

Ken Cousens

Fri, Jun 29, 2012

Subject: Jesus Exiled Himself from Rome Jurisdiction – So Can We  audio links to Ken Cousens disclosures…   good intel 

Reign of the Heavens   
 Jesus Did Set Up His Kingdom on Earth  
     Ken Cousens has been sitting in for me, On the Radio, for the last several Fridays at in the morning.  I've spent several days in the hospital, at my doctor's office or in bed trying to recover.  I've also had some appointments with local power and heat and internet and phone service providers to beg them to keep my services on.  I can't do this work alone.  I have been asking listeners to send donations to  Robert Hender  P O Box 25  Ephraim, UT  84627.  Every month I have been at risk to be evicted or to get services shut off.
     For over 2 1/2 years I have been giving ' the Republic for the united States, ' coverage on my radio program.  On Wednesdays and Fridays, I have done my  best to bring voices from RuSA to educate and inform you about what is going  on, for the cause of Freedom in Our Country. 
     It has not been and easy thing to hand over my Fridays to Ken Cousens.  As I have spoken with Ken Cousens about his stand with ' the General Post, ' he told  me that he had every intention to being RuSA and together.  RuSA may have been strengthened by the people and the position of the General  Post organization.  The GPO people could have been strengthened by RuSA and  it's people and policies. 
     Maybe Ken was wrong.  I hear that in California, people have had issues with  Ken Cousens, for a few years.  I hear that for some people in California, the issues  have become very personal, the differences in opinion and Ken's actions.  I have  not gotten in the middle of any of that stuff. 
     Over the years, in my 22yr radio career, some people have tried to put me in their pocket.  I don't try to control people.  Freedom of Speech is a foundational right in my country, maybe yours too.  I am not a rubber stamp for anyone.  I am committed to serve my Heavenly Father, and I follow His inspiration.  My mother raised me to serve God – First…  I have been longing for the 2nd advent of Jesus and to see in my lifetime the Kingdom of God established on the Earth. 
     I have not known enough about ' the Gernal Post, ' to take a positin.  I have stood by ken Cousens as he has become more active with ' the Gernal Post. 'In our country, people have a right to their own opinion without harassment. In our country people have a right to their own convictions without being abused.In California and by a few RuSA people, Ken Cousens has been thrown under the bus many times, long before he left RuSA and sided with GPO. 
     Several months ago the owner of ' The Micro Effect, ' radio network told me that if I was every going to miss a radio program then i would have to find myown replacement.  For years, I have invited and groomed Co-Hosts to discuss current events and their opinions on my radio programs.  Ken never did radiobefore he began joining me on Fridays, about 10 months ago.  As I have hadmy personal emergencies recently I have been grateful that Ken has been ableto step in and do his best – for me – on Fridays. 
     One of my listeners sent me the aidio link to this last Friday's radio programthat Ken Cousens hosted.  I have taken 4 pages of notes and I will do my bestto convey the message that Ken Cousens and Keith Livingway delivered onthe program, June 29th, 2012.  I think this program may be the most significant program that Ken Cousens has ever done. 
     In every state Americans are needed to exit from the jurisdiction of Washington DC and to claim the land, the meets and bounds, of every state.  Keith Livingway says that he found evidence of " Reign of the Heavens, " that shows how Jesus separated Himself from the jurisdiction of Rome and He lawfully secrued the meets and bounds of His Kingdom on the Earth.  This may be new intel for many  of you.  I'm familiar with the " Lord's Prayer, ' where people read about some of  those details. 
     In America 2 nations can occupy the same territory.  A few of America's  indigenous Native Peoples have never compromised their sovereignty, they have never handed their land to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  The Vatican sent emmissaries to claim the Americas as they have pursued the ' Doctrine of Discovery. 'The Vatican is a nation.  Vatican City is a Nation State.  The City of London is a Nation State.  Washington DC is a Natin State.  By contract, the land and the people  are property of the Vatican.  As far as the Vatican is concerned they believe they  are the owners of our land, of our bodies and the owners of our souls.  Take a look  at more evidence from another guest of mine at
     For most Americans these facts are too outrageous to believe. 
     The Marriage License is a business license.  This marriage license is a contract  where the man and woman hand their children over to the state. 
     Our birth certificate is signed by us.  Our footprint is a signature.  This birth certificate is written on bonded note paper and it is sold, just like a mortgage backed security.  We  are traded like any other commodity.  Since the Fedral Government and the State Gov't  and the City Gov't will provide services to us then these birth certificates generate income for the USA Corp and the revenue is tied to our Straw Man Account. 
     The Social Security system belongs to the Queen. 
     With several adhesion contracts we have become inventory for the USA Corp. 
     As you sign the driver's license you admit to the jurisdiction of the DC City State. 
     When we fill out and sign the Voter's Registration form we give TPTB the power of  attorney over us. 
     Margaret Thatcher once said that ' Socialism is great until the other guy runs out of  money. '  TPTB have built themselves a house of cards and it's about to come down. 
     At some point we must wake up.  At some point we must take responsibility for our selves and for our own destiny.  Does our authority come from God, or not?  Are we devoted to a Father in Heaven or are we dovoted to the dollar and Washington DC? 
     Before the 14th amendment was put in force, in 1868 an ' expatriation act, ' was  declared that enables you and me to separate ourselves from the nonsense of these City State Corporations that have hijacked America.  We have every right to; 1 – Exile ourselves from DC   2 – proclaim the meets and bounds in our state as Free  3 – declare  an Oath and Affirmation of devotion to God  
     Some where in the good book it declares that ' when my people repent, and turn  away from their evil then I will forgive them and heal their land. '  
     If we don't declare America and ourselves as ' Free Land, ' dedicated to God then who else will do this work? 
     Many years ago overlaying surveys were put in place in order to hide the evidence of ' the Reign of the Heavens. '  The Emanuel Trust represents land that jesus set aside for His Kingdom.  Jesus has a Great Seal.  Jesus had a Royal Blue and Purple flag.  Jesus organized a hospital and an army.  These truths have been hidden for over 2,000 years.  John the Baptist proclaimed exile from the jurisdiction of Rome. John the Baptist declared a separate nation, he declared meets and bounds by the sea of Galilee.  These things may be why John the Baptist lost his head.  Jesus was a citizen of Nazareth.  Jesus went in to the wilderness, exiled Himself. 
     Why do elected officials not have their Letter of Acceptance and Acknowledgement? Where is their evidence of authority? 
     We have every right to self determination.  Even UN law supports self determinatin. We have every right to change our jurisdictin.  Rules under the Law of Nations support our right to choose the jurisdiction that we will stand under. 
     Ken Cousens has declared more intel on these matters.  You can take a look at his video or audio presentations at 
     At  you can examine more evidence or you could join this movement to declare yourself as free men or women and to declare the meets and bounds of your state. 
Be Free,   Robert Hender,   R J


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  1. ray says:

    Dear Fellow Freedom Fighters,

    It’s time to get the AUSTRALIAN COMMON LAW PARTY up and running.

    Our WAR CRY will be ” REMOVE THE LIARS! ”

    Who are the LIARS?
    First, we have the BANKSTERS.
    Then, we have the POLITICIANS.
    Then, we have the JUDGES.

    They all treat AUSTRALIANS as “OF NO CONSEQUENCE”.

    They all treat AUSTRALIANS as nothing more than SLAVES because SLAVES have:
    A. NO Right of CONSENT;
    B. NO Right to PROPERTY; and
    C. NO Right to TRIAL BY JURY.

    It’s time to gather the 600 members required put our candidate on the BALLOT for the SENATE of the Federal Parliament.

    WE THE PEOPLE cannot tolerate the LIARS who are destroying OUR LAWS, OUR LIBERTIES and OUR COUNTRY.

    “The truth will set you free” … and it’s by TRUTH that we will TRIUMPH OVER EVIL.

    A. TRUTH, which is the Mother of Justice;
    B. JUSTICE, which is the protection of rights and the punishment of wrongs;
    C. FREEDOM, which is everyone’s God-given Right; and
    D. DEMOCRACY, which is the Sovereignty of the People.

    Yours sincerely,
    John Wilson.
    Chairman, Australian Common Law Party.
    “Educating People to Defend their Rights”.
    PS: SUPPORT & FINANCIAL CONTRIBUTIONS: Firstly, there’s no better way to pitch in than to join the Party. There are no Membership Fees. See: Secondly, spread the word that the AUSTRALIAN COMMON LAW PARTY is now upon the scene. The word is: solutions to all our problems lie within ourselves. Thirdly, send donations to the BENDIGO BANK, 198 Macquarie Street, Parramatta, NSW 2150, Australia, where our account is: Account name: AUSTRALIAN COMMON LAW PARTY. BSB: 633-000 and Account number:143521896.For overseas deposits SWIFT No./Code: BENDAU 3B.

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