Top 9 Lies – London Olympics False Flag like 9/11

Sun, Jul 8, 2012

London Olympic New 9/11 False Flag MUST WATCH BEFORE DYING part 1 of 17

by TheTruthIsFromGod3

This is the Ultimate Documentary before the London Olympics False Flag, 3h10 of exclusive new proofs.

I truly testify that I was just a tool in the hands of God/Allah, I cannot find by myself so many information from so many different sources, so many details and ciphered messages, I cannot put them all together like I did, God has lead me to the right information, God has made me connect the dots, God has made me put the focus on the right sections in order to finally see all these ciphered and hidden messages.

I do not know the future, I do not make predictions, I don't know if the events will happen like I've said, I've just put together open public piece of information which can verified by anyone and which are available to anyone. I've just put the focus on hidden messages which truly exists and which have been put deliberatly in order to work as predictive programming. The result of their predicitive programming and propaganda is visible: the average joe is convinced that there will be a new 9/11 which can be during the olympics and that its authors are the muslims, more precisely Iran…. The fact the average dumb joe think that is the result of their predictive programming and propaganda. So the masses are already ready for what is coming and their reaction to it has also been programmed. This documentary exposed this propaganda and outline it in order for the awaken ones and those who can still wake up to realize the lies of this society and to to know that their governments are lying to them at all the levels: politic, economy, history, education, science, religion, art, media, literature….ALL THE ASPECTS OF THIS SOCIETY IS A LIE.

God/Allah, our Sole Creator, has told us the truth in his holy books, the Torah, the Gospel and the Quran. The prophets of God were truthfrul and genuine such as Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, … this is the naked truth….but the disbelievers say these are fairy tales and an invention of those who want to control us…. The elites have indeed hijacked religion by creating religious institutions, by forcing the religious people to obey the teachings of their religious hierarchy, by forging commands which are not commands of God, by introducing new books which are not part of the religion….in short, they have changed the law of God for their own interest and they have pushed the people to commit idol worshipping by taking their imams, scholars, ulemas, rabbis, priests, monks…. as lords, as patrons, as intermediaries between them and God, by giving them authority on them instead of only submitting to the Almighty….This is how the satanic elites have hijacked religion… Those who follow these religious institutions and follow their teachings and interpretations are not better than the disbelievers, they are like cattle fully under the manipulation and the control of the elites.

The real believers, those who are realy well guided are those who invoke and worship God/Allah ALONE, those who read their holy books (only Torah, Gospel and the Quran prevails) for themselves and directly obey what is written in it, and do not take the false interpretations of their corrupted religious leaders. Those who let Allah inspire them, who only follow His Guidance, who make good actions and who dedicate their life, death and worship to God ALONE.

Call Him God, Allah, Jeovah…The name does not matter, God is The Creator of all things, the Almighty, All mercyful, the Supreme Master, the Sole and Only Ruler, The sole Guide and protector, God reigns ALONE with no partners, no intermediaries, no sons…. He is our Sole Ruler and Creator and we are all going to come back to Him.

Submit to God and to His holy Books, repent or soon it will be too late. When the darkness will be unleashed and chaos, death and destruction, it will be too late to redeem yourself, you'll receive what you did before and you'll come back to your Creator, so be ready for that, repent, or soon you'll be destroyed and you'll be fated to eternal hell…do not repeat the mistakes of the ancient generations who thought like us and though there were eternal on earth and who have been sweeped by Allah and who are fated to eternal hell. Submit now before the window of mercy is closed.


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