Virginia Theft Co – Remedy

Keith Livingway

Mon, Jul 10, 2012

Subject: Railroad Banks Enslaving America     Take a look at  Help us save America

The Virginia Theft Co  
Railroad Co Store, Housing & Slaves   
   Building railroad tracks across America was a daunting task.  Schemes werein place by the Railroad Companies to buy land and control people every inch over America.  Railroad Banks and the 9 families who own those banks are stil manipulating events, behind the scenes in America.  On Monday July 10th a 4 hour discussion was held by a few Americans and more details were disclosed on The Virginia Company and the corporations that followed…   Listen to the link…


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Do you recall some of the older movies where railroad companies were shown laying the tracks down across America and chinamen or a few Americans were hired to do the job 24/7?  Do you remember observing the Company Housing and the Company Store and the Company Saloon and the Company Whore House nearby?  Do you recall how many of the railroad workers were paid so little and these workers utilized so much of the Company Services that these workers would be in debt to the Railroad Companies? 
This was the plan of The Virginia Company, the parent company of the Railroad Companies.  People in America today are the collateral behind the debt of the corporations that have taken over our country.  
Have you heard of the Court Registry Investment System?  Courts in the USA are not courts at all.  Judges in these courts get a commission on the money that flows in to these court corporations.  Banks get their cut.  The Federal Reserve gets their cut.  Recently, there is a 266 page report that spells out how these judges and courts and banks are looting innocent Americans. 
If you can find it make sure that you get your hands on The Pandora's Box book by Alex Christopher.  It's a 691 page book that spells out more of the true history in America.  This book spells out the details of how The Virginia Company and the Railroad Banks have hijacked America. 
These comments come from my notes of this Monday gathering on July 10th.  Every American needs to know this history.  
The Virginia Company became Washington DC.  Major corporatins were born in order to expand the control of 9 families over America.  They created a fake government in order to protect their assets.  All the banks are owned by their 
Railroad Companies.  Did you know that Crandal Close Bowles is the true head of the Federal Reserve?  She minds the store for these 9 families that intermarry and control America.  Yes, they control the US Treasury.  
As the Railroad Companies expanded eastwards and westwards and southwards or northwards they would buy up land and create Cities along the way.  These folks own the Cities.  They put in place Sheriffs and Mayors that would do their bidding, that would supply a steady source of water and timber and cattle for the railroad.  Have you examined who owns incorporated cities?  Why is every state a corp and why is every city and county a corporation?  
Have you heard of the Great Falls Experiment?  Have your heard of the Lancaster Cotton Mill?  Have your heard of the Philadelphia Experiment?  Have your heard of the Southern Railroad Lease of 1894?  Have your heard of Project Rainbow?  Have you heard of Lewis Payseur?  Have your heard of Leroy Springs?  
The Panic of 1893 was caused by the Railroad Banks.  People in America did figure these things out, they connected the evil dots and they protested.  
We the People belongs to the USA Corporation.  
TPTB continue to tell us that we are the most wonderful country in the world.  
Every foreclosure in America represents Fraud in Fact by the banks.  These acts of theft by the banks represent Fraud in Inducement.  These Railroad Banks call us tenants on the land.  Whose land is it?  
The interstate highways across America are in fact shipping lands, under admiralty law.  
At a few Americans are coming together to turn this theft and fraud by the banks around.  Are you the property of the USA Corp?  Are you dedicated to God?  Are you dedicated to their dollar?  In peaceful, lawful ways there is much that we can do in order to restore the law and to restore our land in America.  Every state needs representation for the good of a Republic in America.  Feel free to take a look. 
Be Free,   Robert Hender,   R J      



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    Where can I obtain a copy of the 266 page report that you mentioned about the Court Registry Investment System? Thank you.

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